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I'm not ''depressed'' because of the tane, I am because of my shitty looking face.

Man, I thought I had my initial breakout...but it's taken a turn for the worse. My chin and cheeks are comletely covered with big, ugly, painful pimples. They look like they are ready to pop but stay there forever and if I even there touching one, my skin just peels off leaving this big red spot. And I just know it's gonna take weeks to heal once the initial break out stops.

I'm so down. I tried being positive, but I won't even leave the house. I'm cancelling my jobs Xmas party on FRiday. I just donT feel comfortable AT ALL.

I feel disgusting and I'm afraid of having to experience this for months.I really, honestly, don'T think I could handle it.

I'm used to having 3-4 pimples at th most of my jawline....Now I have them on my cheeks, all over my chin, on the side of my nose, in my eyebrows and near my ears. What the f*** is happening?

I really hope this will get better before xmas...I really do.Cuz right now, I'm just so,soooooo down!:P


First things first, I'm not pregnant!Youpi! But how come I'm soooooo tired all the time?

My face looks like crap. I'm covered in painful pimples all over my chin. It sux! I feel like staying home all the time!


so scared right now!!!

I switched from 40mg to 80mg yesterday, as recommended by my doctor. A little scared of what will happen.... :P

Pimples are still popping up everyday,mostly on my chin, jawline and cheeks(I never get pimples there!) but they seem to be healing fast.(Maybe I'm just imagining this though...) it seems like the big ones that usually stay for like a week or so disappear after 2 days.

Also, I had to quit working out. :P My whole body was aching: my elbows, knees, back....Hurt like hell! I love working out so much, and am scared of gaining weight, but it's not worth doing permanent damage to my body, right?

Another little thing...well a big thing...I'm scared, scared of being pregnant.(and we all know what that would mean!) I'm not stupid, I'm on the pill and I got my period...but I'm tired all the time and have been feeling nauseous for the past 2 days. At first, I thought it was accutane....but I need to be sure. My bf just went out to get my a preg. test. For the first time in my life, I hope it turns out negative!!! :P


what can I say?

Well I still feel like crap. Feel like people are staring at me, although I know it could be alot worse.

Starting to experience more side effects: my scalp is SOOOOOOOO itchy(trying not to scratch! :P ), my face tingles and itches like crazy and I stopped using my nivea lip balm for a day, cuz I thought my lips weren't that dry: well turns out they weren't that bad BECAUSE of the lip balm. So I'll keep on using it!For sure!

My face looks pretty bad. Reminds me of when I was pregnant...which was when it got to its worse. I'm getting alot of bumps near the corner of my mouth and on my chin. And although 3 of my ''huge'' pimples have drained, they still remain there and form bumps.They just won't smooth out.

And note to myself: Stop drinking wine!!!!! :P I know it's bad, I just can't resist!

Trying to hang in there, but still feel like crying....


I feel like crap!!!:(

Ok....although I did ''expect'' an initial breakout, I have to admit I am very DEPRESSED! I don't feel depressed mentally, it's really because of the acne.I just can't stand seeing myself like this.If this lasts 5 months.... :P

I look like crap! I feel like crying whenever I look at myself or touch my skin.

I have tons of pimples on my jawline, but still now dryness. And I feel more acne comming. This is only gonna get worse!!!

I'm so scared of Accutane not working for me....Could I just be resistant to this?

HOw come my skin isn't dry.I mean, apart from my scalp....nothing has really changed.By hands are sort of dry, but it's cold here.

When I think about Accutane not working, I really feel like dying (but I would never do anything stupid since I have 2 beautiful kids).I mean, this is my last resort.If this doesn't work, I'll have acne all my life.... :P


Writing in English, I'm just too pissed!!!

My face is a mess.I swear,2 days ago it seemed to be clearing and BANG! :P I'm not even counting anymore. Major breakout!And I can feel more comming. S***!!! And you know the kind that hurts and just doen't go away for weeks, the kind you can never pop!

I have tons on my jawline and near my eyebrows....

damn, damn, damn! And I keep hearing about initial break outs that last 3-4 months....

