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Zits: A lifestyle

I can remember being in middle school with some of my friends beginning to break out with one zit here and there. I thought I would never get zits because I wash my face everyday... boy was I wrong. Soon and very soon did I begin this crazy roller coaster ride.

It all started with one zit here and one zit there... no big deal, I can pop them and it will all be just fine... wrong.

My face began to become always oily. During every passing period in school I would have to get toilet paper and dab my face. The oil was uncontrollable that it even made me tired from the weight.

This is when I started to begin to use over the counter products. I have used everything there is to offer but no luck.

This is when I began to use prescription products from the dermatologist aka "The Zit Doctor" lol. These prescription were rigorous and painstaking. My schedule was strict of when I had to use certain products. If anything these procedures were more mental than anything. It just made me feel better to be using the product because the truth is, that my face was still breaking out.

I went through weird cycles. Some months I wold be clear and the others I would be breaking out.

This continued... 7th grade... 8th... 9th... 10th... 11th... 12 was a good year, I wasnt breaking out and my confidence sky rocketed... freshman in college it began to flare up again :/... and now I am a sophomore in college with zits on my face :dance:

When will this end! It has become a daily routine to deal with my face. I remember crying about my condition... but that only makes it worse because the tears clog up my pores lol. Jeez, it seems like a loosing battle.

I just recently ran out of medicine and I have been off for a couple months now. My girl friend who is sooo beautiful tells me to stop being so insecure about it, but thats easy for her to say because her face is so pure. But I do love her and appreciate er that she doesnt judge me because of my zits.

Zits are such a weird situation. Because you want to hide from it... but you cant. It has to be shown to everyone because its on your face It sucks!

But I have hope that one day this problem will end and I will have beautiful skin.

Its websites like these that make me feel better :rolleyes:

I pray for everyone whom has zits that maybe by the grace of God youre skin will clear. But if it doesnt... zits have been the one thing that causes me not to be arrogant and cocky. It has caused me to be humble.

So I guess theres good in it... its not all just puss.

Blessed to be a blessing,


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