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paper mario

Scars scars scars scars scars. Fuck. It's awful, I'm afraid of lights. This is going to be that much harder to get rid of then the actual acne. I'm full of regret right now. Maybe it'll get better, who knows. I'll post in another 2 months.


paper mario

Well Im done. Its been 4 long months, but its finally over. **** yeah. I took my last pill a couple hours ago.

So, my acne. Im reeaaally red. Red spots from acne and general redness. Ill post when that starts to go away. I look really bad, but oh well. For acne, I have 2 spots on my neck, and 2 on my forehead. Theres no actives on my face. The ones I have are whiteheads, too. No cysts. I have 3 or so whiteheads on my back (weird.. Its been a long time since I had any on my back..) and a cyst.

Im really looking forward to the redness finally going away :dance::(:mad:

So yeah, I guess you could say it went good. I lost a lot of weight, had a hard time sleeping, and a couple other things I dont want to mention, but it was worth it for sure.

I wish I had of taken it earlier =( Oh well. Wooo!

paper mario

Day 104

Yay. Its getting better. I only get small ones that last for 4 or so days top. Crazy. I'm nearly positive its gonna be good from here on out. I have around 24 days worth of pills left. I cant believe how close to finishing I am.. 3 months ago it seemed like the longest course.

But of course, I look ****ing horrible. The red marks keep building up and wont heal. I think I looked better before I started. Oh well, at least my face is somewhat smooth.

No new side effects to mention I guess..

Thats about all. 2 more posts and I'm done!

paper mario

Day 86.

That huge cyst that wold not go away, finally healed, then came back and ****ed p my face with scabs every day since day 20? That finally left. Thank god. Now I have a huge scar to deal with. The left side of my face is actually soothe. Its crazy. The right side, however.. 4 cysts popped up. Two of the are scabbing bastards. Hopefully it wont be as bad as the earlier one.

I also have been getting small pimples all over that don't bother me too much. Few nosebleeds, trouble sleeping, annnddd I think Im suffering from social anxiety. Its been harder and harder for me to face people. Could be because I look like a freak. Whatever. Hoping it passes.

paper mario

I just realized something. Out of allll the people I've seen in real life, I haven't seen a face as bad as mine. That's pretty fucked up.

It was looking a lot better for a while. From a couple days before new years, till the 5th it wasn't too bad. Now I'm breaking out horribly again. I thought the worst part was over.. I started breaking out when I got to University.

Yeah. Same side effects are still there. I got my sleeping schedule back on track for the most part. And I don't feel near as depressed now that I'm back to the ol' campus. I missed this place.

Yep.. 23 days before I start to get upset :rolleyes:

paper mario

Day 53..

I wish this would stop. It's getting really hard to stay positive right now.

There's a party tonight that I really want to go to. People I wanna see.. But I don't think I can go. There's a clusterbomb of fucking scabs and shit all over my right cheek. It's disgusting. On the left side a scab just fell off, leaving a REALLY red and tender spot. That, with the flaking and redness makes me look like a monster. This is really affecting my social life. There's so many things I didn't do because of this shit.

It's hard explaining to friends why I'm staying home so much.

Fuck acne.

paper mario

Day 51 - ****

My face broke out a bit. Not horrible, but I'm still bummed out. It could've been from the 8 or so beer I had a couple nights ago, first time drinking since I started the tane.

It's basically the same as usual I guess.. I'm just really unhappy right now. I just got to thinking. I'm gonna have horrible scars, even when I don't have acne anymore. I used to think it'd be alright, cause hey, I'd be acne free.. But people have to deal with scars for years and years.

..One problem at a time, I guess. Hopefully some day I can look back on this and laugh.

Damn it. What a shitty thing to think about before going to bed :rolleyes:

paper mario

I think so :rolleyes: Still not looking good, and it could just be a break before it gets worse, but hey. First time I've seen some good results. Right now I just have a cyst on my upper cheek, along my ear, and a couple clusters of whiteheads (big ones..). That's good for me. My face is actually smooth in most places :dance: Hope this lasts.

Side effects, the usual. Back pain, dry eyes, lips, face. Very manageable. My back is still keeping me from working out, I lost 5 pounds since on accutane, after going up 25. Bummer. My sleeping still isn't on track, I got to sleep around 5:30 AM this morning. I'm working on that now.

Anyways.. Positive results for now. Yay.

paper mario

Day 38

Wow, time flies 38 days already.. Just finished my last exam 20 minutes ago, I'm pretty happy about that. I get to go home and relax for a month or so. Can't wait to see my old friends :P:P

My face. Uhh. Not doing too great I guess. Maybe it was the stress of exams or something, but it's been pretty bad lately. Nothing too special. My skin has been peeling for the past couple days. Hasn't happened like that before. I just rubbed it off and applied some moisturizer. It did the trick. I guess that's really it.

Ohhh yeah. Forgot about my blackheads. The little ****ers are coming back on my nose. I thought they were beat for good. That's pretty disappointing.

