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Alright so this is just for me to keep track of my progress and for anyone who wants to know how accutane has worked out for me!

Before I even started accutane I had tryed out everything!

I tried Proactiv..IT DID NOT WORK! I really did not like it.

Tried changing my eating habits, exercising more, even washing my pillow more often .

Then I tried clindoxyl gel which also did nothing.

Then I moved on to tetracycline oral medication along with topical gel for my face called Differin.

I was on the tetracycline and Differin gel for TWO WHOLE YEARS..and sadly saw no change : (

I then got so frusterated that I moved on to Accutane!

I started 40 mg of accutane per day on July 21, 2008 and continued with the 40mg per day until December 5, 2008 because I was not seeing any results. I think after 4 months and a bit I should have been seeing something!

Only side effects during that time period were:

dry lips (used eye drops)

dry nose (had to use Rhinaris nasal spray)

lower back pain during the second month

fatigue, but I am not sure if that is from not getting much sleep or actually from the accutane!

I will keep this updated as much as I can!

: )

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