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It's been 5 weeks now. As of Wednesday, I stopped the BP. Now I'm just washing with SpectroJel and applying the MetroCream twice a day. My skin has been feeling a little dry lately in the afternoons and, when that happens, I apply some Reversa 8% and then, later, rub my skin with my finger to slough off the dead cells. As of today, I will also start exfoliating once a week.

The marks have faded a lot this past week. I can almost completely cover them up just with some concealer and powder. I'm pretty sure that, by the time summer hits and I get some sun (because I'm virtually gray right now) that there will be no signs of this left whatsoever.

Life's looking good again. :dance:


4 Weeks on Doxycycline

Hallelujah! The marks are fading fast. I don't know what happened yesterday but, there was a huge change just from morning 'til night. Even a friend noticed it. The marks are definitely fading fast now. What was brown last week is now fading the fastest. I have only one red spot left. Everything that was red last week is now brown this week which, is about as pretty as it sounds but, brown means it's fading.

I guess it's true what they say about doxycycline taking 2-3 weeks to kick in. I've had an amazing change these past 2 weeks.

Today, I go pick up another month's supply. I figure, at this rate, I'll do another 2 weeks of daily doses followed by weaning.

I'm still continuing with the daily BP and ACV. Hopefully, in 2 weeks, only minimal makeup will be required!


3 Weeks on Doxycycline

Today marks 3 weeks on doxycycline. The marks that were fading the fastest probably faded another 30% this week. However, the rest of the marks didn't seem to fade at all this week. Everything under my mouth is fading fast. What's not going away fast are the marks directly horizontal to the corners of my mouth. If I look in the mirror with light hitting these spots from the side, there are no marks or bumps. They're all discolorations in the skin.

So, as of yesterday, I've decided to try something new. I know - cringe. But, I'm irritated. And, I read yesterday somewhere on the net that PD is a bacteria living deep within the layers of your skin. So, it has to be killed from within and, each time a layer of skin sloughs off, there could be new bacteria beneath. So, here's what I'm doing now:


- Wash with SpectroJel for sensitive skin (for some reason, it no longer dries out my skin like it used to)

- Apply half a finger of BP. Let dry.

- Apply Metrocream.


- 2 tsp apple cider vinegar in a glass of water


- Take 100 mg doxycycline

Evening before bed:

- Wash with SpectroJel for sensitive skin

- Apply Metrocream.

As usual, I'll report back in a week.


Day 16 - Doxycycline

Well, another 8 days have gone by. No flare ups. Another 10% fading of red marks. At this rate, it'll take me another 2 months to be completely clear but, I'm not complaining. I was wondering how these red marks would fade. I'm applying the metrocream twice a day as usual. Both times, I wash my face quickly with lukewarm water and honey, wait for my face to be dry and apply the cream. After each wash, a little bit of skin flakes off over the reddest marks. That's how my fading has been progressing. They're not just fading away, the old skin is flaking off first and then it fades. I'm hoping it'll start disappearing faster now that I've been ont he doxy 2 weeks. We shall see.


Day 8 - Doxycyline

Well, the pharmacist was very apologetic. Wrote an incident report about herself, told me she would be more diligent and gave me a gift certificate which'll pay for my BC for the next 9 months. Still wanted to kill her.

It seems I am getting better. The marks are fading and I haven't had anymore flareups. I'm applying the metrocream twice a day and not wearing any makeup (luckily, unemployed). The lighter marks are almost completely gone. The darker marks have faded about 10% in the past week which, doesn't sound like much but that's more than they faded the entire month of January. The fact that I haven't had a flareup in over 2 weeks makes me think I'm on the path to recovery. My skin is also no longer dry or itchy. It's just smooth and full of red marks and some discoloration around the left side of my mouth. No side effects from the doxy either. Will report back in a week.


Scrap everything. I have to start all over again. I'm scrapping the ACV, BP and everything else.

I'm ready to kill someone.

Just got back from the dermatologist. Apparently, the local Rexall gave me the wrong prescription. I could have sworn that the derm had written doxycyline but they gave me minocycline. When I called to confirm (because I clearly remembered there being an "x" on the prescription), they told me that no, it said mino. Well, that's not what my dermatologist said today and he was pissed. He's now put me on 6 weeks of doxycycline. Apparently, it's stronger. In the meantime, I've called the Rexall to complain and they're getting me a copy of the prescription tomorrow. There's going to be hell to pay.


