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Hello. I know I havent posted in a while. 12 nosebleeds in 10 days caused my dose to be lowered to 30 mg. I didnt have problems until my dose was lowered. I went from 96lbs. to 90.6 lbs in 3 weeks. On sunday I couldn't breathe. Accutane thickened my mucus and it was in my lungs so I couldn't breathe. Monday I lost my appetite. I had nausea and literally hadnt eaten a meal in two days. I drank 3 glasses of water in 20 min. today and am feeling a little better. As of now I havent had the pills in a week. I'm reconsidering this. My face looks great but its done nothing for my back or neck. Health comes before beauty. And Feb. 1st is my bday so idk if i'll be sick then or not. My point is keep fit while on this. And please pray for me.


Accutane Day 13

Merry Christmas to all! I've had a great day, I got my first cellphone (LG Scoop), a 30 pack of all the sharpies, chocolate, zebra cosmetic case, manacala (BEST GAME EVER! LOL), money, a kaleidescope (LOVE THOSE!), some shirts and some other things. As I was visiting family, everyone told me how great my skin looked- and I'm starting to see it! My joints hurt like crazy, I'm bruising some on my shin but I've gone part time bi-polar for real! And sometimes I'm depressed but it's not like "I'mma kill myself" it's just "Blah" and "Boohoo". Haha. I'm serious. I'm also serious that you should at my myspace, I have all my progress pics there 'cuz I can't figure out how to put them on here. PLZ- someone tell me how to upload pics on here! Also my myspace info:

URL- awesomeness4life



That's all!

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and thanks for reading!


Accutane Day 11

Hey! Sorry long time no write, but no worries my computer is back. So I have been on Accutane (sotret) for 11 days and feel the sideaffects. My joints hurt and it's hard to get comfortable when I need to relax. Also, I'm really tired a lot and have had some headaches. My skin did get worse for a week or so but now it is gradually clearing up. My next appointment is January 14th at 4:00. yay, more blood gets to be drawn. Geez! I'm tired. and my skin is finally starting to peel. It's not to bad yet. I just have to keep up my cetaphil. Oh and my lips are dry and chapped, I just use carmex. Well I need to wrap some gifts. I don't know if I'll post anymore here, no one is reading it. Still, you can add my myspace. Or e-mail me at xxmissxkristenxx@yahoo.com I dunno. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Accutane Eve

Hello! Soo happy! I got thew call from the derm and it's a green light for accutane!

I'm picking up my 40mg pills tomorrow and will be taking em one a day with dinner.

I freaked a little though when I learned I had to complete

a test on iPledge, but no worries, i passed with flying colors!

I think I will write down my blogs on paper for now, and when I can get on a computer,

will type them up here since my family's one is still 'sick'. I'm using Dad's for the iPledge crap.

Anyways, I've gotta go use some carmex and cetaphil!

Love y'all!



Hello! Sorry I haven't wrote in a while... not much has happened, plus my family's comp got the trojan horse virus and I'm using Dad's work computer so I can't talk long. Just thought I'd say that I got my first blood drawing ever today, for accutane. It did kinda hurt and I almost passed out afterwords because I sat up to fast. Hahaha. But no puking or passing out.

Plus they gave me some apple juice, and thats always a plus. I was mad though, sorry TMI, but I had to pee sooo bad the whole time and I thought "save it for the urine test, save it for the urine test" and they didn't give me one.

Nevertheless I survived and was prescribed the following:

One 40mg accutane a pill everyday,

reccomended at a fatty meal.

So I guess that means dinner cuz I don't eat breakfast... what's a fatty meal anyway? I weigh 96lbs and I want to stay that way! lol. Ows. my little punctured arm hurts. By the way, happy very late Thanksgiving! And an Early Merry Christmas!

I love you all and will update when I can!




Hello and happy saturday!

Well here, in my beautiful town-

its raining :]

so beautiful though-

fall leaves and a dark sky :]

so it feels christmas-y outside.

and inside.


they are playing.




but reality set in for me.

that about 1 month from now,

I will be on the road to clear skin.

i got my 1st bottle of CETAPHIL!

im happy. i tried it out too!

my skin is dry from cold weather+retin-a

i felt results IMMEDIATELY.

its not oily,

or stingy.

but you can feel the smoothness!

and i was like


i got it from food lion XD

it looks like this!


and add me on myspace if you want.

when i start accutane around december 15th,

i'll be posting a progress blog there more,

since i can do pics easier to show results!



to add my last name is Baker

well thats all!

gonna eat some vegetarian stir-fri!

until next time :]


School is cruel.

Hello My Lovers!

So today I went to school.

Yeah. A ton of my friends said that

accutane was 'too drastic.' If they only knew.

Today I got 'picked on' by this chunky kid.

He kept calling me acne and zitface.

So- I'm sorry to say...

I called him fat,

and another not nice word...

Another scrawny kid told me

'You can't scratch those blemishes away'

when I was scratching my nose.

(It's peeling from the retin-a i have to use.)

He's scawny, and on the wrestling team


and there are some things I want to say to him...

BUT I didnt, being the Christian that I am.

So I took pictures of my acne.

But not on my chest and back.

Too hard!


So I am going to go to www.flickr.com

and try to get html and insert it.

Ok well- i g2g eat yummy grits! bye.




My 1st Blog :]

Hello Readers!

Thank you for reading my blog! My name is Kristen, I am 13 and I have sever acne. My acne is on my chest, neck, face and all down my back. The acne on my face is on my forehead, nose, chin and cheeks. The acne I have is blackheads, whiteheads, pustules and the under-skin kind that hurt! My acne is genetic and I absolutely hate it! I feel unconfident and hideous, and want this stuff gone! The products I have tried [including prescribtions] are listed below:

-Oatmeal Soap

-Dove Soap

-Black Soap





-Clearisel Ultra



That is all I can think of for now. I know I've tried more!

So today, I had a dermatologist appt. with my doctor, Dr. Gruber. Most recntly I had been using Retin-A, Duac and minocycline without any luck. Everything she's given me has spread it. Recently, a friend of ours had told us about an acne product he had used, and gotten great sucess. Accutane. Or Isoterin to others. With happiness, and some sadness, Dr. Gruber told me we were going to use accutane. I was sad, because I know the risks, procedures and that my acne must be pretty bad. But I was happy knowing the great sucess many people have had with the treatment. So with the awkwardness, I gave them a urine sample (sorry "T.M.I"!), signed the iPledge saying I would not get pregnant and then scheduled my next appointment. I am going back on December 11th, 2008 to do the pregnancy test, have blood drawn and begin my first round of Accutane!!! Until then I don't think I will be posting anything... but I'm sure I'll be getting on, commenting other blogs and connecting with other people. But enough about the acne! Let me give you some info on me!

As I said, my name is Kristen and I am 13. I am a proud vegetarian. My favorite number is 4, animal is zebra and color is pink. I am bubbly, confident, blonde, funny, TALKATIVE and dramatic. My hobbies are writing, theatre (I LOVE DRAMA), talking, sewing, drawing and just living life. Muse is my favorite band and Twilight is my favorite book series. I have celeb crushes on Robert Pattinson and Johnny Depp :] :P I want to be a broadcast journalist when I grow up and I absolutely love the movie Sweeney Todd. It is my absolute favorite movie! Well, I have to go watch my favorite show... House!



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