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Connect the Dots

Day 114

Things are moving along.

The derm has me moisturizing like crazy with Aveeno. He says this will speed up the redness fading once I'm done with the accutane.

I keep getting a HUGE PAINFUL pimple on the far left side of my face, another on my forehead and one at the bottom of my cheek. They seem to be the same ones, resurfacing. I'm leaving them alone COMPLETELY!

Here's a strange new side-effect: sweating eyebrows. ever since i started using the moisturizer. weird??

Derm on March. 18th and then my last 30 days on 'tane!!

Connect the Dots

Day 94

I was hoping by now I would have clearer skin.

White bumps that seem to have been under my skin for months are slowly surfacing. Better out than in, but this just means my skin isn't clear. I guess i had thought all of these would surface earlier on.

I'm still on 80mg per day. Dr. next week. Let's see what he says...

Connect the Dots

Day 73

My forehead is clear!

Over the past weekend my skin looked terrific! People even commented.

However, my chin and cheeks still look bad. Getting there I hope...!

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Day 64

getting my blood taken tomorrow. ouch! that was fast.

my skin is really NOT dry, and I want it to be. I live in Texas where it's not even winter weather and it's humid! not helping, i suppose.

i may switch to the brand on wednesday, we'll see.

my forehead is finally clearer, my cheeks are clearing, and now my chin is a wreck. my chin has always been a problem for me and everything in that area is now surfacing. lets see how long it takes for this part to clear. in the mean time, i hope the other areas stay clear!

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day 61

I spent the holidays in utah and vegas. the weather dried my face to extremes. im back home now and my face isn't as dry. I think the dryness was good for my face. No real improvements. I may go on the brand when I refill my prescription. my dr. said that 1/10 people react badly to the generic...

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Day 48

Very very frustrated.

It's day 48 and I haven't seen an improvement; In fact, my face is worse than ever.

I mean, I never had CLEAR skin, but I never had such a horrible breakout either.

So now, I'm experiencing all of the horible symptoms (dry lips, hand rashes, bloody nose, thinning hair, body aches) AND NONE OF THE BENEFITS!!! My skin isn't very dried out (I feel like it should be), I have two-three pimples popping up during the day, while at work! AND THEY HURT.


The other ones that have popped up in the past 1-2 weeks, AREN'T GOING AWAY! So now everything is just building up- old and new. This is terrible. I want to either be off, or be done already. Not sure which.

Did anyone else notice their hair thinning? I'm scared my body won't recover from that.

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Day 44

No new pimples yesterday nor today. Things look like they're slowly healing. I will admit, I've been popping, but only ones that are surfacing and HURT! There are two near my forehead that I left alone and it took nearly 2 weeks for them to go away. The others seemed to go quicker.

Bad rash on my hands on Friday, but it's gone now. I'm glad to be taking 80mg a day now - I feel like I'm knocking out 2 months in one.

Dry lips, but not super dry. My face really isn't dry at all, which is weird. I feel like if it's drier, it's working. Hmmm

Hopefully my face doesn't breakout again... here's hoping!

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Day 37

Progress goes by twice as fast when the dose is doubled!

Here is my left cheek since the other day's photo:


HOLY DEHYDRATION! I have been uncontrollably thirsty today. I've had like 6 bottles of water, 2 cups of lemonade, and a tall glass of apple juice today. I'm STILL thirsty!

My face is a mess, but it looks like the mess is healing. I think this past week's terrible breakout had to do with my period coming next week and the four days without any pills.

There are areas of my face, under my eyes- around my nose and above my eyebrows that are looking incredible. They've always been clear, but the best way I can describe the difference is this. Imagine a square image of just a skin-toned box in Paint. If you zoom in on it, it looks all pixelated. That's how my skin has always been. Zoom out and you've got a normal, skin-toned box. Pores are shrinking and looking unfilled.

When my jaw-line, chin and between my brows clears up, I will be much happier... unless other things breakout too!

Until next time.

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Day 36

Yesterday I had rashes along the base of my thumbs on both hands. With some Aquaphor and then Aveeno on top, they are gone today.

I took 80mg yesterday and so far 40 today. Things are starting to dry out a LITTLE more.

I'm trying so hard to leave the pimples alone, but there are SO many and when they reach the surface, it just seems harmless. I picked three today. Two are fine now, one looks a mess.

Hoping to be VERY CLEAR soon...

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Day 34



My face has never been this bad, ever. I hope this is the IB that gets everything out. Meanwhile, I usually break out the week before my period anyway, so maybe that's part of it. I started the BC just 2 weeks before the accutane - not much time to get my body adjusted to it.

The derm upped me to 80mg per day, but I am having a hard time getting the insurance company and pharmacy to get things together - I don't have the pills yet. I haven't taken an accutane since Tuesday. I better get them tomorrow!

