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Day 15

Well, I just past the two week mark and I feel like my face has exploded. I just got a new bump by my left ear along with 2 bumps on my jawline (right next to the cyst that will not die!) and a bump on the right side of my chin. I think part of this has to do with it being that time of the month. So I am not too surprised about these breakouts. I just think that it is weird that I mainly breakout on the left side of my face near the jawline.

Other than the new breakouts I do not have too much to report. The chapped lips have subsided a bit and my nose keeps peeling. Oh, yeah...I forgot to mention. Last night I was driving home from the gym and had my first experience with bad night vision. It was weird. It was like my contacts would not stay in place. It was weird, but once I got home everything is ok. So, I have decided not to drive at night if possible.

I also had another first the other day as well. I woke up two mornings in a row with a bloody nose, but I have not had one since then. Hopefully, I do not have too many more of those. Well, I am sorry this entry is so short....I will catch up soon.



Day 10

Sorry for not posting the past couple of days. I have been a bit under the weather recently, but I am starting to get better!!

Anyway...the dryness that I had experienced the past few days has subsided. I can tell that my face is not nearly as greasy as it used to get through out the day so that makes me happy. the bumps that I had a few days afo on the corner of my lip and on my right temple have gone, but I did get a new one on my left jawline an my chin :P . I STILL have this cyst on my left jawline as well!! It is going down little by little, but it is very annoying! Recently I have also noticed that I have blackheads on my nose. I never really had blackheads there before but now it seems like they are everywhere!!!

I am still slathering on the Aquaphor like there is no tomorrow. I just learned to keep a little bottle of it everwhere I go. There is one in my desk at work, car, purse, home office, bedstand, bathroom, living room and my husband's car. (My derm gave me a TON of little samples.) I find this stuff to be a godsend. (I am sure a lot more accutane users agree)

Well, I am still waiting for my IB...I know that it could be at anytime, but if I am going to get it I want to get it over with now. Maybe I will be one of those lucky few who will not get it. (Ha...with my luck with skin, I doubt it!) Other than that I do not have a whole lot to report. I will be in touch soon!!



One week down 19 to go!!!

Things have been good. My skin is starting to get more dry. The sides of my nose are beginning to peel more and more each day and I am putting more and more Aquaphor on through the day. (On my lips) I take the dryness as a good sign, because now I know the medicine is doing its job!!

This morning I woke up and had a new bump on my right temple along with a little whitehead near the corner of my mouth. Neither of them are painful....they are just there! The cyst that is on the left side of my face feels like it is getting bigger. I just wish that it was flat already!! Other than that I do not have any active acne.

In my last entry I talked about my joint pain. Maybe it was just a fluke day or maybe I just slept wrong, but it has not happened again. At least, I hope it will not happen again!!

On a somewhat different subject...I was really bummed today to get my bill from the lab for my blood tests. When I took my first pregnancy test (pee in the cup) I only paid $12. Today I got a bill for my blood test for $74!!!! It is outrageous!! But I figure I spent enough money trying to clear up my skin...why not this money...hopefully it will be worth it!

Well, I promise I will get pictures up sometime this week...this weekend at the latest! Oh yeah, I wanted to see what kind of regimen others on accutane are using. Here is mine:


* Wash with Cetaphil

* Apply StriVectin-SD Eye Cream

* Purpose Redness Reducing Moisturizer with SPF 30


* Remove makeup with a fragrance free Pampers baby wipe

* Wash with Cetaphil

* Apply StriVectin-SD Eye Cream

* Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer


* Prescriptives Custom Blend Foundation

* Prescriptive Custom Blend Powder

I feel like I should be using a spot treatment or something. It is probably just out of habit. Oh, well!! Hope everyone has a good one!

Until next time...



Day 5

Hi everyone!!

I hope that everyone had a great holiday weekend and unlike myself....looking forward to going back to work tomorrow! :P

Well, here we are on day 5!! Not too much has changed since my last entry. The cyst that is on my left jawline is slowly but surely going down. This is the only active acne that I have on my face for the moment. I am still waiting for that initial breakout to occur!! :P

Yesterday when I woke up, I did notice some dryness and peeling on one side of my nose and around my mouth. After I washed my face and put on my moisturizer I put a teeny tiny bit of Aquaphor to those areas and I have not seen dryness in those areas since. I have began to feel the dryness in my scalp. I feel like I am ALWAYS scratching my head. Other than that I do not have a whole lot of dryness just yet.

