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Day 2

Background: 21 yrs old female with moderate to severe acne. I pick my face frequently. Love coffee. Rarely exercise. Not big on sweets. Redness, pustules, few cysts. Most acne concentrated on forehead (almost 1 month now), cheeks and chin. So basically everywhere! haha. It's making me depressed and not want to go outside, hang out with friends. I am considering going to a dermatologist. I've used benzaclin before and have had success but I need a prescription if I want more. Now I'm using DKR.

So here are the changes I've made:

1) Quit drinking coffee

2) Switch over to soy milk to avoid lactose in real milk.

3) Drink much more water than i regularly do. (now like 3-4 glasses per day)

4) consume more fruits & veggies (which i rarely did before)

5) take a multivitamin daily

I realized how my recent outburst of acne for the last 6 weeks or so has greatly affected me emotionally. I find myself depressed and trying to avoid looking at people directly in the face when I talk to them or see them on the street. Acne is making my life miserable. I am sticking to the regimen. The only thing I added was using the St. Ive's apricot blemish scrub like 2x a week to exfoliate. I find this helps with the dryness and also removal of dead skin cells. My skin tolerates it well. So far I notice dryness/flakiness and redness due to irritation from the BP. Will keep you updated. Also my biggest goal is to try to stop picking at my face/pimples so much. I think this is what's making the bacteria spread even more. Thanks for reading. I needed a place to vent without feeling like the whole world is looking at my horrible acne.

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