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Kyle Robbins

Day 107. Still bad.

Its roughly day 107. My skin still looks horrible. I've got red marks up and down my cheeks and on my jawbone underneath my ear. I'm SOOOO frustrated with it all! My doctor is scared i'll have a liver dysfunction because i had a tiny peak in my counts the first test. I wanna scream at her!!!! I understand her point though, and she IS the one with the degree. I just get depressed about it so often. And when I read about other people and their dosages and how their face is getting better I get really discouraged.

My knees have started to ache a bit, so hopefully my skin will clear soon. Thats a strange way to think i know.

If you have experienced advice, please please help me.


Kyle Robbins

day 79ish

Yesterday I was really red in the face and my pimps were pretty outlandish. Today was better though as most of them have dried up. My face is getting clearer and clearer with each day but AHHHHHH!!!! I just want clear skin! PLease! I'm kinda down in the dumps with it lately about it all. Patience they say...

I'm still on 70mg a day, as it hasn't even been 3 months yet. I've got another month on 70 and then i'll hit up the 80's for my 4th month the doc says.

On the brighter side, I'll have clear skin for next summer and I'm lucky I even get the chance for better complexion. So i must say I'm thankful.

Happy holidays all!

Kyle Robbins

76 days in...

So I counted when I ACTUALLY started and its around 76 days give or take one.

My face looks like a cherry but my skin is slowly clearing. Slowly that is. I've heard the third month is a definitive month for most so I'm pretty pumped. In seeing my own face everyday, I don't really see much of a change however each time I've been upped in mg's new pimples come out and then dry up. So, more power to them! I'n in the dermo again tomorrow and trying get 80 mg for next month.

I've had no hardcore side-affects, but I've always been really healthy and never really taken medicine because I fell my body can take care of itsself, Thus far it has! So we'll see if I start to get back aches and joint pain but so far so good. The only muscular pain I've had is in my feet but I think its sparked by the dancing everyday. We'll see!!!

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