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Hey Guys.

Hey, i'm a 16 year old guy, i've had mild-ish acne for about a year now.

I have pretty sensitive skin, and kinda started off a bit bad, I got really freaked out by the drastic increase of my acne so i used b.p all over my face, without a moisturizer or a cleanser for like, 6 months and completely messed up my skin, it was permanently red for like, months. It has died down to about 5% from normal now, thank god, and i have a pretty good regimen going right now.

I'm pretty clear now, i am at the point where I always have like one noticeable pimple, lol!

Anyways, the real reason im writing this is too help people with that sensitive skin that isn't rosacea but is always red as hell and seems to get irritated by everything.

Anyways, the best peices of advice I can give you are:

Dont Stress! This made stuff 500% for me! Honestly just dont think about your acne, ever! It's hard and will probably take you weeks or months to do but it's essential!

Simple Cleanser, Moisturizer, and spot treatment is really all I needed, and should work on most sensitive skin.

Spectro Jel makes great cleansers for all types of skin, but I think that they're only Canadian.

Moisturizers, if you have oily skin get a gel based one, cream based if it's dry!

Also, it's been said 38892389 times but wait at least 2 months before deciding whether a product is bad for you, unless it stings or intensely clogs your pores! Some products take time!

I really hope that I helped, even one person, because I could never find this info when i was suffering from Acne.



Spectro Jel Purple Bottle for Sensitive Skin

Dove Essentials Day Lotion


Spectro Jel Purple Bottle for Sensitive Skin

Dove Essentials Day Lotion

B.P on any spots

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