Anyways, haven't seen any improvement yet. Still optimistic though. I'll give it another month and a half without results before I start to get upset :P

paper mario

I guess you can say it's the usual. Dryness, sore back, tired. My acne seems to be doing alright, I've had a couple breakouts lately. My chin and near my mouth have been clear for a couple weeks now. That's pretty amazing for me. My forehead is starting to break out with 4 or so small pimples. That's normal. Overall my acne seems to be getting better. My face looks worse due to the dryness and redness, but oh well. That'll go away. Oh yeah, that huge cyst is STILL working on healing itself.

I'm just hoping I don't start breaking out bad again..

Oh, and I pretty much had to quit the gym. It's killing my back. I'm pretty upset about that.

paper mario

Day 23

Sigh. I was wrong about the body acne clearing up. It seemed alright for a couple days, but it just got bad again. I started noticing red marks on my arms.. no bump or anything, just little red spots. The blackheads on my nose are starting to come out. Pretty cool I guess.

That huge cyst I had WILL NOT HEAL... It didn't help that a girl at a party smashed it with her head. The ****er turned purple. It's really embarrassing.

On the bright side I haven't had any whiteheads around my cheeks or mouth. Those used to be my bad spots.

Also, the flaking is unreal. I look like a snake.

paper mario

Day 20

My face is almost back to how it was before accutane. I've got one HUGE cyst/nodule that won't heal, as well as a bunch of smaller ones that I don't let worry me. As for the side effects, everything is pretty much gone except for the dryness.

I didn't notice this before, because my chest/shoulders never really bother me (I just wanted it off my face, but they're clearing up really well. I wish my face was doing good, or anything for that matter. But hey, it's progress.

paper mario

Day 15

Well, the crazy bad IB is nearly gone. I can see a lot more little bumps coming up, though.. Still quite a bit worse then when I started, but whatever. I'm just glad it isn't like before.

I bought some cetaphil gentle cleanser, it seems to be doing it's job. The dryness is a killer, though. I use cetaphil moisturizer, but my face is still really flaky. The redness is kind of bothering me too, I used to just get red after a shower, but now it's all the time. Looks like a constant sunburn.. I got a nosebleed last night too. First one in a looong time.

Hmm. Nothing too serious I suppose. I'm afraid to see my friends come Christmas break.. I HOPE it starts to get better. Hopefully a month is enough time. I'm having trouble getting out now.. I don't like being in highly lit places anymore. My friends don't know what the ****s going on with me.

Anyways. I guess you could say it's getting better.. Not better then when I started.. But the IB is getting better *knock on wood*

Edit: Forgot to mention my lips. Goddamn they're peeling a lot.

paper mario

Those little whiteheads around my mouth and chin from day 5? They got A LOT worse. They're popping up every hour now. It's horrible. If this doesn't go away soon I'm going to have to get off this stuff.

Besides the horrible initial breakout, my skin is flaking like crazy, I've had a headache, trouble sleeping, and my stretch marks are getting worse :\ (from working out, not from being pregnant). My lips aren't really bothering me, which is kind of weird.

Yep. Not good.

paper mario

Yeah. Initial breakout is bumming me out. There's a lot of little whiteheads that pop up out of nowhere, I can go eat come back, and new ones are there. There's also some pretty big ones near my nose.. Not whiteheads, just big and red (I forget the name).

So about the other side effects.. My lips are kind of dry, not much more than regular I guess. My nose is kind of flaky, but again it's not that bad. So really other then the whole initial breakout it's going good. I guess my eyes are itchy as hell. Damn contacts.

Oh yeah, I'm still having a hard time sleeping, but I think that's because I'm thinking too much about stuff..

Anyways, not too bad yet. Hopefully it won't get much worse then this.. Then it starts to get good :)

EDIT: Forgot to mention the "tane burn".. For like 30 minutes after a shower my face is crazy red, and slowly gets better, but never normal.

paper mario

3rd day on accutane

I lied about my first post. It was also written on the 3rd day :) I just decided to make a log now.. sooo I figured I'd start by posting day 1.

Day 3. Here we go. Nothing really started yet. I noticed a little redness on my face, which isn't normal. Kind of sunburn like. I don't know if it's just me thinking that because of the accutane.. I've had a few small pimples around my lips, completely normal.

On to the "side effects". To be honest I'm not sure if there's any side effects at all, it could be the whole placebo effect type thing. I had a lot of trouble sleeping last night, took me more then a couple hours to fall asleep. That's kinda normal for me. My face is dry, which, again, is normal. It always happens when it starts to get colder. Same with my lips.

Yep. Nothing serious so far. Seems to be going well.

paper mario

1st day on accutane

I decided to make a blog/log of my accutane course for my own reference. Comments are welcome (if anyone stumbles upon this :))..

Anyways, my first day, I've had a breakout the day before starting, one of the worst in a while actually. Took my before picture. Hopefully it'll look a lot nicer in a couple months. So anyways, I have a bunch active pimples, and a lot of scars. The scars actually don't bother me too much, myself and everyone I know is used to them by now.

So yeah, hopefully none of that horrible stuff I've read about happens to me *crosses fingers*

EDIT: Forgot to mention I'm on 40mg a day for a week, then moving up to 80mg.

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