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Day 11 and before

Well its day 11 of my regimem, i been using Dans Products the cleanser BP and moisteriser, been going well so far, on the first few days noticed some itchyness and lil stinging (with few more spots arriving around day 4) but soon started to clear up towards end of the week, and as of that i thought i may up my bp dose a touch.

After going from a pea sized amount upto 3/4 of pump i noticed it was very tight when i had the bp on but as soon as i put dans moisterizer on it would sting and my face would be bright red!! it felt as tho it was burning it would last around 20 mins to 45 mins and become so so dry and flakey so after some reading up on here thought i may have whacked the bp too high too soon.

so next day (day 10) i took the bp back down and it was fine when i put it on and went lil tight feeling on my skin, but again when the moisterizer went on it would sting! i put up with it and then had a read up on here on what people from the uk use, after much looking up i found simple to be mentioned alot and also jojobo oil for that ever so embaressing dryness. So next day (today! day 11) i went out and got some jojoba oil and Simple hydrating moisterizing lotion, did my routine and the cleasing and bp was fine, then i put 3 drops of jojoba oil mixed in with the simple cream in palm my hand, I started to put it on my face an i was amazed! no stinging no burny feeling, it glided on!! i was so pleased!

So thats me upto day 11 ive found its actually dans moisterizer that was giving me trouble, i think im still gonna keep the bp down tho maybe try and build it up a bit on 3 weeks, just hoping now the oil wont give me a break out! soon see 2moro.......x

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