Day 25 - ACV

I'll be going back to the derm on Friday morning. I need more antibiotics. Realistically, I think I'll be on them for another month.

The Vitamin E made my skin really soft. But, it wasn't doing anything for the red marks. I decided to try the vinegar method. I managed to kill the last outbreak with light applications of BP twice a day. Since yesterday, what I'm doing is:

- a light application of BP

- followed by Reversa

- followed by ACV about a half hour after the Reversa

I'm doing this twice a day. So far, the ACV has made the red marks peel (like when I used to be able to use hydrocortisone). They peel several times a day so I figure the exfoliation is working. Whether the redness reduces remains to be seen. But, so far, other than the smell, I don't mind it. We'll see what Friday brings.


Day 22 - Setback

Alright - scrap the Vitamin E. Not only was it not working but, I had a tiny outbreak on Thursday. It's almost gone again but, I'm back to using the topical twice a day with the Reversa. It's drying it all up again. I had switched because all the marks were just dry spots and not fading. I though moisture would help them fade faster. Well, I'm not risking another breakout. I'm just going to stick to the topical the derm gave me and the Reversa twice a day.

I'm going to keep on the antibiotics every day for the next week and hopefully go to every other day after that. We'll see what happens in a week when I post again. If I have another breakout, I'll have to go back to the derm because I won't have enough antibiotics.

Incidentally, my cousin was also diagnosed with PD. She's been on minocycline for a week and a half. She has seen absolutely no improvement yet.


Day 16 - Vitamin E

Just updating to let you know that, after searching through the boards, I'm going to try Vitamin E to help fade the marks. I'm applying Vitamin E by picking a capsule in an attempt to get the marks to fade faster. Will report how that works...


Day 15 - Hallelujah!

Well finally. Everything has cleared up. No more pimples. However, the pimples that did ravage my face have left their marks. Hopefully, I don't have anymore flareups. But, apparently, 2 weeks is the mark whereby everything starts to clear up. I noticed a big difference on Saturday and everything's gotten better since then. I'm still going to take the antibiotics every day until Sunday and, next week, I'll take them every other day. Unless I have another flareup, that is. I just hope I'll have taken the antibiotics long enough. I never want to look like this again.

I went for acupuncture on Saturday. Once again, I left with my skin feeling like a baby's bottom. I noticed they put Rosehip oil on my face at the end. I always think that my face will be all red and inflamed from all the needles and massage but, I always wind up looking well rested and smooth.

I'm still applying the Reversa 8% twice a day and, hopefully, that will help the marks fade faster. At least it's the middle of winter and I cover my face anyway when I leave the house.


I've been on minocycline now for 11 days. The first couple of days went really well, aside from the side effects which are now gone. My skin was really clearing up. Yesterday it started to look really red and, today, it looks like crap again. I have 4 small bumps on one side and 1 bump on the other plus all the red marks in between. It feels like I'm going to be on antibiotics forever. I'm irritated and not happy. I think I'll throw a little bp on it since I've scoured the web for info and sometimes bp is prescribed for it. Not that I'll use it every day but, something's got to give for chrissake! How long does this take to go away?!


Day 8 on Minocycline

Well, a week has gone by. I have actually noticed positive changes. I'm no longer dizzy as hell after taking the antibiotics. Also, the second day, my left arm started to tingle. That's gone too. My lips got really dry by day 4 - peeling all the time. That's much better now. And, all the tiny spots are gone and have flattened out. All I have left is one on my chin. I do still have some skin discoloration and the red spots from where the dots were but, for the first time in a long time, I can put makeup on those to cover them. I suspect I will take another week of antibiotics and then start taking them every other day for another 2 weeks or more. So, it'll be at least a month of antibiotics.

I can't tell at all if that liquid stuff the derm prescribed is actually doing anything. The pharmacist said it was supposed to help the marks fade faster. So, I'm applying it twice a day like I'm supposed to but don't actually know if it's working.

I've also started back on BC as of yesterday. Better safe than sorry.


The "cream"

Turns out, it's not a cream. It's liquid. I have to apply it twice a day with a cotton ball or pad. New symptom - some tingling in one arm. This stuff is definitely doing something to my body. I've never taken a tetracycline but, I've taken many antibiotics in my life. None have affected me like this. Freaky.


