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my journey with the use of differin and wondering if what I have is really acne like the derm says

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I haven't wrote in a while. I have been feeling okay for the most part. I havent had any headaches since my last entry and the boils are gone. Lymph nodes are still enlarged and nasty looking. Face is a wreck. I am broke out bad on my chin and cheeks. I have mostly been spending my time trying to find a job. Rick is in TN working. I am up to 111 lbs. Yay me, lol. I have a hair appt. tomorrow and will go get my eyebrows threaded.. Back to cleaning for me.


It wasn't bad at all. The radiologist was very nice and didn't seem concerned. She said they are small and less than 2cm. She told me to quit worrying and leave them alone or they will never go down. She also said that sometimes there is scar tissue and they will stay enlarged. I will wait on the doc to call with results but for now, I am done worrying about it.

I did have a bad headache while I was there. It was different then the usual ones. This one was at the back base of my head and my neck hurt a little. Came home, ate a bowel of cereal (I am still hungry) and took a tylenolo. The headache is now gone.

Ill update more when I hear from the doc.

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