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Day 52

I have been drinking copious amounts of water and have been watching my sweet tooth. I recently bought a foundation that contains salicylic acid which doesn't make me feel guilty for putting it on. I have starting alternating lemon juice with this seaweed & sea salt mask and it is working wonders. I feel so much better, every day there is improvement. My forehead is clear as well as one side of my face. I have a few residual red marks that I am absolutely confident will fade soon. Thank God, I was starting to lose hope! Tetracycline and Yasmin have been continued.


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Day 41

It has been 41 days since beginning Tetracycline and Yasmin and FINALLY I can see some difference. My forehead is completely clear, and those pimples that were taking a tremendous amount of time to heal are finally doing so. I wear no makeup on the days that I can and have been concientious about the amount of vitamins and water I consume. I've also been rather focused on relaxing, choosing today to bake cookies and listen to music. My sugar tooth though, really needs to be assuaged.

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