Day 2 - Minocycline

I'm not going to comment on what my face looks like just yet. I think, to be fair, I should give it a week. But, just wanted to say that, after 4 hours of first taking a pill, I was dizzy. It was weird. Lasted for a couple of hours. I might try taking the pills before I go to bed instead of during the day. And, I haven't started the cream yet. The pharmacist told me it would be ready this afternoon. Hopefully, the cream will speed things up.


Well, big surprise. I went to the derm and, without having to explain a thing, he said "perioral dermatitis", printed out some info for me to read and gave me a month long prescription for minocycline and Clindamycin cream. I am to take the doxy every day until it's completely cleared up and then reduce it to every other day for another couple of weeks. If I don't take them long enough, the condition could recur. How fun. Here's hoping this works. I'll post less now since I don't think I'll be seeing amazing new changes every day. But, I'm still going to get the BC prescription, just in case.


Yup - Day 20 - and I have failed the regimen miserably. I'm still not at a point where I can reapply the BP. Most of my face is fine now, except for 2 small skin coloured patches near my jaw bone and one small patch under my neck. But, I'm nervous about getting so seriously dry again. I woke up again in the middle of the night with a burning feeling under my chin.

I found some info online where they said BP can be used to help perioral dermatitis (if that's what I have) but, it seems to have made mine worse.

Went to the TCM yesterday who gave me acupuncture and a facial massage. I was so nervous that I was going to be all inflamed but, I actually looked better than when I walked in. She gave me 999 cream to help with the PIH and the occasional pimple - apply it only twice a day.

I now only have 2 pimples, one golf ball on my forehead (the one I squeezed) and one that is disappearing and skin coloured on my chin. Everything else are those stupid tiny little bumps and the PIH, about 5 weird hard bumps under my skin that don't hurt or grow or shrink.

Derm tomorrow. GP for BC on Wednesday. One of those has just got to kill these suckers.


Day 19

I couldn't possibly continue with BP today even if I wanted to. The Regimen is not for me. I woke up at 4:30 am with a burning and itching sensation along my jawline. I was too sleepy to get up so I just tried to go back to sleep. When I did get up, the itching had subsided. My face was dry again. So, I put the hydrocortisone back on. I know, it's bad, especially if it is perioral dermatitis, but my face is flaking all over the place. On top of it, I have a new golf ball in the top corner of my forehead, near my hairline. The other golf ball just disappeared. These things are weird - they appear, hurt, turn pink, hang around a bit, and leave. What the hell are they? Is this a normal reaction for acne? I did my due diligence - I've been to my gp and a dermatologist. I guess the fungal infection stood out more back then. Now it seems something new is taking over, especially over the bottom half. God, I wish it was Monday.


Crazy went surfing

Alright - I'm starting to lose my mind and I went surfing the message boards and the internet. The BP hasn't made it better (they seemed to be gone but are all back), the Fucidin H didn't either (had no effect it seems) so I went surfing. Yup. Surfing. I have come to the conclusion that I could possibly have either rosacea or perioral dermatitis. If the latter, I really shouldn't be slapping cortisone onto my face. I don't have any whiteheads and haven't had any this entire time. Cysts, yes. That don't ever come to a head.

Tonight, I've washed my face with honey (with oatmeal mixed in) and water (my TCM says it's the most moisturizing), applied the ProActiv Oil free moisturizer and applied the cortisone (as per the pharmacist) only to the couple of pink splotches left and the two spots that feel like sandpaper. Hopefully, tomorrow, the sandpaper and pink splotches will be gone.

If it's either one of my 2 diagnoses, I need antibiotics. But, not erythromycin. Why can't tomorrow be Monday? Grrrrrr!!


Day 16 - 18

I was at my parents' who don't have internet so I'll update all at once:

Day 16

The dryness seemed to be getting worse, not better. In fact, by mid-day, it was starting to turn brown - carpet burn all over again. And the dryness was spreading down my neck and around my eyes where I hadn't even put any BP. Did not wash my face at all and applied cold cream to my face. There were 2 red spots on my forehead. I assumed they were new emerging pimples so I put the ProActiv mask on just the spots, and one blob on fresh good skin to test it out. Big mistake. When to bed miserable.