Joint pain is a different story. Like I said in my previous entry I am still running on a regular basis and up until yesterday, I had not felt any effects from the medicine. When I went to lay down last night it felt as if my entire body was aching and sore. It was the weirdest feeling, because I had never felt that way before! I had not done anything outside of the norm, so I am assuming that it is from the 'tane!! Have you ever had one of those nights where you sleep so soundly that you did not move the entire night. Then when you wake up in the morning you are so sore?! That is what I felt like last night. It was intense! Hopefully, the feeling subsides!

Well, other than that joint pain I do not feel any different. I am hoping to get some pictures up here within the next couple of days.

Oh yeah....one last thought. This morning I woke up and I was looking in my magnafied mirror. I hate that when I look into that magnafied mirror that when I see my skin I feel that it does not look as bad. :P Then I look into the regular mirror and I think my skin looks awful!! :P Has anyone else ever felt that way? I don't know....maybe it is just me being odd!!

I hope that everyone has a great day! I will be in touch soon!!



Day 3

Well, today is day 3 of my treatment and so far so good. When I first started I had 3 cysts on my left jaw line and 3 bumps on my chin. Since the treatment has started 2 of the cysts have almost flattened while the other one has gone down tremendously in size. The 3 bumps on my chin are gone and all that is left are some red marks. I do not know if I will give all the credit to the 'tane, but I am sure that it had a little to do with it.

So far I have not experience any side effect, but I know that it is early. When I first found out I was going to start I began religiously applying Aquaphor to my lips and making sure that I slather on the lotion. So, hopefully I will be able to control the dryness. I am still running on a daily basis and I have not had any joint pain either. (Cross your fingers that this stays true!!)

Well, I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving wherever you may be! I will be in touch soon!! :P



Hello everyone!

First off I just want to thank everyone for visiting...hopefully you find what you are looking for in this blog.

Next, just let me tell you a little about myself and my history of acne. I am 24 years old and live in the desert. I just recently got married and could not be happier with him. That is my personal background. Unfortunately, my acne story does not have such a happily ever after yet. Let's see, I had great skin and hardly ever had a breakout. That was until I was in my freshman year of college. During the winter of my freshman year when I was 18 I started breaking out. I am not talking little pimples or whiteheads, I am talking about big, huge cystic bumps. The kind that hurt! (I am sure that at least one person who is reading this knows exactly what I am talking about!!) All through college, I had these bumps on and off. I tried EVERYTHING under the sun. When that did not work, I went to the derm and tried EVERY prescription med, again...NOTHING! Finally, a little over a year ago I began getting microderms and peels. I was paying a lot of money to try and help clear up my skin as much as possible before my wedding day. This helped a little with the breakouts, but not enough to my liking. After about 5 months of not so good results, my esthetician recommend a school that specialized in lasers for acne. So, I began this process. I was getting blue light treatments along with collagen laser treatments to help with my deep scarring and face tightening to smooth out the scarring. These treatments helped to reduce my scarring (somewhat) and my breakouts for my wedding.....again, nothing to get excited about.

Now, I know that my face will NEVER look flawless and this is my fault. I learned the hard way that you should never pick at your face....it only leads to deep scarring. All that I ask is that I not have anymore breakouts....I can deal with the scarring. So this brings me to the fateful night that I was laying in bed, unable to sleep with three huge cysts on my right cheek. That is when I thought....I need to take some drastic measures with this acne. This thought brought me to my last resort....accutane.

I stayed up most of the night finding out as much as possible about accutane. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I wanted to find out everything possible to make sure that I was making the right decision. After some deep soul searching, I knew that this was it....I had to do this! So, the next morning I called up the dermatologist and made an appointment.

One month later....here I am.

Day One on Accutane (40mg)....Wish me luck!! :P


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