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This is where I'll keep track of my accutane experience hopefully week by week or by the degree of my acne and side effects.

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Today I took my first Accutane pill (40mgs).

Only time will tell if my experience will end up as one of the many horror stories I've read about that concern accutane (the one's URGING people not to take it), or if I will end end up stopping halfway through the 6-7 month cycle because I can't take the mental/physical strain anymore. Or maybe, just maybe... I will finally have my normal clear skin back.

For me, acne didn't start until I had a massive staph infection on my face over a year ago, from which my skin has never recovered. And I've really had quite enough. I know that my acne will get worse before it gets any better, and since I've conditioned my mental state in the last few years to just accept that fact that I'm kind of gross looking, I really don't think this whole experience will phase me. But then again I really can't say, since I have never done this before.

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