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July Update - Better

My chin pimples are mostly gone. I have 1 on my chin that I popped yesterday.

There are about 5 tiny ones grouped together on my forehead but I think it is because of the chemical used in my rebond.

FYI the rebond only lasted one day.

I am still frustrated sometimes if i see a pimple but mostly I am happy because I am not battling the field of pimples anymore.

I stay away from products that are not hypoallergenic as I am afraid I will relapse even if it is a very populat product.


Feb pimple alert

I went to the aesthecian to remove my pimples. She removed all however she couldn't remove the big one on my chin. That's what I was most frustrated about in the first place. She said it's because it is too inflamed and she doesn't know when it will be ok to extract it. (haay)

2 pimples she extracted turned into bumps. I think its because I used AHA on it. It might be too harsh.

So now I have 2 bumps on both sides of my temples. 1 pimple on my chin, that I don't know what it is because I've already put buffering lotion, BHA, drying lotion, but still nothing happens. It's still a bump. And a few little whiteheads.

I reaaly want my face to be okay


Chin Pimples Feb 2

Have 2 new pimples in the chin area. I popped the other two on the right.

My face seems to follow a 2 pimple rule. There should always be 2 pimples.

Please let it go away. The one below my chin is pretty big


Feb 09 Chin Updates

I popped a pimple recently in my chin. now there's one new pimple coming up beside it.

Some of the scarring has healed. It's not as red anymore.

But I still have little dots on my chin. Might become pimples. Hopefully it will be gone soon.


New Year Update

Still have acne on chin area. Right now there's 2 pimples. I popped one earlier this morning. Not sure if I got everything out. I'll check it again later this evening.

The other one is still buried. Hopefully it will come to a head this week and be gone already.

Chip pimples are getting better but I am still not 100% clear :rolleyes:

I've decided to stop using dermalogica first. Maybe use it only once a week until after I've cleared up. I'm just using the moisturizer for day.

Currently I'm just using Loreal facial wash for both night and day.


Chin Update

my chin still has new whiteheads/tiny bumps coming out. will this every end? I'm already using 2% BHA twice a day

Still have a lot of red marks from previous pimples.

good news is I don't have giant pimples anymore. at least that's a consolation


Chin Progress with BHA

Still have a lot of red marks on chin

Using 2% BHA on chin twice a day to hopefully get rid of all whiteheads.

Have 1 cystic pimple that still won't go away.


Chin Pimple Progress

The 3 pimples bled yesterday. So I placed drying lotion over them. hopefully they are now dead.

After these pimples are gone, hopefully no others will surface so that my only concern will be the red marks.

I began using 2% BHA liquid on Tuesday. It seems okay and seems to have made some whiteheads smaller but they are still there.

Also began using AHA lotion on my body on Tuesday. just used it once. I didn't like the smell but it seems to be okay. Didn't notice any significant improvement.


Chin Blog

Still have the 3 pimples there in the chin. A lot of whiteheads that is stuck there.

I popped one on Friday but no puss came out now its sort of inflamed don't know if there's any puss still in there. The 2 pimples still there no update. :P

Still have a lot lot of red marks :P


Chin Pimple 3

This morning the 3 pimples are still there. Nothing happened to it.

The one on the right side is really sore.

Still have a lot of red marks


Chin Pimples....

i thought my chin was getting better and the purge was finished. And I'm just waiting for the red marks to be gone. but right now i saw 2-3 forming pimples again. Will it ever really end???

Still have a lot of red spots


Facial Update

I went to have a facial. I hate NY Skin Solutions they don't really clean all the whiteheads and blackheads. They really leave out all the gunk so you'll have to buy their stuff. They were asking me to buy some m peel stuff worth SGD110 per bottle which is only good for 1 week. so you have to buy 10 bottles. crazy!

anyway they removed the big cyst. hopefully its all out.

still have a lot of redness on my chin.

Order BHA 2% liquid and AHA 8% from Paula's Choice. Hopefully I will receive it on Friday.

I feel like I spent a fortune on these products but hopefully this will be the last.

I hate hate NY Skin Solutions


Pimple Update

One of the cysts in my right eye has deflated. The other one is still huge.

On my chin area still have a lot of whiteheads, hopefully my facial tomorrow can remove them.

Still have a lot of red marks.


Acne Log Update

Still have a lot of whiteheads that is on the surface. I don’t want to pick on it. Made an appointment with derm on Tues.

Have 1 new medium sized pimple. Always has to happen. The 2 cysts are still in my right eye. Still not good but doing a bit better.

I didn’t use any dyring lotion yesterday only buffering lotion.


Face Update

Still have the huge cyst near my right eye. Noticed yesterday that there is also a pimple near it that's really painful. Placed buffering lotion on both. Don't know if it will help

Still have red marks on chin area and some white heads

now have 2 huge cysts near right eye. will it ever end?



Yesterday regimen

Face wash





moisturizer + jojoba oil

mario badescu drying lotion for pimples

Now? nothing changes. Popped a pimple last night because it opened. Had to pop it


popped another pimple because some puss was coming out of it. popped it any a lot came out even though it was a small pimple.

still added mario badescu to face as i placed drying lotion into the pimple i popped and not to waste it i placed it all over whiteheads as well.


Jojoba Oil

Have used 1 drop of jojoba oil together with moisturizer at night. The first night I used it, the next day some of the redness in my chin seem to recede. Not sure is it because of jojoba oil or jojoba oil + BHA.

Tonight I will remove BHA. Will use microfoliant , mask then jojoba oil + moisturizer. Place mario badescu drying lotion on pimples.

Pimple Status:

3 pimples in chin. 1 very painful

1 pimple in right eye area

a few whiteheads in chin area


New Routine

I have decided to make 2 days BHA, then 1 day mario badescu products as well as do a mask and a microfoliant.

Update: Currently have 2 big zits in chin and 1 near right eye. Still a lot of red marks and little whiteheads in chin area.


Chin Pimple Tracker 2

Still some whiteheads coming out. I am placing mario badescu on these and they do dry up but take a long time to be fully removed.

Although most of the pimples are gone, there are a lot of yucky red marks.

Ordered PC's 1% BHA gel.


Chin Pimple Log 1

Daily Routine


Dermalogica facial wash

Dermalogica toner

Mario Badescu Drying Cream for pimples/cysts

Shiseido moisturizer

Clarins Sunblock

make up


Dermalogica facial wash

Dermalogica toner

Mario Badescu buffering lotion and drying lotion

Shiseido moisturizer


1. Some pimples are clearing but a lot of redness from pimples that have been removed

2. Notice a few whiteheads

3. Some cystic acne, around 4-6 which are under the skin

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