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been about a month.

Okay, So, it's been about a month that i've been following the regimine. Over all my skin looks fairly good.I have been skipping the moisturizing part here and there. It hasn't really caused any issues.

It's a little bit weird to see my face so clear, it's like a different person under all that mess of acne! It's amazing how different something like having or not having acne can change your appearance so much!

In areas my skin is completely clear with no redness at all!! Those areas are the middle of my forehead, my nose, cheeks close to my nose, I don't get acne on my browbone anymore, the bottom sides of my face i don't get any!!

Other areas I still have acne, but they're are no raise bumps at all. It's just flat red acne, that is going away slowly, they were from previous acne i had months ago. Those areas are the part away from my nose have the most, its where I tend to get the most acne before the regime, too. My chin, a few around my mouth, my temples have a little bit, the bridge of my nose (thats between my eyebrows) and a few around my hairline, a few above my eyebrows, it's all clearing away, tho!!!

I do however, get a few small pimples, but they go away usually within two days!! Theres no painful pimples, none that are swollen, none that are so gross to look at. These small pimples do however sometimes have little whiteheads(not very noticeable whiteheads, like before), I'm guessing that is the skin cleansing itself. It's from the BP, it's a good sign.

Once it all settles down, and gets more used to the BP, I think it will be 10 times more clearer. My skin already looks pretty great! I no longer get any burning sensation, redness, stinging, etc, from the BP at all! Also, the BP dries really fast on my face, like it knows to absorb it. Sounds strange but its true.


It's been about a week...

I've been on the regimen for about three days. My skin does look clearer , but I realize it does get worse before it starts to get better. I'm wondering if me excersizing is helping the progress. I'm on a journey of changing myself for the better, outside and inside.

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