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Week number 3.5

i dont have any picture of myself because is really hard for me to have pictures taken and see how my skin looks. I know, is bad i do have to accept myself in the way i am, but believe is really hard. It never been this hard like this year.

I am 24 years old, i been battling with acne since i am 14, never was so bad as it is now. I dont know if the hormones are playing an important role.

i used every products, clinic, biotherm, neutrogena, murad, nucelle, proactive and much more, spend so much money but however does not the issue, it is... but not for my post.

i been praying to find a cure soon. Hope God will hear me.

For you to have an idea when i start the regimen 3 weeks and half ago i had let say 20 pimples distributed in my entire face, you can notice them of course! now i had let say 15 ... which i hope that with the time i will have 0 or 1 or 2 its fine but no 15 or 20 anymore....

i dont know if it happen to some of you but i dont like to talk with anyone about my condition.

i use.

cetaphil gentle cleansing, which is ok does not take all my make up off so i have to reapply twice, but i still using it because i am on the regimen and i dont want to irritate my skin with other cleanser.

bp treatment. it sting a bit

and cetaphil moisturiser for dry skin. extremely oily but works good i guess.

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