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I had my one month post accutane doctor appointment today. He said my skin is acne free now its just that I have to wait for the redness to heal. Other than that, im in the clear. My skin is fair so the redness is more visible on my face.

Since the summer is coming, its going to be critical to use SPF 30 or higher on my face. Generally the skin is smooth and all the previous bumps have now gone away. Its going to be more of a maintenance thing now than anything else.

I didnt make a follow-up appointment because as of right now I wont need it because I will not be taking any more med's at this time. I am very happy to be off the med's and can hopefully feel and look better now.

I am always very happy after I leave the dermotologists office. I hope that now that I am offically off the meds and have no commitment to anything like that, that I can be happier with my daily routines and interactions with people.

See ya accutane!

Its been a nice ride, but you are someone else's driver now! O_O


So I have been off of the meds for one month now. I gotta say its so liberating to not be a slave to taking meds during set times of the day.

Notations post accutane:

  • My attachment to chapstick is no longer there. Prior, I would feel like I cant go anywhere without chapstick, just in case if my lips dried up and I needed a reapplication. Now, they could just be dry but its not the type of dryness that requires moisture or else they will crack. Its a good feeling.
  • My face is not dry or oily - I have noticed this one because after I wash my face at night, I do not need to apply lotion because its not dry. Its not oily either after washing its just neutral. As a precaution, I apply lotion daily anyway. The lotion that I use is not too oily and helps keep my pores sealed. Its very gentle and is not harsh on the skin. (Aveeno Baby - Daily Moisture Lotion)
  • My hair can still last about 2 days without washing and still not be oily. The oil glands must have not fully been restored to how they were prior to the meds. I like this and would prefer for the oil glands to stay dry so I wont have to wash my hair every day. Since the summer is coming, I will end up washing my hair almost daily regardless.
  • My skin on my face is smooth but still has redness in the spots where acne once lived. Its fading but very slowly. With makeup, you can hardly see anything on my face. At the peek of my acne even makeup could not cover-up the marks on my cheeks, so this is a good improvement. Some days I go without wearing makeup at all. Getting off the meds gave me a new confidence with my skin and even though its not fully recovered yet, I can still feel great about it - especially knowing that I am very close to the end and full recovery.

Thats all for now. More observations to come later...


Day 150

:) I am very excited to be writing this post because today is my last day on accutane.

Couple of comments:

  • My face is generally clear except for some redness in the spots that contained acne there before. They are hopefully going to continue to fade after. I did notice that my skin is very sensitive right now. I cannot touch it without it turning red. Hopefully this will fade soon too.
  • Secondly, I have had a few nose bleeds this last week. I haven't had them for a bit but I assume its just a reaction from the ending of the meds.
  • At some point in the timeline, I must have missed a dose in the morning, so I will actually have to take the final pill tomorrow morning to end the full prescription. Not a big deal in my eyes. I think the most important thing is that I actually take the full dosage throughout the timeframe and be done with it.

I will be writing here randomly to log my progress POST-ACCUTANE.

Thank you acne.org for letting me voice my comments and experiences on this website. Its great to have a platform where others can read and relate to the same interests and experiences as me. Its been a pleasure! :doh:


Day 144

So I am down to my last week on accutane. I am very excited to be almost completed with the meds. My face looks alot better but is not 100% yet. It should still continue to get better once I complete the meds.

I have noticed that I have been a little sensitive with cuts and scrapes. I have been in the sun a little this week and I got tanned on my arms super fast. I dont know if that was a good or bad thing but my arms feel a little itchy from it. I am going to florida next week so I hope that it will be ok to be in the sun as long as I wear sunscreen. I do also wonder how long after stopping the meds can I start to drink alcohol again.


Day 120

Today begins the 5th and last month that I will be on accutane. I am very excited. I am starting to see the results and I think that month 4 really transforms your face. My face is smooth but still a little red on the spots that previously had acne on them. I have noticed that my skin (including my whole body), has become very sensitive. From touching or rubbing too hard, my skin turns red and irritated.


Day 108

I went to the dermotologist today to get my last months prescription. Im very excited however my face is very dry these days and is still red. He told me that all of that will eventually fade and should settle at some point after taking the pills. I really hope that the last month will make the difference because its still looking red from a distance but I do feel that my face is smoother.

Another thing that has been good is that the meds have dried out my pores so my hair is very dry. I wash my hair around every 4-5 days. I used to wash it every other day because it got very oily. This of course will not last after I stop taking the meds but it was nice to not have to wash my hair so often during wintertime.


