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20mg Accutane

DAY 22

sorry its been a couple days since ive updated... my best friend got killed the other day so ive been miserable.

enough about that... anymore and ill start crying another never ending waterfall.

so.. i went to my derm yesterday.. she kept me @ 20mg. said if my breakouts dont stop by next month shes going to up my dose. god i dont want that..

my skin sucks. im breaking out on my forehead which is the one place i would rarely ever get breakouts...

my lips r super dry.

to the point where they burn and hurt.

my skin is peeling but thats because my derm gave me a facial and put on a mini vitamin A peel.

oh, and i have HORRIBLE back pains..

thats about it

to be honest i dont really care about my skin due to my best friends death as u can imagine.. i havent really been attending to it as i used to.


DAY 18

*DAY 18*

Wow... cant believe its been almost 20 days already... time flies :P

As far as my whole acne situation goes..... well... :P still a bit frustrating

My lips arent tooo bad... but they are dry, nothing good chapstick cant fix :P

NOw, my skin is INSANELY DRY!!! today i woke up my skin looked normal but as soon as i washed my face and it got soo tight and everything i put on my face seemed to do absolutely nothing!! when i got to work i looked like a FREAK! good think i work at a facial office because a lot of people walk outta there looking crazy, lol :D a lot of people do chemical peels and are dry, flakey and peel so i fit right in.

When I went to eat lunch, I could feel my skin around my mouth crack everytime I took a bite. I came back and looked at my face in the mirror and it was crazzzzy, dry flakey skin alll around my mouth...


Incase this happens to, what ive learned helps is to get a wet washcloth, gently pat the dry area and quickly (While skin is still moist) apply moisturizer. It really does the job :)

I also woke up with a new pimple on my cheek, which i popped... BIG MISTAKE!! I guess since my skin is so sensitive it all came off when i tried to squeeze it... now i have BIG mark :P its worse then what it was before i messed with it.... what a pain...

the rest of my face looks OK>.. but it seems like everything is surfacing and any minute they r all gonna come out and TAKE OVER.

Im hoping for the best though...



So here I am finally taking accutane....

I'm 19 years old and have been dealing with acne since I was 13. It's cost me thousands and thousands and THOUSANDS of dollars with all the products, dermatologist visits, facials, vitamins etc.... nothing has worked.

I had heard about accutane but I always told myself I would never actually take it because of all the side effects.... but here I am, frustrated annoyed and no longer want to deal with it......

After seeing all the amazing results accutane had on people, I decided, why not?

I have mild/moderate acne (mainly on my cheeks)... maybe worse but I take care of my skin... orrrr maybe im just overly obsessed that I give myself facials all the time (i work at a skincare office where we give facials) but i have persistant annoying acne and i definitely get the enormous cysts.

Went to the derm and she put me on 20mg for 6months, which I am very happy with because I've done my research and personally think low doses for a longer period of time is more beneficial (less side effects, healthier for body)

*DAY 16*

i wish i started from day 1 but i was hesitant about making a log until i realized how much help everyones log was for me :P ...........

The first few days i was quite oily and i wasnt breaking out at all for the first week & 1/2. Now into my 3rd week (almost) and ive been dry & breaking out... not sure if this is my IB but its less than how i was before accutane :P

Suprisingly my lips arent that bad... ive always been the type to put lip balm on regularly so they rnt as bad as i though they would be.

As far as regimen goes.... i know they say ur not supposed to use anything on ur skin besides a mild cleanser and moisturizer while on accutane.. but i figured since im on such a low dose i can use my finacea gel (azelaic acid). I cleanse with a benzoyle peroxide wash from my office and then apply the gel and finish with sunblock with spf 58 .

Hope this log will help others :P

I will be updating regularly so STAY TUNED!! :P

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