Day 17

New Year's Day - I woke up looking even worse and drier. I could barely move my face to eat. The red spots on my forehead had been dry spots. Now I had bumps wherever I had put the ProActiv mask - even on the spot where there had been nothing in the first place. My face was a darkish brown all around my mouth and jawline. I looked and felt horrible. At my wit's end, I drove to the nearest pharmacy and asked the pharmacist what to do. She told me to apply hydrocortisone 3 times per day. Went back home and applied it. Within an hour of the first application, the skin started to peel off leaving pink skin underneath. After each application, less skin started peeling off. However, I did notice I had 2 new pimples on my chin. Lovely. Didn't wash my face, applied hydrocortisone and went to bed.

Day 18

Woke up this morning expecting not to be dry but, that wasn't the case. Splashed some water on my face and applied some hydrocortisone. So far today, I've only done it once but there is barely any skin peeling off now. The skin is pinkish. My face is inflamed today, however, so all the PIH is bright red and I look terrible. On top of it all, the little tiny bumps that I was trying to kill in the first place have all returned - through the dryness! - and there seems to be more of them, not less. I also still have the 2 pimples on my left jawline. What the hell?! I've dried my face to hell and I still didn't get rid of them?! I seem to have made everything worse, not better. I'm going to my TCM practitioner tomorrow to get some acupuncture and a facial - hopefully she can restore some moisture to my skin. And, I've made an appointment with my derm for Monday morning. I'm pretty pissed off with this whole BP thing. I want drugs. :rolleyes:


Day 15

Yesterday was not such a good day. The dryness just got worse throughout the day no matter what I did. I applied Reversa 3 times throughout the day. No change. Finally, I applied pure aloe vera from one of my house plants and went to bed.

No change this morning. I washed with the SpectroJel to kill any bacteria and then applied an exfoliator and then some more Reversa. I think I'm just going to aloe vera it for the rest of the day. I didn't apply BP last night, will definitely not apply it today and probably still won't be able to apply it tomorrow. Looks like it killed all the spots but it took my skin with it.

I can't believe how dry it is. It doesn't look like I have carpet burn again but it feels like my face will crack if I smile, especially, while I'm eating. BP is just weird. I was applying it just fine for days and, all of a sudden, this. If I'm not hiding my face because of acne, I'm hiding it because my skin is dry, splotchy and red. Happy new year to me.


Day 14 - Part 2

Forgot to add - I think that BP does make PIH worse. At least on me it does. But, the glycolic acid is definitely hastening the healing. I've been putting it on the red spots 3 times a day. If I can get it to a point where I can easily cover it with makeup, I'll be happy.


Day 14

Well, last night I almost gave myself a heart attack. I washed my face with the SpectroJel for sensitive skin, waited for it to dry and put on the BP as usual. I put more BP on my jawline and my forehead golf ball and a little on my cheekbones. Waited 'til that dried and put on Reversa 8% all over my face this time and not just the spots because I seemed especially dry. Oh my god how it burned. It felt like my face was on fire! It was red and splotchy and burned. In a panic, I ran to the message boards. Unfortunately, I found Sgt. Pepper's blog about his insane self-administered 50% glycolic peel which freaked me out about my own face. After getting to page 10 of his blog, the burning on my face had gone down and I talked my crazy thoughts down - I only use an 8% cream. Relax. After about an hour, the burning had completely subsided and I went to bed.

I've also been thinking the past couple of days that I'm going to reduce the BP to only once a day since my skin is so sensitive. I get red where I apply more BP but that usually subsides within an hour. My problem is the dryness - my face feels like sandpaper and only the Reversa is moisturizing enough. On top of the dryness, I could swear my jawline is swollen ever so slightly. My cousin confirmed yesterday that I look a little puffy. So, I'm going to reduce my BP usage to nights only.

I applied Fucidin H cream to the golf ball yesterday and the swelling has gone down. I will apply more today. Now all I've got besides the golf ball are 2 dying pimples on one side of my jawline and one pimple with an attitude on the other. All 3 are drying up but need a little extra kill. Overall, this regimen has done what no other topicals or erythromycin could do. I really don't love the idea of putting this harsh stuff on my face for the rest of my life but, hopefully once a day will suffice for now and then, maybe, twice a week. I'm not getting any new pimples and hopefully, the BC will kill any new ones before they turn into cysts. I used to get some spots that went away in 3 days but, these cysts take forever to go away. And, mine take forever to come to a head.