Day 99

Im in my fourth month. Its going well except that fact that my cheeks have redness on them where my acne was. So to an outsider it looks like I still have acne on my cheeks. I believe its supposed to fade with time but when will that happen? My cheeks are overall smooth now.


Day 81

So I went to doc yesterday. Everything seems to be going smoothly. My face has been extremely dry these past few weeks and I have been waking up with very dry lounges. The bumps are no longer there but they are still red and you can see that there was something there before. I would still need to cover it up with makeup. I am hoping the redness will go away at the end of this process. I will be starting on my 4th month of pills next week. I am really excited that I am finally getting to the end of this process.

I randomly get a few pimples on my face and right now I have two on my right side of my face that just came this week. They should be gone in another couple of days.


Day 70

Somedays I feel like my face is getting better, other days I get a random breakouts on my cheeks that wont go away. I have had one on my right cheek for over a week now. My face is generally very dry right now without putting any lotion on it. This inturn also leads to my hair being dry....goood...because I dont wash it that often now, which I love bc its winter and I hate washing my hair. I wash it about every 3-4 days.

Secondly, yes im a girl, but I dont know if its the meds or my personal life but I am getting effected emotionally at the moment. I have been a little snappy with people and just had random moods that can be from the meds, but I cannot tell. They are making me emotional and on top of the accutane, I am taking birth control so that alone gets you really moody alone. Does this happen to anyone else???


Day 61

Today is my first day of my 3rd month of taking the meds. They seem to be working. I am getting a few compliments from friends saying my skin is looking better.

I have to now take 2 20mg pills in the morning and 1 20mg pill at nite. I have to remember to take the night pills because all of last month I skipped that dosage because the pharmacy didnt fill my prescription.

I went to a different pharmacy for this months pills and they gave me a different generic pill than what I was taking before. Apparently each pharmacy has their own generic and I didnt know that. It doesnt matter I guess, I will have to ask my doc during my next visit. I am now on Claravis. I was on Sotret the last two months.


Day 52

I went to the Derm today and he prescribed 20mg in which I take 2 pills in the morning and 1 pill at nite. This will make up for me not taking the 10mg this month. It was such a hassle to get the pills today because I had to run to 7 different pharmacys to get it filled. The problem with this prescription is that I do my blood work on fridays and go see the derm on a tuesday, with the 7-day window, I have through Thursday to fill it. Last month they messed it up in CVS, I wasnt planning to return to that CVS again. So this is why I was keen to find one that had the pills and not have to order them for pickup at a future date. I am happy that the last pharmacy I went to had one of my friends from High School working there, so I was guaranteed good service. He wasnt the reason that the prescription got filled, it was the pharmacy that happened to have it but regardless I was happy and satisfied that my chase for this month is over. Plus its going to snow tomorrow, so its going to me a little tough to run to pharmacys tomorrow!

This dosage will bring me into month 3. Hopefully I will start to see more changes to my skin soon.


Day 50

After almost 2 months I still have yet to see a dramatic change to my skin. My face has been very dry and its hard for me to wear makeup during the day because it flakes up. Im hoping that sometime soon I will notice a change in the redness or the amount of pimples on my face.


Day 38

Im finally feeling better after 3weeks. My sore throat was not from the meds because it finally went away. I went to the doc and he checked out my sore throat last week and it wasnt too serious.

On another note, my face had gotten less dry after a full day of wearing makeup. I changed my face wash and try not to wet my face too much during the day and it really helps.

I am currently taking only the 40mg each morning and its been ok. I dont really see any acne going away but my face feels good for now. Then again its still early...I hope.

If it doesnt start showing results in month three then there is a problem....


Day 31

I have had a sore throat the 3rd night in a row. It all of a sudden came back. I read that its one of the more severe effects of accutane and if it persists then I might have to stop taking the meds. It basically reappeared after a week or so because I had a cough for a week without a sore throat. Also, my ears hurt when I swallow. I really hope that its not from the medication. If it continues through the end of this week I will need to talk to the doctor to see what to do.

Aside from that, my face, nose and eyes have been very dry these past several days. Its hard to put on makeup in the morning, only to find my face flaking a couple of hours later. Its nasty.

