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Day 84 - Week 12

I know I haven't posted in forever but that's because not much has changed. I had been clearing up so well and then I just kind of hit a plateau. When is it that most people are clearing up? My nose and forehead look great but my chin and cheeks/jawline keep breaking out... it's starting to get old. Still fighting the rash on the back of my hand and the other morning I got a nosebleed just from sitting up in bed!

Anyway... if any of you know when I should be expecting this miraculous clear up let me know.

Good luck to all!


Day 49 - Week 7

Had a horrible explosion of red swollen spots on the left side of my face and chin. When I went to the doctor for my usual appointment he ended up prescribing me an antibiotic for a few days. Had another nosebleed a few days later. Oh the fun of accutane.


Day 33

Well I'm noticing that my hands get damaged a lot easier... at work the other day I got like 5 paper cuts!

Also... I had posted a few pics and I've gotten a total of 3 emails saying I had comments on them... when I click the link it only shows the first comment so I have no idea what the other two say. This site confuses me sometimes as to how to get around and do things. Does anyone know why I can only see the first post???

I'm still so psyched about the lack of oil production. I've been regularly skipping washing my hair... it's soooo nice to not have to blast my hair with the hairdryer every single freaking morning.

My upper arms have pretty much cleared up... I'm still having breakouts in certain areas, along the jaw line, which is strange, and a few large painful ones on my back, other than those my back is looking better. :P

No one commented on my post about alcohol last time so I'm still looking for responses to that...

Thanks for reading!


I'm looking for some responses to my entry today...

Can you guys tell me what you know about drinking while on Accutane?

I don't really drink much... don't have time with school and work, but occasionally I wouldn't mind a glass of wine. I meant to ask my doctor about it at my last appointment but forgot.

As of my update today I have one or two new breakouts, but nothing crazy is happening. Things are looking good. If I can just get to the end of this week (it's finals week!) I'll be happy.

Hope everyone's having a nice skin day! :P


Day 25

Well the first month is about over. I have my next appointment on Tuesday. Hopefully my blood looks good. :P

I have never EVER been one of those people that could skip washing her hair... but in the past week I've skipped it a couple times. I used to have such greasy hair... now I guess I can wash it every other day and it doesn't get greasy as all.

My face is pretty dry... I've pretty much quit washing it with soap, I'm just using water and makeup remover. I never used to have to use lotion on my face either but now use it 2 or 3 times a day.

My face looks... different. My forehead is clearing up nicely but I've had breakouts on my chin and jawline. Even so, the new breakouts are clearing quickly.

Oh and something new... I have some red, splotchy, rough areas on my hands... I've been doing such a good job putting lotion on my hands that I don't understand why this is happening. Anyone else experiencing this?

Also the inside of my nose has dried out... when I blow my nose (which i do several times a day) I usually have a little blood... although no nosebleeds yet.

My eyes are drying out a lot.

It's a war against the dry lips... of all the lip stuff I'm using Nivea and Vaseline are working the best. It's really not bad if I stay vigilant in applying the chapstick. My BF showed up at my house the other day with a little gift bag and inside were 3 new different kinds of chapstick! So sweet.

I hope everyone else is enjoying their lack of oil production like I am, thanks for reading. :P


Day 15

Ok so the itchy scalp thing hasn't really been a problem anymore... for the past week it's been more about my itchy chin and jawline. It's like it starts itching before a new breakout pops up. But things are clearing more quickly. Other areas seem to be starting to clear up. :P

My skin has definitely been less greasy, but there's still plenty of it. I'm continuing the morning exfoliation with a wet washcloth... it's absolutely necessary.

The Nivea chapstick is going fast!

Today my dose gets doubled up to 80mg. Wish me luck! :P


Day 7

Well the side effects are becoming more apparent. When I get up in the morning after showering I have to exfoliate dead skin off my face with a wet washcloth, and if I don't put on chapstick for an hour it feels like I haven't put it on all day. Today I noticed some redness on my face. That's about it. Good luck to everyone on their adventures. :P


Day 5

Well today is day 5... no major news.

Basically my lips feel like I've been forgetting to put on chapstick, even though I've been keeping up on it very well, but they're really not bad at all yet. I'm spending a good bit of time in the mornings putting on lotion... I can tell I'm starting to dry out a bit. Nothing else major to report...

For those of you looking for a nice chapstick I recommend Nivea. I love the stuff. They have one with SPF in it too.



Just to let you all know you should definitely call around to different pharmacies in your area to check on prices. My first month I had to get 42 pills of 40mg each. I called around to different pharmacies and after about 4 calls realized that Walmart was going to be the cheapest. Their cost was $214 for what I needed. But, the other 3 pharmacies I called had prices up to $400 for the same exact thing. Obviously this is for the generic, the name brand would be well over a thousand.

If you have a Walmart in your area that's most likely your best bet.



Day 2

Well today is day 2. Nothing major to report. Yesterday I noticed that I was thirstier than usual and today has been similar but I also think that my face is a bit less greasy. =) I've been really diligent about taking care of my lips so I'm not really noticing a big change there yet. I'll update when I have something more interesting...


Well today I had my appointment and got the prescription. Tomorrow I will start on 40mg a day for two weeks. Then the next two weeks will be up to 80mg. Wish me luck! I'm excited but am definitely worried about having joint pain as a side effect... I think I'm prepared for the dry skin but I don't know about the joint pain.


3 weeks till I start!

Well it's 3 weeks until I start on Accutane so I guess I should introduce myself. I really like the idea of blogging about my experience and progress. I stumbled upon this site while researching whether or not to go on accutane. I've enjoyed reading other blogs and learning some great tips for the time that I'll be on the medication. I'm also less scared of the potential side effects and feel that I'll get through and it'll be worth the side effects.

As far as I can remember I think I started breaking out when I was about 8 years old. It's not even as if I developed early! I just got acne super early and it's still here. I'm 24 now. I've never had clear skin. I've also always had acne on my back/chest since my early teens. Over the years I've tried tons of things from Retin A to Differin to antibiotics and also topical antibiotics and nothing has worked. It'll be a shock if this does work and I wake up every morning with clear skin... I won't know what to do. It'll be nice to not to have to worry about such an extensive skin care regimen every day. :)

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