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Accu vs Acne...which is the lesser of two evils???

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Last week I increase my dosage from 40mg to 60 mg. It was all going according to place..THEN..i didnt shave on Tuesday...by the time I awoke Wednesday morning...I had a whole lotta bumps coming up on both sides of my cheeks. Another factor could be that this was my first full week of working out and I worked out pretty hard this week.

The zits on my right side have cleared up...but on my left Ive got one Mother of all Acne's,,,its the hugest cystic mound Ive ever seen in my life...Needless to say its the weekend and theres no way im leaving my house!

Ive got dry skin...and dry lips. My forehead has a few blackheads that are just sitting there. I wish it would either explode or disappear. Time...only time will tell....

Had a few glasses of whiskey last night...Didnt get drunk and still ok for now.


Went to the Doc today...all looks good *touch wood* He gave me the full dose to the end of the cycle and gave me an appointment if I need to see him. My face has a couple of minor zits. My face has not been this clear in over a year and half! Its the clearest Yet...

Doc says its time to give me a full dose.. so now im moving upto 60mg a week. Ive got 13 weeks to go.

Its early days yet....but i could do with a lucky break around now! Ive had enough... NEW YEAR..NEW START..NEW ME!


Well...a week later and my lips are back to normal..not so pink;) but very dry... my skin has started clearing again. How insane is that...when my girl was here last week it was my worst week! oh well...next time she sees me she should get a pleasant surprise *touch wood*

Im shaving everyday now as the beard its too irritable and causes more zits.


Day 14 - Christmas - IB!

Its christmas, ive been force to cover up the initial breakout! Talk about timing...two friends have come to stay with me, one of which I have feeling for! My lips are cracked and dry...I look like a bit of a horror show!

Irony:)) All i can do is laugh...

Well.. they said there would be days like this..

My skin is dry...really dry..the cold seems to be killing my lips...they and Pastel Pink...and soo sore and this. My skin is itchy..prob cos of the beard.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!! something has to give!

PS....she had a great time;))


My face appears to be clearing up really quick. I have received compliments that my face is looking so much smoother.

Ive still got a bumps on my forehead and face but they appear to be reduced. My skin is not as oily as it used to be..but still oily non the less.

Is this for real? Lets wait a week more..


Day 5 - THE FLU!

Day 5....the past few days have been interesting... my skin isnt shiny anymore.. i just wash my face with Dove soap and dont moisteurise. That seems to work but im thinking that soon enough im going to have to moisteurise. the pimples I had are drying up and diminishing...

My regime is to wash with Dove Soap and mositeurise with Nick moisteuriser for sensative dry skin. It has nickel, B5 and green tea extracts. Im taking vitaman E, C, omega 3,6,9 and Zinc. I may take B5.

THE BIG PROBLEM....i had the flu two weeks ago.. Ive got a relapse. I feel like ive been knocked by a bus and Ive got a really bad chesty cough. Im not sure what to take...im weary of over excerting my liver...

Anyone with ideas of what to do short of going to the doc?


Day 1


So it begins..day 1 on Acne.. mine is moderate to severe with quite a bit of scarring! I have dark skin so its black spots that look pretty bad.

Doc's put me on 40mg to increase to 60mg in 6 weeks. I weigh about 63kg's.

My skin is pretty oily...in a few hours of washing i shine like a lighthouse!

Here we go...

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