Lastly, CVS messed up my prescription for the month and I only have the 40mg pill to take and not the 10mg. I called the doctor yesterday and asked him what to do and he said to continue taking this and he will up my dosage to 20mg next month. I was locked out of the 7day period of when I am eligible to get the meds and that basically screwed up the whole thing. I really hope this doesnt effect my results or side effects.


Day 26

I went to the dermotologist yesterday and my blood work came back normal. Nothing is wrong, so thats good, the accutane is not effecting me internally.

Everything is moving along. My face and nose are dry which is normal. I've had random nose bleeds this week in which I had dry blood in my right nostral. Annoying.


Day 21

I've started to recover from my cold but notice that I am still a little weak during most days. These pills seem to be wearing me down. During work this week I had a couple of random headaches that could possibly be migraines. Also, (though it could be from being sick and the cold weather) I have had a few nose bleeds.

Its pretty much a give and take with how my face looks. It looks good at certain times of the day but basically im still a long way from "recovery".

I got my bloodwork done today. I should be heading into the dermotologist office this tuesday to have my first checkup on accutane. I think he is suppost to see if the dosage is ok and nothing out of the ordinary is happening with my blood. I believe he increases the dosage each time.

I cant tell myself but it seems as if my mood has been changing. Ive been restless and angry a times. I went out this week for an xmas eve party and was irritated most of the night. I basically cannot drink alcohol so I cannot really "optimize" my clubbing these days. So I get pissy. This is a real dilemma that I have right now...since I am on this pill, it kind of limits me with going out and how I feel at times. Should I wait it out 5 months (or longer depending on results) or continue to go out and not have the best time but at least I am not staying in? What is everyone else doing?


Day 15

So a couple of revelations...my menstral cycle finally ended. Turns out that my dermatologist said its not the meds thats causing it to last this long (12 days). So I called my gynocologist and he said that its the pill mixing with the new meds and if it continues to be irregular next month I will have to change birth control pills. Im only on birth control because of accutane. Im just happy that my period is gone but who knows when it will come back...

Next, some other side effects that I am noticing is my nose is really dry this week. I think your face in general is suppost to get dry from this medication. Also, im getting a couple of random pimples on my face, which I normally dont get. I usually get acne related blemishes on my face (more severe than the regular pimple that ppl get from time to time).

Thats all for now. Im getting better from my cold, so in a few days I should be back to normal. I've been home for 4 straight days fighting this cold already...


Day 12

I've haven't been feeling too well recently. All the meds have been lowering my immune system. I got sick this weekend with a cold and am trying to fight it right now. Its hard especially now since its cold out with an occasional hot day thrown into the workweek. I will try to eat more fruit, take vitamins, esp. Vitamin C and the daily mulitvitamin.

Today my menstral cycle finally ended (I think), after 10 days. It came only one week after my last cycle and 2 days after I started the accutane. I checked and its a side effect of the medication. Its less severe than the other side effects so I didnt bother asking my doctor what I should do. I will just wait until my next appointment later on this month to check on that. It will get pretty annoying with an irregular menstral cycle for 5 months. Especially when I am already all moody from the birth control and the accutane twice a day dosage.

It looks like my face is starting to look a little better, even 12 days into the meds! Not too many random breakouts and the larger pimples are starting to decrease. This is getting me excited.



Day 4

So its only been 4 days and some side effects are coming through. The most obvious one, chapped lips. I've been applying chapstick all day long. This is especially difficult because its winter now and its cold out.

I've been pretty much upkeeping taking the pills morning and night so thats been easy...so far so good.


Day 1


I have been waiting since September to start taking Accutane. It took two months to get the process started and today is my first day of taking the medicine.

Its going to be hard because the label says you cannot drink alcohol. Whats a girl suppost to do when she goes out? Well anyway...I gotta suck it up and take it for the next 5 months. Its worth it for beautiful skin!

I have to take the meds twice a day which is a little annoying. I gotta remember first off, so I have my alarm set for morning and evening times. Second, I gotta take one pill in the morning, which will be hard on the weekends because I will have to wake up early to take it, eat something then wait about 30min if I wanna go lay back down. The label clearly states: do not lay down 30 minutes after taking this medicine. Strange but I have seen that on my previous acne medicine too. So I will try to follow it, dunno why tho! So aside from all those factors, here I go with my 5 month routine...

Im pretty excited considering the fact that I have had acne for about 4 years now and have not been able to get rid of it. Covering it up is just a pain in the butt and I would like to finally skip the cover-up when I go out.

Fingers crossed! :P

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