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day six.

starting day six and i'd like to think i'm seeing very mild improvement. i currently have little bumps popping up on my chin and by my mouth, but that will probably be taken care of within the day. other than that, i feel like my face is showing a little more redness than it has in the past. hopefully this is quick healing! i think the mino really worked its magic and took down a significant amount of the swelling and blemishes, and now the accutane is just getting rid of everything.

also, if anyone is in need of an amazing lip balm, feel free to check out beauticontrol's lip apeel. it consists of two products, a light exfoliator and a thick lip balm. the exfoliator is applied first in a thin layer, for about a minute. then you wipe it off and apply the lip balm. honestly, it's probably my saving grace through this mess. i do the entire process once every morning and apply the lip balm several times throughout the day. greatest product ever.


day one.

i suppose i should introduce myself to some extent. i've been haunting acne.org since september when my skin started going crazy. my skin had always been pretty decent - no huge breakouts, just little spots every now & then but i could always control them. somewhere around the middle of september, i started getting spots around my mouth that grew a little bit each day, eventually evolving into huge cysts. i decided to go to my doctor and see if there was something she could prescribe to take this away. she put me back on birth control (though i would be happy without it as i don't want the extra 10 pounds) and amoxicillin to hopefully take down some of the swelling. i was able to get in an appointment with the dermatologist in october and he recommended accutane straight away, though it would be a few months before i could actually start it due to all the loopholes with tests and whatnot. in the meantime, i was put on minocycline and i feel that it worked quite a bit on my skin. the cysts are down to nothing and i mainly have a lot of red marks on the sides of my face. i didn't see any dramatic changes with the mino until after the first month had passed, but it showed good results after that which i'm still pleased with.

so, first negative pregnancy test in november and a blood test last week leads me to accutane. i was supposed to start on the 23rd, but i hadn't been registered in the ipledge system for 30 days. as it would turn out, someone at our clinic did not fax the results of my first test over until a week later, putting me off schedule. and due to the holidays, i couldn't get my meds until today, the 26th. i didn't find it to be a huge setback, but it's rather annoying that i can no longer trust my clinic to get my results to the dermatologist. if i'm following the schedule, i expect them to do the same.

and here it is! today! the big day. day one. i hightailed it over to the pharmacy and was somewhat shocked when the price came up - $209? really? for 40mg/day of claravis. i knew it was going to be expensive, but this came as a surprise. and of course, our insurance doesn't cover it. i'm going to have to pull some bank jobs between now and june.

anyway, i took my first pill about an hour ago. i'm alternating the number of pills i take depending on the day - today i took one, tomorrow i will take two, and so on & so forth. i'm hoping that the initial breakout won't be completely terrible. i feel like i've seen the worst of my skin and it can only get better from here. i don't have a lot of "active acne", only a few spots. the small cysts and redness is what needs to be taken care of, so i'm hoping for a speedy recovery.

i'm thinking that a membership to the gym is in order as i will be in my sister's wedding next june and have three others to attend on top of that. with the "fatty" meals i have to be eating, i should probably be working out to eliminate potential flab. and exercising is always a good thing. endorphins make you happy! happy people just don't kill their husbands. legally blonde, anyone? anyway...

this will be interesting! i'm scared and excited to see how this will work out. i truly hope i'll be able to join the masses of success stories. as for now, i'll try to keep a positive attitude and work it out, like i always do.

good luck to anyone else who has started or is starting soon! i would love to chat and share in this clear skin adventure with you.

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