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Day 5


My entire face with the exception of my forehead looks GREAT. I think the scrub is really helping with a lot of the dead skin cells that cause my cheeks to look dull and uneven. It works to prevent breakouts, so that's why my skin is so clear.

Unfortunately, my forehead looks like a disaster area. Even though the skin itself is healthy-looking and glowy, just like my cheeks, the papules that I had from the weekend are still there, and because I've been picking at them they look the same, even with BP spot treatment and the SA in the stress control products. I don't think SA can do much about my forehead because the breakout is already there- once I get it under control, I think that I can prevent future breakouts using just the stress control line.

I don't think there is much that I can do about my forehead, except keep my face really clean and no picking, and keep following my regimen. I'm going to go pick up the Neutrogena Cleanser/Mask with BP in it so that I can put that on as a spot treatment overnight. Spot-treating with masks seems to really help getting the pimples down to a manageable state (ie not super red or the size of a volcano).

My goal is to really clear up my forehead by next Saturday, since I'm going to Guatemala for 10 days with my boyfriend and don't want to worry too much about having to spot-treat and blah. Plus it would just be unfortunate if I had pictures from the trip where my face looked disgusting.


Day 4

So I put some BP on last night, thinking if I use a less concentrated BP cream, it might not dry me out as bad. I did a 10% Clearasil BP regimen prior to starting this regimen up, but after about 4 days my skin was flaking and burned, and I didn't have a moisturizer to counteract that- even aloe vera gel stung and was ineffective.

I've really liked how the 3-in-1 Hydrating Treatment goes on, keeping my face really smooth, relaxed and, well, hydrated. It works really effecively as a moisturizer, even though it's called a treatment because of the SA in it, so since I have the Neutrogena On the Spot treatment, I decided to use that before I applied my hydrating treatment at night and in the morning. I'll only be using it temporarily, though, since I bought Dan Kern's regimen gel today and it should arrive sometime early next week. I've never really liked the creamy consistency of most BP products, so hopefully the gel form will be better for me.

So woke up this morning- inflammation diminished except for the larger papule on the right side of my forehead. I am going to take some Ibuprofen this morning to bring down the redness and also minimize the soreness. The one in my hairline by my ear is much less raised and less angry-looking. And I have a small red spot developing on my right cheek, nothing to worry about though yet.


Day 3

And now that I've posted all my background information, which would have included pictures of my face now except for I don't have a cable for my digital camera to get my pictures onto my computer...

So now for my log- I'm going to record every day or every other day to track my progress and to keep myself cognisant of things that I have to remind myself not to do, that will only aggravate my acne:

Don't pick and don't touch my face- I do this all the time, whether it's to deliberately touch my acne for one reason or another or if it's to rest my chin or cheek in my hand

Don't eat fast food and avoid excess carbohydrates- I love noodles and ramen and rice (hey, I'm Korean and Japanese, what do you expect?), but I want to cut back because I feel like they tend to be my comfort foods when I'm worried or stressed about something, and I want to wean myself off of succumbing to all those negative emotions, so I can not only have less stress in my life, but be happier and healthier both mentally AND physically.

So...I have been on my new regimen for about 3 days now, and I guess I'll just start from there

Day 3:

Lower half of my face (cheeks, chin and nose) are completely clear with the exception of one hard sizable nodule-like bump on my chin, not too noticeable because it is skin-colored. I still have a lot of hyperpigmentation on my face, dark spots that are grouped together on both sides of my cheeks.

I broke out on Sunday, a day or so after I started my regimen and currently I have a large papule that is painful on the left side of my face, near my ear basically in my hairline, and four in a row going across my forehead, not as large as the one near my ear, but still painful and inflamed. The largest of these is towards the top of my forehead on the right. I also have smaller papules along my hairline and on my forehead that are below the surface of my skin and not really developed, and some whiteheads that aren't noticeable on the bridge of my nose.

I used the Head and Shoulders shampoo for the first time tonight and continued using the Stress Control.

I think that while I did have oils from my hair that accumulated from not showering over the weekend, I also think that my skin is being purged of a lot of excess oils and things that have been clogging my pores for a while. Also, I am giving my regimen about two weeks to kick in before I start doubting its effects.

So in a nutshell: so far, improvement on lower half of face, breakout on forehead and hairline that has not improved since initial breakout. I'll update tomorrow!



Okay so I have been under a TON of stress because of the MCAT (I'm taking it next Tuesday- eep!!!) and worried about applying to medical school and graduate school. I have stress-associated breakouts and right now it's the worst it's ever been.

For me, stress can be psychological like if I'm worried about doing well on the MCAT, but it can also be physical- i.e. I won't sleep for two days and I'll be run-down and stressed, or because my body isn't very good at traveling and adjusting to different climates (humid, dry, cold etc) so I'll break out from that, too.

I have mild to moderate acne strictly on my face (no body acne thankfully), most of the time it's nothing that really bothers me except for when I get stressed out. My goal is to clear this current break out up and then follow a plan that will minimize breakouts during stress and/or work to prevent them altogether. Also, once that has been taken care of I want to work on fading the ridiculous amount of hyperpigmentation I have on my face. I am Asian and tend to scar very easily, so I have a lot of darker marks on my face that I have to cover up with makeup.

I've been on a few different regimens for my face over the past couple of years-

1.ProActiv (bleached EVERYTHING I touched and burned/made my face raw, even with heaps of moisturizer)

2.Clean and Clear Cleanser and BP regimen (BP really just drives me crazy- I just can't seem to counteract the dryness well enough to prevent breakouts)

3.Juliet's Scrub/Natural Spot treatment and Tea Tree Oil (didn't really do anything, although it smelled really nice and I felt good about it being natural and stuff)

This is the new regimen I am on now, that I am going to dedicate myself to in order to be completely acne free by the time I go back to college in Philadelphia at the end of August:

-Neutrogena Stress Control Line (I'm using it because it has Salicylic Acid which doesn't dry me out and it also has some nice soothing extracts like cucumber and aloe to keep down the inflammation)

-Head and Shoulders Sensitive Care (for dandruff AND to treat acne that has really recently cropped up around my forehead and hairline)

-Omega III (fish oil) supplements, OPC3 multivitamin drink and lots of water and vegetables!

My daily routine is:


Neutrogena Stress Control Power Foam Wash

Neutrogena Stress Control Scrub

Neutrogena 3-in-1 Hydrating Treatment

Omega III (2pills)


Reapply Neutrogena 3-in-1 Hydrating Treatment


Repeat Morning Routine while showering

Wash hair with Head and Shoulders Sensitive Care Shampoo, taking care to let it sink into my hairline and forehead

Omega III (2 pills)

Multivitamin drink

The Acne.org Regimen
The Acne.org Regimen
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