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Day 000

Hey! :rolleyes:

so i've never written a blog before

and i've never taken accutane before

tomorrow im getting bloodwork done and then hopefully ill start the 5 or so month cycle soon! :dance:

anyway heres what ive taken:








-many other facial scrubs, exfoliators, other b.s. products...

it was always the case that the prescriptions would work for a little while and then my skin would kinda ignore it or whatever and id have acne again. My acne is moderate to severe depending on my stress levels and only really effects my face and neck and im really hoping and expecting for accutane to do the trick once and for all! Im also expecting the worse of the side effects based on the fact that ive had side effects and reactions for the anti-biotics but im trying to keep an open mind and stay positive!

Anyways ill try to update this thing whenever i remember logging my acnes progress and whatever side effects i may get. Also, id like to upload a few pictures of progress or lack there of if i get a chance. Wish me luck!

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