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9 December 2008

:P Ive been sick in bed for a couple of days... The flu thing got the better of me. After a week of bad sleeping habits I suppose my immune system was down a bit, and it got me nasty! :)

But Im back at the office again, feeling about 70% only, but Im here... :P

And then as if that was not enough, since yesterday it is that time of the month again... so now I am awaiting the next B... :P Just maybe it will stay away... please?

(...... I should have stayed in bed...... :P )


5 December 2008

:P So yesterday I did a lot of reading on Emu Oil, and decided that I have to try it. And I found a place that sells it South Africa and promptly placed my order. Hopefully I will receive it by the end of next week.

I really hope it works the wonders that so many people have spoken/written about... :P

This morning after I washed my face in the shower with Cetaphil I was just not in the BP mood, so I thought I'll skip it today :P


4 December 2008 (a)

So I found the answer to my irretable bad mood day yesterday... When your eyes are so dry and scratchy as mine was yesterday then the whole world is just messed up and everything is juck.

But after some artificial tears, the scratchiness and dryness was gone, my eyes was in fact a beautifull white.... aaaah... it was so nice :P

Then I read some more on dry eyes and found on this and other forums that people with dry eye and double vision problems from accutane had these problems sometime for even 2 years after stopping taking accutane!!! So I must pretty much live with these 2 problems for another while... until they dissapear, hopefully very soon :P


3 December 2008 (b)

Oh, and a quick update on yesterday's aims.

I managed to finish 1.5 litres of water, jipee! :P

I only touched my face about 10 times, and I did no picking at all. Its usually the areas that gets the Differin and BP that is dry and itchy that causes my fingers to rub the areas, I know I should stop this as those fingers just spreads ugly stuff... baby steps :P

And I remembered to take the vitamins, all of them :P

If I work hard and can get into this routine for a couple of weeks then maybe it will become a second nature? :P


3 December 2008

:P Im in such a foul mood this morning... sigh... and I have no reason at all. My skin is looking the best its been in a couple of months!

Might be the hormones playing up again... and that is not good news cos that could spell another pimple or three.

And my eyes are so scratchy and dry... I was wondering about that this morning, if this could be of the Differin...??? Anyway, lunch time Ill go and buy me some eye drops/tears.

Aaaaah.... sorry... I'll stop complaining now :P

At least it can only get better hee hee


2 December 2008 (c)

Today's aims:

1. Not to touch my face at all

2. To finish the 1.5 litres of water on my desk

3. Remember to drink all my vitamins after lunch



2 December 2008

This is my first post on my brand new blog :P

In due time I will give you more info on myself and my history, for now: I am a 34 year old female from South Africa, battling with acne for about 18 months now.

I have tried Roaccutane, but due to very very bad double vision, I had to stop.

I am on Differin now, for about 5 weeks, and so far so good. I had an IB at around 2 to 3 weeks. Apparently I could expect another IB or just B :P at around 8 weeks... sigh... :P

I am on the Mirena birth control, which doesnt help my acne, but due to this any other estrogin type birth control for acne control is out of the question.

What amazes my very much is how much my self esteem is linked to the state of my skin/face/acne! :P

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