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IM FREAKING DOOONNEEEE!!!!!!! :boohoo::dance::(:dance::boohoo::mad:

Haha, on a serious note i swear i feel better already (even though ive only been off the medication for 4 days. my skin is pretty much clear, i love it so much! gettting ready is so much easier & i dont have to worry about concealer & extra stuff. i can roll outa bed and be ready to go. i just hope it STAYS THIS WAY.

im going to post my pictures.. you wont believe your eyes


day 133

YEEHA! :( i only have like 10 days left or sumthing then my doc's appointment is the 12th. i had a wild weekend & lost my phone & drank way to much then kinda picked at my face a lil so still have sum red marks that are healing. other than that, no new pimples besides a little bit of a bump on my chin under a red mark. hmmm. ;) im really excited to get off accutane cuz im noticing skin irritation during sex for the first time which is not cool. but also im really scared. i dont want any of this clear skin to go away. :)


day 119

my my my. so about 5 nights ago i had a very stressful conversation with my parents involving college & the fact that i have to live at home next year & commute to save money. my face then responded with a nice break out that originally looked like huge welts. stupidly i tried to treat them & basically destroyed the skin. so just when everything was clearing & healing i messed it up. but the good news is that theyre only red marks now that theyre healing so hopefully this is it! i had my last blood drawing on thurs! man oh man! wahoo! im so excited but at the same time im so scared that it will come back n ill have to do this all over again. i hope not :)


day 105

only one active under the surface zit on my forehead. everything else is healing. i so hope it stays that way. docs appt is feb. 12th then ONE MORE month! i cannot believe it. wait til you guys see all the pics im guna post. accutane has truly changed my life. getting ready is so much easier and god do i feel happier. i can be in front of my bf without make up now thats a damn good feeling :)


day 100

so it is day won-hun-dough. yes, 100 days gone folks. roughly 50 to go. im psyched things are staying relatively good.. still getting "not tiny" zits in random spots. i have a nasty little bugger on my cheek but other than that everything is old or healing. hopefully by my next appointment ill be mostly clear. heathers mark/slight bump still lives on. itll go away soon.. i hope.

gotta work at 9 then have a full day of school. ugh i cant wait for this week to be over & by week i mean wednesday cuz i have no classes thurs&fri! haha so tired, peace


day 91

HOLY SHIT, it has been a while. first off i officially got my first bloody nose from accutane today. (exciting, i know haha) besides that things are the same. face is really clearing nicely except for... Harold's twin sister, Heather. same spot just the other side. how fuckin weird. this thing was a monstrosity though. it consumed about 15 pores and popped about 8 different times back to back to back. nastiest thing ive had by far. if i never get another zit like that i will be happy. i had my docs appt a couple days ago and she was very impressed with how moisturized my face and lips were haha and other than the large bruise on my arm from getting blood drawn, id say im doin alright. i cant wait til Heather is gone! :rolleyes:


day 74

finally, some new side effects to report! noooot that this is a good thing haha. :rolleyes: well, when i first returned home for winter break i was sleeping on a pull out couch that was quite hard so when i woke up to a stiff back, i blamed it on that. well ive been sleeping on a different firm matress with a tempurpedic pad AND another fluffy layer thing i got for xmas and i swear everyday that i wake up with a stiffer and more sore back. (awkward sentence i know, hah dont care). also tonight i went to pick up my cat and my shoulder popped and kinda hurt but that went away. my nose and eyes have been dryer than normal. im gunna blame that on the rediculously cold weather. harold has subsided and his mark is fading slowly but surely. also im finding if i stay on top of my skin (like washing it at night esp. to remove the dry skin that has developed through out the day) that it looks so much better when i go to put make up on. duh, i know... but sometimes it's hard to wash your face and apply aquaphor and pick of dead skin when your baked at 2am, or sleeping at your boyfriends. ahh how i just want this to be over. and i cant wait to have MY BODY back... no joint pain, no dry nose and eyes, yikes. i think (holding my breath again) im really gunna see some major results this next two weeks before my next docs appointment. im off to make food and put clear eyes in, OMG DRYNESS.


