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Been using the mario badescu products everyday, morning and night. I don't hardley have any red marks on my cheeks from old breackouts! I got a really weird burst of cyst types on my chin, have never had that many before, prolly just hormones. even the drying cream took a while to clear them up...still have one healing up on my chin. But hardley any break outs on my face. I even used the drying cream on this huge cyst on my back..it like had three lumps put together, dried up in like three days...thats lightning fast compared to the weeks it takes my back acne to clear, especially for my cysts that i get...they tend to be huge and take weeks to heal! I've been using bare minerals, mineral veil, it sucks up the oil and even by the end of the day my face is not all shiny...makes my skin look way helthier. Other than some bumps on my skin i'm hoping to clear up more.


Well, so far so good. I have been seeing a difference in the red marks on the sides of my face. I don't have many breakouts now. I did have a huge and very sore cyst or whatever u call it right on the dead center of my chin, which usually take weeks to heal. That came up Tuesday morning, and i put drying cream on it like crazy, morning and night, and today its almost all dried up, and the bump is still there but there isn't any redness to it, so it's not like the whole world can see it. I ran out of cleanser tho, and used the last of the toner this morning, so i'm hoping i can buy the products soon, before i start breaking out really bad again. I should have enough drying cream if i only spot treat, to last me until this weekend. Or unless i wake up early i can buy it before i go to work, but that is doubtful. I just don't want to have to start back over. I am still touching my face alot, and i've been more watchfull of it. If i catch myself touching my face or resting my face on my hands I quickly find something to do. I've found that when i'm not busy at work i can twirl a rubberband round and round, and untwirl it....just giving my hands something to do so i won't just plop my face in my hands in boredom! Sooo, not completely pimple free, but i'm able to keep the redness at bay, and heal the pimples up within one day or two, I have been so pleased, my hubby says my face looks so good. My pores are not as noticable either. Let's just hope I can keep this up.


Well, I have been trying out my samples that I recieved and i am very shocked. The redness from my past breakouts is slowly fading, but most of all the texture of my face is so smooth and my pores apear alot smaller. I haven't been using the bp, but i think i am going to dot it on some small ones that have come up, which are not bad actually, just two new ones...a major difference, especially since my period is messed up this month and it just totally got skiped...that happens sometimes, so i'm sure next period will be extra bad! I have been using the healing cream as my moisturizer, it really takes the red out. I don't wear make up, so if i dap on some of the drying cream before my moisturizer, it really sucks up the redness and the drying cream is sooo soothing to my skin it feels so good. The cleanser takes out the oil and so does the toner, and it doesn't feel too dry. I have still needed to blot my face with the clean and clear oil sheets, in the afternoon it takes two sheets to get all the oil off, and the first one is really soaked...eww. I am definately thinking of buying the mario badescu acne healing powder, it's supposed to suck up the oil, only because i've almost used my pack of oil sheets, it takes so many to blot my face! I just bought it this week. Well, I hope that my face doesn't get used to the product or anything, cause it is really helping the texture and apperance, i was sceptical. I still touch my face alot i can't help it, but i have been doing better. I actually have not picked at these new pimples today, and i put the drying cream on this morning, and they are almost healed up already. I'm putting bp on them tonight to speed it up. I am taking pics so i can see the results, the redness is still there but alot better than day one. You can hardly see the difference tho because of the lighting, but maybe by next week i can see more comparable results.


Well I went to a store this weekend that sold the Mario Badescu products. I was looking at all the products and grabing things, putting them back...I was so indecisive on what to try. I ended up not having to buy anything because the lady behing the counter told me to try some samples, then come back if i like them. I was sooooo impressed with her service to me, she could have just made me spend all the money i had that day, but instead told me to put everything back and try some samples. If nothing works, i will still return to her store, i was sold on the customer service.

Anyway, I have the ance face wash, the special c lotion, the healing cream, and the drying cream. The face wash feels weird, but that's because it's a gel, and i've never used a gel wash before, and the special c lotion is just an astringent. After I wash the oily gunk is sucked up, but face not dry..so far so good. The healing cream really does take the red out of my old pimples that have not completely ever went away, and I have been using the drying cream at night, my face looks soo good in the morning, no redness anymore! This is the third day i have been using the products and I'm really happy. It hasn't cleared acne all the way but I looked at my nose in the mirror today and pores were completely clear, no black heads! And i have super large pores on my nose, and they are always clogged. I was suprised was i really wasn't thinkin about my black heads i was mainly worried about red spots all over.