Also - I went for a food/environmental/chemicals sensitivies test. The person administering it thought I had been in contact with mold and the mold is what's making it so hard to get rid of my jawline acne. I got back a list of foods and how sensitive I am to them - from severe, to moderate, to mild. I'm trying to stick to the mild and moderates. Can't hurt right?


Day 13

Last night, I noticed a little redness in the middle of my forehead. I made sure to apply extra BP there. Well, this morning I woke up itchy in that spot. I go to the mirror and what do I see? A new pimple. Another cystic thing that's growing as I type, turning into a golf ball. Why? I don't touch my forehead. I've been good in not picking at my face. Why? Is it because my jawline acne is finally clearing?

The jawline actually looks much better this morning. I've been putting extra BP there. I can't tell if I'm applying a full finger because I'm using the aqueous bp for sensitive skin. All I know is I'm definitely applying more than I was last week. Last week, my face was on fire as soon as the BP touched it. I have 2 left on one side and 3 on the other (I've been trying to stop one since I caught it starting but I can't stop it). Now I have a bunch of brown marks left from old pimples and I'm hoping the glycolic acid will help with that.

All I can think this morning is thank god I made an appointment with my gp for some BC. I've been trying to avoid going back on it. I stopped 3 years ago to try to get my body all healthy and clean and I've been trying to do everything naturally but, frankly, I'm done. I'd drink drain cleaner if it would make my face clear.


Fine - I'll log it!

It all started a couple of months ago when I got a weird rash on my forehead. It started with a burning feeling in one spot. Then the spot turned into a bump. I went to the derm and he said it was a pimple, although he noticed that my eyebrows were strangely flaky. The rash progressed and, eventually, in about 2 weeks, covered my entire forehead. It was turning red and burning hurting. Not itching. Burning. I thought it might be eczema so I went to see a TCM practitioner to avoid meds. She said it was eczema and toxicity in my liver. I also had one zit on my cheek and I occasionally got a zit or two (I'm 34). We began a cleanse and I completely changed my diet (way more veggies and fiber).

Well, the cleanse destroyed my face. Within 2 hours of taking her herbs, my face had broken out with 50 zits! I was bedridden for days just from depression. And, the rash on my forehead was not going away. Went to see my GP since I couldn't get in to see my derm for over a month. She gave me hydrocortisone for the rash. Saw her again 3 days later with no change and she wanted me to see a derm. I wasn't waiting a month so, I found one on my own that afternoon. He gave me erythromicin (because I'm allergic to penicillin) thinking it was an infection. The rash was gone within 2 weeks on erythromicin. The rest of my face was starting to get better but it didn't seem to be because of the erythromicin.

Derm gave me some Fucidin H cream to take care of the rest. Needless to say, it didn't take care of anything. I was left with zits on either side of my jaw and tiny little dots on the rest of my face that were skin coloured but you could see them if you shone a light on them from the side.

That's when I found acne.org. I started Dan's Regimen 12 days ago. Within the first 2 days, it got rid of 80% of all the tiny skin coloured spots. Now I'm left with jawline acne that doesn't want to go away. I get rid of one spot - another one comes up. And, they're cystic, so they hurt. They seem to pop out of nowhere and take forever to go away.

At first, I could only apply BP once a day. It made my face really red and itchy. By day 8, the skin around my jawline was so dry, it cracked and I looked like I had carpet burn on my face. I applied aloe vera and stopped the regimen until I could get it better. I've been back on the regimen for 3 days now and I'm able to apply more BP. Hopefully, this will help because, frankly, this morning, I was ready to give up. To help with the dryness, I'm applying Reversa 8% Glycolic. At first, I thought, won't acid make my skin more dry? Thanks to people's posts, I tried it. It's been a godsend. It's the only thing that moisturizes.

I've made an appointment with my gp for the 7th to go back on BC (just in case I see no improvement by then). Apparently, if this jawline acne thing is hormonal, it's either BC or more antibiotics and I'd rather take the BC.

Anyway, I thought I'd post (and more often now to avoid giant, long posts such as these) because I've found people's posts so helpful and, maybe, I can help someone else.

My regimen:

Wash with SpectroJel

Apply PanOxyl Aqueous Gel 2.5%

Apply ProActiv Oil Free Moisturizer

Apply Reversa 8% on pimples and really dry skin

The Acne.org Regimen
The Acne.org Regimen
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