I hope i can look back at this post soon and laugh...

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Day 29

My forehead, cheeks and chin areas are broken out - mostly on the sides of my face. However, above my lips to below my eyes, everything is clear. Not just clear, but it feels different too. It's a good feeling. I hope this is how my whole face comes to feel within the next few months.

Not much else to report. No crazy side effects. I'm getting my blood taken on Monday and seeing the derm on Wednesday. I have three pills left (skipped a day) and then I'll have to go a few days without while I wait to be cleared. I'll let you know if the derm ups my dosage. I'd also like to find how long I will be on it for - I believe 5 months.

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Day 24

Aquaphor is incredible. I have lips again! YAY!

So my forehead totally broke out this weekend. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, YES 12 pimples on my forehead. Yowza!

I went to Sephora and loaded up on foundation and bronzer. I usually avoid these things, but since this medicine works from the inside, I don't mind covering my pimples knowing they'll be gone soon enough, not fueled by my makeup.

I wish i could say I've been seeing great results, but my plan is just to cover up for a few months until I don't even notice that i don't need to be covering up :0)

My face isn't doing that whole "extreme dryness" thing anymore, which I am a little concerned about. I think I need to get my dose upped. December 3rd should be the day I get upped. I hope things don't break out even more!!

keeping you all posted.

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day 20

Things are looking better. Hardly any new pimples, and things are disappearing and drying up. My lips are gross - i don't mind the dryness, it's the peeling that sucks!

My hair doesn't get oily as it usually does, which is great.

I'm excited for more time to pass. Come on clear skin!

Connect the Dots

Day 14

Today marks 2 weeks. My face hasn't gotten worse, but it hasn't improved. Last week when I would wash my face it would get so dry! Now, not so much.

I had been taking the accutane around lunch time, about 2:00. I found myself so sleepy in the morning and early afternoon and then super alert around bedtime. I started taking the accutane before bed and I haven't been experiencing any out-of-the-ordinary fatigue.

I've noticed that my hands get scrapped up much more easily! I need to be more careful!

I've been using Burt's Bees for my lips and Olay moisturizer with SPF 15.

Reading about all of the side effects has definitely got me spooked, but I look forward to keeping on it and seeing results!


oh, i forgot to mention that i used one of those biore nose strips two days ago and stuff just LIFTED out of my pores, like magic! I had used them before, but never with those kinds of results.

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Day 11

Okay, not much has changed in the past day. My lips are pretty dry. I've been drinking lots and lots of water today in an attempt to be healthier. I know that sleep is important-- I just couldn't fall asleep last night! I was very tired today, which can't be all that good for my system right now!

More to come!

Connect the Dots

Day 10

Today I found that people write blogs about their accutane (and other) experiences. I think it'd be good to look back on later. So many people seem to be so pleased once their "adventure" with accutane ends.

I've been wanting to start on Accutane for MONTHS! I wasn't living in the same city for more than 2 months at a time so no doctor wanted to get me started. I finally had an appointment in September and was registered. Of course as a female, you have to wait 31 days. So! I began on November 1st. I am taking 40mg per day. Today was my 10th pill.

Right from the second day I could tell a difference... not in a good way, I suppose. A lot of things were surfacing and they were PAINFUL! The only difference between then and now is that things are clearing up around my cheeks, nose and chin. Things are getting worse on my forehead. This is good though. Everything is surfacing because the sebaceous glands are beginning to shrink (hopefully).

My lips are starting to become dry. Dry in a strange way, where lip balm seems to just sit on top of the dried lips without actually affecting them. Ouch!

My face is dry and flaking, but Estee Lauder's SPF 15 Moisturizer has been helpful.

Today I was perusing all sorts of accutane information. I'm getting nervous with the things that I read that other people experienced and warn about! Fertility problems later on, eyes becoming dry and staying that way, even post-tane, TYPE 1 DIABETES?!? Jeez! This stuff is intense. However, I know many many people who have successfully taken this pill and have had wonderful results and never looked back. I should be on it for 5 months. I think it's when you're on it longer that you develop bigger issues... which makes sense.

I have had mild-moderate acne for the past 9-10 years. While living in Los Angeles this past summer, the climate and the dust in my housing situation broke my skin out like never before. This was a great time to begin Accutane. I had done the regimen on this website for about a year. It worked like magic for months (after the initial terrible 5 weeks of course!), but suddenly i was developing tiny white bumps all over the sides of my face and my forehead, also my chin.

I'm excited for accutane to run its course. I want to get this over with so I can finally have clear skin. In the past 10 years I think there was ONE day that I went without a single blemish. I think the nickname my friend came up with for me (Road Map) is pretty funny. She says you can connect the cities on my forehead. I look forward to no longer being called that though. It will feel so good!

WISH ME LUCK! I'll keep you all posted!

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