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FED UP!!! Accutane

Ok, so I'm 21 and I have now been viewing this site for nearly 2 years, and finally thought I would join, to share my story.

Basically my story is..... acne started for me at the end of secondary school which in a way I was grateful for, as I didnt have to go through the torment some of you seem to have had.

Saying that though I am now 21 and I have had it for 5 years, and to be honest I am now totally P**sed with it!

I have been through alll sorts of antibiotics from tetracylines to lotions prescribed by the doc to put on my face, none of which worked... however I was eventually put on accutane about a year 1/2 ago, it took about 4 months until I started seeing results and what a relief!!!

I was clear of Acne all over last xmas which meant I could go out and enjoy myself without being concerned of what I look like, confidence grew and grew! Unfortunately it came back in about June of last year which meant I had no summer again, but accutane successfully did its magic again!

However now Im sat in once more on a Sunday morning "without" a hangover as I couldnt bare to go out last night with my mates and have a few drinks. I have now been on accutane 60 MG since 22nd October and quite frankly I havent noticed any change, and its my works XMAS party next week... but again you just have to put on a smiley face and pretend it does'nt bother me, where the reality is Im thnking about it every 10 seconds!

Well sorry about this blog goes on a bit but thought I would share the story.... just wish I could as much effort into my UNI work as I did in this lol!! :P:P

Any comments would be appreciated!

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