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Life In a Sentence

I'm a dude who was born in 93, my mom had me young n my dad never showed up at the hospital to see me, (2 years later he left) hell I think all that anger in the past is what messed up my skin in the present, all I gotta say is that Pro~Active helped me out (just gotta few scars here n there ta fix up),this site is great cause I found out I wasn't the only one that had a "skin condition" so ye anyone who's suffering just member Gods with ya. ~NateZ


Pro~Active worked!

My God what an improvment that stuff made I swear if it wasn't for that I wouldnt be alive to be honest...ye my lil emo moment, I started using it round October 2nd and 2 and a half months later the zits r zapped all I have to do is use some accutane to get rid of some of the scars on my cheek(s) and wella i can start off in a freash track to sucsess....NateZ :rolleyes::dance:

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