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Ok, Im officially fucking frustrated and depressed.

I have tried everything. From regular face cleaners, lotions, benzoyl peroxide, spot treatments to laser treatments and pills and all the way to colon therapy(asswashing) and extreme diets.

No improvement what so ever. My cheeks look like I`ve been shot in the face with a shotgun and hurts like hell, my forehead is discusting and my chin and mouth looks like shit as well.

Even though I work out, train every day and eat healthy, I have bad self image and I have to admit that I am depressed allmost all day...

This fucking acne is ruining my life. I cant go a minute without thinking about it and I feel ashamed and want to hide my face when I go out.

Sometimes I feel like I just wanna go away to some remote island and just stay there until it goes away, even if it would take ten years or something. I am so sick of this and I have spent so much money and effort on trying to solve this. I never eat candy or sweats, never eat flour or drink/eat dairy products and never allov myself anything that could make it worse and it makes me angry against the people I love and sad inside. I snap at my parents allmost every day and have moodsvings.

I tried tetracycline a couple of years ago, but that only gave me a huge candidainfection in my stomach...

Some days I just feel that the best thing to do would be to end it all and not haveing to worry about it or hurt the wonderful people around me any more.

I`ve been like this for allmost five years now, and some of you might say thats a short time, but honestly, I dont know how much longer I can do this. I have tried EVERYTHING and my life is getting messed up in my effort to get rid of this.

Have any of you got ANY advice that shuts down this stuff for good?


Aii, so I woke up a bit late this morning after some long needed hours of sleep and went straight to the mirror. No big outbursts today, but then again it always looks better in the morning. The big red areas on my lower cheeks aren`t that inflammed today and everything looks kinda dry, so Im crossing my fingers it will stay that way. Just had another Fluconazal pill and made myself a beef, tomato and vegetable stew thing. Was a nice change from the usual diet habit.

Well, anyhow, if this continues, then the future is looking bright, but Im not gonna be too optimistic about it. Me and some friends are going to a big SlipKnot, Children of Bodom and Machine head concert tomorrow, and are destent to join the moshpit, :P witch contains ALOT of sweaty people. So I gotta was my face as soon as possible after the show.

Well, Im off to the gym now. Bet after two hours of training, my face will look all red again.

Hope you all have a lovely day with loads of fun.

-Norwegionator. :P


Allright! First blog ever.

Well, first of all, I guess I can tell you that Im 20 years old and from Norway. Ive been dealing with moderate acne for allmost 4 years now, and Im so fucking tired of it.

A while ago I was given Tetracyclin and Bactrim to sort things out, and I was pretty happy, coz I thought that it was gonna help me, but offcourse it didn`t.

I was on it for about 1 year and since It made me sick(nauseus? dunno how to spell it, Im Norwegian :P) and since it really fucks up your eating habits, I decided to quit.

Im am now 20 year old, I don`t eat fastfood,in fact I eat very healthy, I exercise every day, I drink a lot of water, I never drink alcohol, Ive tried a lot of different cleaning stuff, I tried tetracyclin and bactrim, Ive tried sunbathing, different lasers... It seemed like I`d tried allmost everything... Exept one thing. Colon Hydro Theraphy. Witch means getting a tube up your but(yes its weird), flushing out all the bad shit thats stuck inside you with water.

When doing this, the nurse found out that I have Candida fungus in my digestive system, witch seems to come from my tetracyclin and bactrim days. She thinks thats why I have acne.. that the fungus inside my digestivesystem is polluting my whole body, making my digestivesystem store a lot of poison. This poison then gets in my weins and finally fucks up my face.

So to try and fix this, Im now on a diet alloving no dairy products, no gluten or breadlike stuff or.. well basicly the only thing I can eat is vegetables(not even fruit) and clean meat for about three weeks. Im also taking FluconazalKrka(pills) to kill the fungus.

Ive been on the diet for one week now and on the pills for 4 days. No difference yet, still waking up with more whitespots, red bulps etc., but I guess it takes time. I have ten more days on the pills and then hopefully the candida is gone, but I don`t know if this is gonna clear up my face.

If anyone else have done something like this, PLEASE... can you tell me if it worked???

I`ll post all progress.

-Norwegionator :P

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