day 69

yup def jinxed it. my whole face is SO DRY. i have a large cyst on my back, after it had really started to be clear... :rolleyes: and i have a new volcano next to my nose i have named HAROLD haha. i also have some other random new ones (not of volcanic proportion) but still irritatingly large. thank god my bf just left for vaca for a week, i feel disgusting. yesterday we were cuddling and he brushed my face off to remove a flake of skin. oh man i wanted to die but i guess it just further shows how supportive he has been for me through out this whole thing. fuck fuck fuck. month 3 is supposed to be the "turning point" so i hope this all starts to go away soon. im starting to get worried


day 64

okay so, had my doctors appointment friday then had to rush to work so i didnt try to fill the Rx until the next day... which was Saturday. it was then i realized that my doc forgot to enter my negative pregnancy test, which sucked cuz i couldnt "demonstrate my knowledge." yea thanks for that unnecessary 30minute drive over to walmart at 9am after a huge snow storm. UGH. long story short i was off the pills for fri, sat, and sun. ahh oh well. my face was pretty inactive and then i got a few small (tiny pea) cyst type things along my jaw. i know it prolly wasnt because i couldnt take my pills for 3 days, but thats sure how i feel. joint pain is pretty much the same, lips are manageable.. other than that nothing else to really report. oh yea, my derm said that things def looked better and i wasnt wearing any make up for the first time so i guess tings are going ok? i think im gettin spoiled tho. now that the IB has subsided, instead of wishing for no more cysts or active stuff im wishing for the red marks to go away and the ability to leave the house with out make up. jeeez. :rolleyes: i hope i dont jinx it.


day 57

I am so scared to say this, but things are finally lookin up. I went thru all my pictures so far and def not as bad as the previous weeks. I really just want it to stay this way so the marks can fade. Doc's appointment is this Friday. As usual excited but not excited. Side effects are still manageable.. its just annoying to have to put stuff on your lips after you eat, after you drink, after its been 2 hours cuz then it gets gross and you have to re-apply. The only other thing is that the other day I got the same pain in my shoulder that I got in my hip the first time it started to hurt. Its a sharp shooting pain, but this only lasted for a second and it hasnt come back. Im doing so well side-effect-wise and I really wanna keep it that way.

I had my last class of the semester today and my mom n dad should be here soon to head home for XMAS BREAK! :P


day 50

wtf im so frustrated right now. i just keep breaking out and breaking out. they are normal ones, tiny whiteheads, hard balls under the skin... u name it and i got it.. and then it turns scabby. i feel so ugly. derm appointment in 9 days.. ugh my skin is ruining my life


day 45

i cant believe its been two weeks since my doc's appointment!

so just when things kinda started to stop breaking out, things got bad again. prolly from the upped dose of 60? hopefully it starts to clear up soon. as for side effects.. minor joint pain but whether or not thats from lack of sleep or accutane is unknown to me. lips are manageable, skin too.



day 31

went to the doctors today for my one month blood work and check up. my dosage only got bumped up to 60mgs a day cuz of my weight. but i found out at the pharmacy barr laboratories doesnt make 60mg capsules so i have to take 40 on the odd days of the month and 80mgs (two 40mg pills) on the even days. and there is some law that prevents them giving me a 30 day supply with a regimen like that andn the way the pills are packaged so i get a 27 day supply. oh well just means i get to go back to the docs sooner and this whole thing will be over sooner.

as for the skin.. ATROCIOUS. its like a slap in the face to wak eup to yet another cyst when you were so excited to go to the derm the night before. YUCK. and then besides the cysts my skin is scabby where old stuff used to be. EW EW EW. i just want it to get better!

no side effects still besides a weird little shooting pain in my right hip tonight that went away then stopped me in my tracks haha but it seems to be gone for now.


day 26

more cyst type zits.. but they are starting to go down a bit... face is peeling right now but it should be all set once put my double layer of moisturizer on after my shower. 2 nights ago i fell asleep with out putting aquaphor on :P haha i guess i got lucky tho cuz they just felt a little dry the next morning. doctors appointment in 4 days!!!!! i cant wait, although i hate needles and getting blood drawn :P:):P << yup that sums up me getting blood drawn hahaa

im off to lay in bed for 20 more minutes and then i have to shower for 9 am class. didnt sleep at all last night and i have class 9-12 then work 2-7 and THEN i have to do one homework assignment. its gunna be a loooong day :P wish me luck


