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Starting off Accutane

Hey everyone,

For those who didnt read my intro, I've started Accutane FINALLY yesterday. I'll be taking 60mg a day, 20 in the morning 40 at night. I'm so excited to finally begin! I want a clear face so badly, I have felt depressed and pretty ugly sometimes, so I'm so ready to take on these side effects and doctors visitss and blood tests to finally start.

Ok, so one side note...the claravis packaging? Totally overdone with the pregnant warnings and the little pregnant girls all over the pills!! But it it is necessary, I guess, for preventing brith defects. Kinda scary waht this drug can do...ok anyways.

So DAY 1 and 2: no side effects just yet. My skin feels kind of tingly and dry, but considering I've only taken 80mg totall, nothings gonna show up. I guess its just the cold weather here in Indiana :P But I do feel a little dry and itchy so maybe...

Ok, well I'll update every week about progress. Have a nice day :P

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