I have a few tiny tiny pimples, but nothing like the huge ones i usually get, and the redness in my face has improved. I added the bp back into my routine this morning on the little pimples, because it seems the bp has been working. I'm trying to make my samples last at least a week so that i can see if the products are worth buying and are really working. I am seeing great results so far, I am still in shock about my pores and how i now have nooo blackheads, not on my cheeks or nose or anywhere, and I have never been blackhead free in those areas before!


-Well I've definatly noticed i touch my face like over 100 times a day, even as i sit here at the computer i feel the urge to rest my chin on my hands when i go to read something....Man i really touch my face it's like a comforting habit? Even when my hubby is talking to me or i'm sitting there thinking my hands are reaching up to my face to feel the bumps and the unsmoothness...i have an excessive impulse to reach back and touch my back and scratch...I found that when i don't have anything to do or i'm concentrating, picking or touching is like my habit. It's going to be hard to break.

-Well I washed my face before bed, which i never do, and i applied some bp. When i woke up i was still oily, but not as bad, and the redness and swelling was down on a few bumps and pimples, expecially this big one on my chin i had been messing with allll week. A whitehead came up on my cheek, but it wasn't a new pimple, just one that was a deep bump it just now came to the surface after like a week. Maybe if i actually keep up with the bp it will heal up. I washed with my normal cleanser, and applied bp, then used a moisturizer.

-I think the moisturizer is too oily for me so I'm switching to some Mario Badescu products tomorrow. I was going to pick them up today but didn't have time. I have also been cutting down on the amount of calories I've been eating, and I always drink water at home, I only drink sweet tea when i go out to eat, and drink maybe like 1 soda a month. I have green tea but most of the time I don't drink it unless i'm craving it.

-Ok so here is the regimen I plan on doing and below is how i plan on fine tuning soon.

inside my body:

I take prenatal vitamins

drink lots of water

add more fruits and veggis i hardly eat any

add in excersice program...which i have been doing all week (cardio and core)


wash with a gentle cleanser (garnier nutritionist cream cleanser)

apply bp (2.5% all over with neutrogena advanced solutions acne control lotion)

spot treatment with an off-brand 10% bp

moisturize with purpose brand moisture lotion with spf 15


I had no afternoon routine so i plan to

blot oil (clean & clear oil absorbing sheets)


wash again with cleanser

add bp all over with the bp spot treatment if needed

-I plan on changing my bp as soon as these two i use run out. I really don't like them, neutrogena only sells this bp in an acne pack, and the off brand of bp is sooo grainy it feels like sand papper. I plan on trying dan's bp by next month.

-I plan on adding in a toner by Mario Badescu that had some good acne ingredients, plus i need a toner to make sure my face is getting the proper pH balance after washing

-I plan on changing my moisturizer to Mario Badescu brand they have an non oily formula one for oily skinned people

-In the future I may switch my face wash, not because I don't like it, but because it has like a million ingreadients in there and i don't have a clue what any of them are. The ingredients on the Mario Badescu are few, and i like that.

-I am also adding Mario Badescu oil absorbing powder to my morning and afternoon routine, because by lunch time my face is so oily!

So I'm going to make all these changes slowly, we'll see how my skin does

Oh and it's that time this month so I took an aleve this afternoon, i should be starting anyday now.


Well, I'm 25 and my acne is still going on as strong as it was when i was 12! I have tried everything it seems like. I finally found some answers today when i went to my gyn, I have polycystic ovary syndrome, which is just a fancy way of saying....hey woman ur hormones are outta wack!

I can't take anything internally right now, because me and my hubby are trying to have children. So now that I know what is causing my ance after all these years....my hormones. But what do I do know since I can't start anything internally until I conceive? I've done sooo much research today and I've finally decided to try the Bp.

Salyic acid done not help my skin whatso ever, and on top of the hormone thing i have oily skin! Bp does work for me, but i have not been disciplined enough to use it for more than like a week or two! I've really gotta crack down on myself and start a new regimine until i can finally start taking something internally, which i dunno when that will be. I'm going out tomorrow to buy the products, and hopefully see some clear ups!

ps. sorry about the neatly formed paragraphs, lol I figured it would be easier on the eyes!

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