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Well here goes

Well this is me, Abby. And yeah, I just joined here today. Why? Because its nice to meet some people that are having the same problems as me for once...

I'm getting sick of all this crap going on. I'm sick of acne >=[

I was on doxy something for like, a year about 3 months ago. See I got sick with something like a year ago, then my acne just totally went away for no reason. It was a miracle! Ok, so it didn't go away but I hadn't had a break out in about a month. And it was bad, dude.

So I went to the dermatologist to see what was up, and he put me on that doxy thing to make sure that it stayed that way. And it did! I didn't break out at all for 6 months! No zits! :wavey:

But then, bad thing happened. My mom took me out of the high school. And I started stressing, like a lot. So I started getting a few zits, which I thought would go away, but they didn't.

And now here I am writing this, my face is a mess. I don't think this is just from stress anymore. I'm breaking out all over my cheeks. And I never break out on that part of my face. And it's bad and painful =[

So madre' took me back to the doctor and now in a couple weeks I'm going on accutane. I'm kinda worried about it though because of the side affects it has on chicks. I should be fine though I just got my blood drawn today for one of my tests before I go on it.

I just hope this shit works =/

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