day 22

so i have been on accutane for 3 weeks. i am sooo anxious to go to my derm next friday. as for the skin.. i had a MOUNTAIN on my chin hahah i am not kidding this thing was prolly the biggest cyst/zit i have ever had.. is started out as a regular cyst then kinda started to go away. within 2 hours it blew up. it seemed that all the pores surrounding it had decided they wanted to be cysts too. well wtf haha. i tried this new thing last night.. i washed my face but then didnt put any lotion on. i let everything really dry n then i went to work removing a lot of the flaky dead scabby stuff.. i rinsed with water when i was done and then used cetaphil moisturizer and aquaphor on the places the scabs had come off. the result.. pretty damn good. a lot of the marks faded and healed pretty much. oh yea and one more gross thing.. that mountain.. started to peel and when it did there was this enlarged pore smack in the middle of it.. so naturally i operated haha and holy fuck i was right def the biggest thing thats ever obstructed my face.. so much stuff come out :P im still getting little breakouts on my cheeks but lets hope that was the IB and i dont have to go thru that again when my dosage gets upped to 80.

i think im gunna go back to bed.. lips are still pretty good.. eyes get scratchy but i put clear eyes for dry eyes in em a few times a day n im good..lil achy last night but again, dont know if its from the 'tane. and holy dandruff.. hopefully head and shoulders kicks in right qwick ive only used it once so far.


day 18

DUDE if this is not the IB im gunna be PISSED. also, if i get another "IB" (if you can even call it that after this fiasco!) when my dose gets upped, I MIGHT THROW SOMETHING. my skin is a mess! not only that but its scabbing up which makes make up a nightmare. but no make up is NOT an option. the marks are so red. I have got to stop picking at the dry stuff and just let it fall off on its own. my skin is getting too sensitive. the lips still are not even flaking. I put stuff on every now and then but nothing crazy. the only other things im noticing is that my face seems to flush a little easier than before, which makes me really warm, im a lil more tired but i enjoy the sleep haha, my scalp is a little dry and itchy (got head & shoulders.. LOVE it) and an occasional headache although i dont know if thats from the accutane.

I CANT FUCKING WAIT FOR MY NEXT APPOINTMENT. i want month 3 now so everything can start to clear. im off to go make food im starvin marvin :P


ok folks so its day 12 and damn. i prolly have like 20 active zits. and they range from tiny to huge. YUCK. good news is that i get my dose upped in 2 weeks. im makin it right along.. so far no side effects besides the obvious :D oh and my skin still seems to get pretty oily thru out the day hmm :)


day 8

so the first week went great. the only side effect i had besides (duh) drier skin/lips was being a lil too tired after sleeping like 10 hours. i hadnt goten a new pimple until last night. now i have a kinda big one on my cheek, like 5 along my forehead and idk more in other places. ahhh i want it to be the 21st #1 so i can get my dosage upped so i can settle in, and #2 so it can be close to turkey day!!! yuummm :)



sooo i have officially started accutane.

it could be just me but i swear my lips are already drier haha. and my face well... thats just a mess. i do seem to have a bizarre taste in my mouth randomly. i really hope that goes away.

im off to go to bed cuz ive slept so shitty lately.


2 more days..

so my accutane appointment is set for friday at 330. im excited/scared but no matter what mood im in when i look in the mirror I AM SO READY FOR THIS. Before all this goes down, ill give some background on myself.

female, 19. im going to school for graphic design. i had typical skin until i went to college last year. i went from a bad week or so to my skin texture completely changing. ive always had oily skin that would need to be blotted by 10am, but it was manageable. now ive got occasional cysts, and a bunch of other shit that just seems to be literally piling on top of previous stuff. ive noticed some mild scarring which convinces me that i have literally watched my skin turn into problematic skin... in less than a year! rather depressing, but a month ago i had the first appointment, got blood drawn, and friday all i gota do is pee in a cup and answer some questions and ill be on my way. my derm said itd be a 5 month program.

im mostly anxious to see how everything changes, and what my OWN skin will do/allow me to do. like will i be able to wear make up? (god i hope so!) am i gunna break out wicked bad? (cuz i think im gunna have to go into hiding if that happens :)) ahhh i know everybodys different so no sense in reading any more of other peoples blogs.

well im off to go tanning cuz i know i cant go anymore starting VERY soon. booo. i will update friday!

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