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Finishing up month 2

So I'm almost all done with my accutane and my face looks awesome, I'm just extremely depressed that i have to stop taking it. Im still out of a job, which is stressing me out too cause if I dont find a job soon I will have to move out my apartment and move in with my sis which i dont want to do. So I'm just praying to god that I find a good job soon and ya'll should pray for me too!lol.

My face has improved dramatically, i still have a few breakouts but not alot and they disappear quick.

I wonder how long this will last me until the acne starts coming back? Once I find a job im going straight back to the derm!

I'll update next month.


End of month 2

So, im close to the end of month 2. My face has definitely improved, especially on my nose and cheeks. My forehead and chin are still breaking out, as much as it was before and I keep breaking out around my right eyebrow, its driving me crazy!

Unfortunately I'm still out of job so i will have to stop taking the accutane until i get more insurance. Im on 60mg a day. I still have 1 box left, 3 pads of 10 20mg tablets. So im going to take 1 pill a day 20mg. Just so it'll last for an extra month, I dont wanna stop all together cause i dont want my acne to come back!

As for side effects, just extremely dry lips! My skin is dry also, but not that bad. My arms have been itching lately, Im guessing its the accutane thats making them dry.

I will post again after I take that last box of accutane, which will prolly last me another month. And I'll update on how the job search is going and the insurance thing!


Day 25 and doctor visit

Well I went to the doctor yesterday. She bumped my dosage up to 60mg, she wanted to put me on 80mg but I think she saw the fear in my eyes and just put me on 60. I think 80mg is too high for me, I'm only 110lbs!

I also told her about my situation about losing my job and insurance (still don't have a job yet by the way :rolleyes: ) And she said that it wouldnt be a problem to stop for a month or two, though i really dont want to cause i dont want to have to go through all of that drama again with i pledge and waiting a month for a negative pregnancy test.

As far as results go, nothing new at all, it actually got worse this week, but I only think its that way because of my cycle. My face is dry, though my doc says not dry enough! And my lips are driving me crazy!!

Thats about it, I'll post again once i start seeing some type of results while on 60 mg a day.


Day 17

Well, its around day 17 and i dont have too much to say about results.

I think im going through the IB right now, though its not that bad, like a usual breakout for me.

As for side effects, only one comes to mind:

My lips are extremely chapped and peeling, vaseline is working wonders though! I have to wake up every morning and wipe all the dead skin off my lips then constantly apply vaseline, aquaphor, and chapstick!

I have to say one good thing i've noticed, seems that all the gunk in my clogged pores around my nose and cheeks seem to be coming up to the surface! Thats a great thing, if nothing else happens, if all those blackheads and clogged pores go away, i'll be happy!


Update on Week 1.

Well, i just contacted my human resource department and asked if i could have my termination date pushed back until jan.2nd so i could have insurance until the end of that month. She agreed! So i have my insurance for another month and can take my accutane next month!

As for how my skin is doing in this first week, not much has changed. it does seem like my skin is breaking out slightly, might be the IB.


1st week

Well, its been about one week i've been on accutane, I havent had any side effects except that my nose has been peeling and my lips are kinda chapped, but nothing too serious.

Im kind of upset this week because i was told yesterday that i'm being laid off and my last day is tomorrow. My insurance is also being cancelled tomorrow so i have no clue how im going to be able to pay for accutane. I just wish they would have given me more time so i could have been working on this, ya know? But instead they give me three days to figure things out.

So as of tomorrow im unemployed. My human resource lady told me about something called COBRA which will keep the coverage i have now and i will just have to pay for it out of pocket. But how do i pay for insurance when i dont have a job? Just alot of bullshi* that is stressing me out.

But when something happens i will post again, i really dont know what will happen, im just taking everything one day at a time.


First Blood work taken!

Yesterday I went to have my first set of bloodwork taken. As of now, all the nervousness has gone away and now im am just ready to start!! Friday cannot come soon enough. Since I'll be starting the accutane friday, i will probably post again after one week.

Pray for me you guys!!!



A little info about me

Hi, this is my fist time blogging so just bear with me :P

I want to give just a little info about myself so if people similiar to my characteritics can follow my experience, it might be somewhat the same for you or if you see a similarity you can educate me on whats about to happen because i am really nervous about taking accutane.

I am a 23 year old african american female and my acne is pretty moderate. My acne started when i hit my 20's and nothing has seemed to help it, my new dermatologists suggested Accutane.

I was pretty unsure about taking it because my sister took accutane when she was 16, and it didnt help her too much, her acne came back within a year. But my derm assured me that she thinks it will work for me, so im crossing my fingers! I go back next month to recieve my first perscription of accutane and am very nervous since i know its going to get worse before it gets better (my derm told me it wouldnt get worse than what it already is, but I dont believe that!)

I will be posting next month when i start taking the medication, wish me luck!

And any words of advice would be greatly appreciated.

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