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I'm maddd! :P

I'm really ticked off because I have a huge pimple on my chin. Its unbearable and as soon as it gets white, I'm going to pop it and kill it.

Darn thing.

Pshhh. I'm thinking about trying the Skin iD thing.



Two New Cleansers

Sooooo I've been using two new cleansers now. In the morning, I'm using the Clean & Clear "Morning Burst" cleanser. (I know its not made specifically for acne, but it makes my sensitive skin feel really clean and gently exfoliates, which is good) After that, I apply all my makeup, and head off for school. As soon as I'm home from school, I take off ALL my makeup and rinse and wash again with the "Morning Burst" one. I then put on some Clean & Clear Salycic Acid moisturizer and I'm good until night.

At night, I wash my face once again with the cleanser from the AcneFree system thing. (it had 10% BP) It hasn't turned my skin red or patchy like a couple of the reviews here , so I'll keep with it for a while. Then I use the spot treatment from Neutrogena, and I'm done.

I'm going to try this for a few weeks and see how it turns out!


Can you help me?


My name's Lily, I'm a teenager, and my goal is to have clear, flawless skin. (that means not spending 20 minutes putting on JUST concealer and powder every single morning)

I have fair, light skin. Very pale. That means every time I break out, it shows up much more than it would on a person with a beige or darker skin tone.

I don't have severe breakouts, probably mild-medium. Mostly mild. But it doesn't really matter because I want it ALL to go away.

I've tried Proactiv. It really didn't do anything, plus it was just too expensive.

I'm trying a routine where I wash my face with benzoyl peroxide in the morning and Salycic Acid at night, then some oil-free moisturizer.

What cleansers should I use for these? The ones I've been using haven't been working.

And what about the Daniel Kern Regimen? Does that work? Thank-you!

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