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day 105

hmmmmmmmmmmm???........... right so i seem to have woke up with just a slight breakout along my jaw line, not anything that im going to stress about but id obviously not of wanted it........ obviously. im getting a fair few spots that are healing with large flakes over them....... i really dont know what else to report. think thats it, but if i think of anything i can say and get off my chest i'll post :pray:


just been to see m derm....

right so went to see my derm and i expected him to just glance at my face briefly and point me on my way as he would usually, BUT no he didn't. i told him that i still have a month of tane left (at home) and wanted to come for a quick check up. he took a look at my back and was very impressed with how clear it was and said that my face should be the same by the end of the treatment. i have now been prescribed an extra 2 months (i think, making this 6 months) and he has increased my dosage from 50mg per day to 60mg and next time my dosage will be decreased before being taken off it i guess.

i didnt actually want my dosage to increase at this stage because i didnt wanna have to go to uni on the 17th breaking out, but maybe because alot of the crap has already purged out of my skin that it wont be as bad as previouse breakouts.... hmmmmmmmm??? i guess i just got to wait and see.


day 104 - last night i felt the lowest i have felt in aaages. the amount of marks that are on my skin and bumps was just unbearable to look at. and when i woke this morning i felt a little better but the red marks on my right cheek seem a little worse than usual. i have a derm appointment this afternoon so i just thought i'd havea little check up with him and see what he thinks.

not much else to report realy........ apart from i wanna be a little clearer before i go to uni on the 17th. i dont know if that is at al possible.


so yeah i thought that considering i am reading everyone elses blogs that i might as well begin to atleast (try) keep a record of how things are going with me (pluss i keep losing track of where about i am into my course) today is my 103rd day into tane, yeah i know its late huh?.....

lets just give you a little insight into my course so far.

1st month, 20mg per day - i enountered the usual side effects dry lips, dry skin and a little bit of joint pain, not really a big deal. i did notice a difference in the appearence ofmy skin. it had cleared slightly and i think people started noticing a little but the biggest difference was the clearing of my arms, back and chest whch almost cleared towards the end of my 1st month.

2nd month, 40mg per day - my back continued to clear almost completely and my face hit that dreaded IB.... dum dum duuuuuuuuum. yeah this was pretty bad. i became even more self conscious which i didnt even realise would be possible. this lasted all the way through tp the end of the 2nd month.... they was some positive outcomes that came from this month though, the skin around my nose area began to smooth out. better than nothing i suppose.

3rd month, 50mg per day - the IB continued to overtake my cheeks with rage but i sort of had my moments where i thought it was for the better because the sooner the crap was out the quicker i was to have nice skin. my back since month 2 has since cleared and i cant help but put my hand down my tshirt and stroke my back and shoulders, this may look a little crazy to those that dont know me but what the hell i have a clear back, chest and arms haaaaa!!...... right so back to the face. things that really seem to bother me are the red marks and flakey patches which i cant really seem to do anything about at the min. my lips use to be hell for me but i started to use this cocoa butter lip care stick by the body shop and since its been amazing. and its not glossy so as a lad im pretty much happy about it.......

bit of a long post for my 1st but hopefully (if you read it all) it would of give you a basic idea of my journey so far. i will try to update when i can just for personal use really but do feel free to comment........ :pray:

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