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Week 3 on Accutane ...

sup guys ... on my 3rd week and i must say i have some good and bad... Start off with the good i guess lol.. my face is def getting clearer.. alot of my bumps has gone away!!! people our noticing it too saying how my bumps went away.. so the accutane is def doing its job.. now i just cant wait for my skin color to get back to normal... now the bad side of whats been goin on with me is my face being so damn dry!!! its so dry in the morning i cant make sudden movements with my face.. my doctor didnt say what kind of moisturizer to use so i dont kno what to do really.. i have an appointment with the doc next week.. another thing thats been botherin and embarrassing is ive gotten these rash like things on my hand.. its only on the top of my hands and nowhere else.. its on both.. ima start puttin aloe on it and hopefully it will go away.. so the only things thats been botherin me is my dryness and my hands... I also dont know if this is from the accutane but i have some serious lower back pain


Second Week of Accutane

So theres nothing new.. Acne is still there and I feel like I am getting some small pimples around my face out of nowhere. Face is still crazy dry and my skin just keeps on peeling. Same with my lips. I actually drank this whole past weekend. The next day after drinking I felt like shit. I forget which day. For some reason my stomach was killing me the next day though for a lil bit but I don't know if it was from the Accutane. Usually I dont get any hangovers or any shit like that the next day from drinking. New Years Eve is coming up so after that i'll really cut back on the drinking.


First Week of Accutane

Been on Accutane for a week now and today I started taking 2 pills a day. One in the morning after breakfast and one after dinner. So now I am running 80mg a day. Nothing really new going on with my face. Face just been dry and red. Kinda notice my back has been kinda stiff lately but I dont know if its because of the Accutane. I honestly dont think so hopefully I am right. Hopefully I'll start to see some improvements by the end of this week or next week of using 80 mg a day.


Day 5

So I've been on Accutane for 5 days now and I am already noticing some effects. My lips are already chap and I woke up today and my face was really dry. My face was peeling and I had to put some moisturizer ( neutrogena). I usually always put this moisturizer on and never had a problem. But for some reason when i put this on today, it was burning my face. I had to put it on a couple times throughout the day. My face was also red and some of my associates at work kept asking me why my face was red lol. So hopefully this all means that the accutane is already kicking in or what. I am still only taking 40 mg a day and starting Monday i'll be taking 80 mg a day just like the doc said tot do.



Hey guys. Really bored as hell and I should be studying instead of making a stupid blog. But any ways I have some acne problems. At first I was taking Doryx for my acne but I felt it wasn't really working. I told the dermatologist I wanted to give Accutane a try. I read about all the scary side effects and I'll admit it kinda made me worried. But after hearing about the magic of Accutane, I am going to take the risk while making sure I am being careful with it.

So I just took my first pill of 40 mg. The doctor told me start off slow with 40 mg each day for the first week. Starting December 22, I'll bump it up to 80 mg a day (taking one in the morning and one at night) just as the dermatologist suggest. Hope these bad boys can help out my face. Keep you guys posted!

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