Don't know if I can stand it. I know I have to be patient, and I DID expect an initial breakout, I guess that I'm just depressed now that it's here.I don't wanna hide for weeks, or months!!! :P

I really hope things start getting better before Xmas! :P


Bon, alors comme mon blog est plutôt personnel...dans le sens ou je le fais pour moi, j'ai décidé de poursuivre en français.

Donc 1 semaine de faite et ce que je craignais est arrivée: le fameux ''initial break out''. Ce matin, je me suis réveillée avec 4 cysts sur la mâchoire(ils sont énormes et ils ne semblent pas sur le point de disparaitre :P ), toujours le même bouton sur la joue et un autre entre mes sourcils. Beurk! Mais bon, fallait bien que ça débloque à moment donné. J'imagine que ca ira de pire en pire avant d'aller mieux... :P

Mes lèvres sont toujours sèches, mais ce n'est pas si mal. Avec un peu de baume, je controle la situation. Je me suis encore réveillée toute trempe ce matin. À croire que je suis en ménopause.

J'ai aussi remarqué que j'ai plus mal aux muscles et articulations après mes entrainements.(je fais du spinning)

Mais je garde espoir.....


Lucky 7

Took pill #7 this morning...

Is it normal that I feel this excited about taking my pill every morning? :P

Anyways, woke up VERY sweaty again this morning....weird! It's so cold here in Quebec and I don't even put heat on in my room at night.

Also had 2 bumps on my chin last night before going to bed. I'm just trying not to pick at them. So far, so good.

My nose is still very dry. Actually, my skin pretty much peeled off my nose completely, so the blackheads stand out more.

My hands are also very dry...I keep putting Aveeno lotion on them. They sting every time I wash the dishes.

Still fearing the IB...I just wish I could get it over with before Xmas....


Swallowed my 6th pill this morning....

I hadn't noticed any changed till yesterday...

Woke up all sweaty(is this common???), some skin was peeling off my nose and my lips are dry, but it's not that bad yet.

Washing my face morning and night with Cetaphil gentle cleanser and moisturizing at night with Dove lotion for sensitive skin.

And I might be imagining this, but my skin seem to be better, wich is what scares me the most because I would like to get it over with the initial breakout before Xmas. :P Although people seem to say it lasts 4 months(my doc told me 2 weeks)I'm thinking of switching to 80mg a day after 1 week instead of 2. :P We'll see....

Man I hopw this treatment works! I dream of not having to wear make up anymore...of going for a swim...of taking a shower at the gym!!!!!Such simple things....


Starting point

My name is Steph, I'm 26, live in Quebec and am a mother of two adorable little kids (Milane 6months old, Ludvik 3) I started having acne when I was about 12. So I was a chubby, pimply and depressed little girl. Doesn't do much for self-esteem.

Now, at 26...I can actually say that I am happy. I love my bf, I love my kids, I love my job, I love my life! I'm active, work out alot and feel good about myself. Except for this one big problem: my acne.

I think that I suffered enough. This problem is the only thing standing in my way. I'm such an outgoing person now, but when I have a breakout, all I do is cry and isolate myself.I have to admit I only usually have mild acne.But lately I started getting cysts on my jawline and cheeks.

Before becomming pregnant with my second child, I had clear skin for almost a year. Then all of a sudden, hell broke loose.That's how I knew I was pregnant actually.It got worse as the months went by. I'm sad to say I cried most of my pregnancy because I was so ashamed of the way I looked. DO you guys know how it feels to feel to ugle to get your picture taken when you hold your daughter for the first time???? :P Awful feeling!!!

So here I am....26 years old and ready to get rid of this. I'm worried it won't work though. I tried this a few years back. I always said that it didn't work, but when I REALLY think about it, I remember camping with a friend and wearing no make up, going to the water park and getting my picture taken, going clubbing and splashing water in my face because I was so hot....So it means it must have done something right.But here I am again with acne, so....

I'm scared of the initial breakout, scared of looking like a fool for Xmas, scared of no being acne free when I go back to work in March.

So this is my story, lets see how this goes... :P

Started Accutane on November 14 2008, 40mg a day

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