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Hi everyone....

I just got this from a concerned "viewer"......check out my website www.christopherdrummond.com for more on the products we are discussing...

hello christopher,

i stumbled across your blog while reading a page from acne.org and was so happy and fascinated to find another makeup/beauty lover who also takes into consideration that many common ingredients in cosmetic products today are super toxic to your body and make your skin look shitty...i basically started breaking out like CRAZY when i was 21...which, coincidentally, was when i started really wearing makeup on a regular basis. i have a very oily complexion, not limited to the t-zone by any means, and i'm also very sensitive...and have come to believe that i will get acne when i'm exposed to chemical preservatives and all that stuff in makeup/facewash/serums etc, not just oil-based/non-comodogenic products alone...it's driving me crazy. im not able to put anything on my face at all anymore, except for my murad acne treatment gel, without waking up in the morning with an inflamed, zitty face. i need to find a way to wear makeup without upsetting the balance and health of my body.

i went to your website, and i would love to find out more about ordering some products from you. i can't use bareMinerals because i get that "itchiness" that you attested to in your blog...i think that comes from a zinc allergy.

well...thankyou for reading, and i'm excited to learn more.


You have to be really careful when using makeup to cover acne. Be very studious of the labels. If a concealer doesn't say "non-comedogenic", it probably isn't. Here's a tip: most concealers have some type of oil in them. Be sure they are oil free.

If you don't use a foundation that is non-acnegenic, you are making worse what you are trying to fix. I'm telling you, you must be very careful about what you put on your face. We acne sufferers are very sensitive to clogged pores. Even moreso than most people. So find a good quality makeup that is definitely non-comedogenic.

Mineral makeup is the absolute best for acne. Period. I guarantee you, it will actually improve the skin, because of the zinc oxide. It definitely won't clog the pores. Bare Minerals is the most popular.

I have handcrafted a really amazing mineral makeup (www.christopherdrummond.com) that also has acne fignting antioxidants in it. It is lighter and smoother than bare escentuals, and won't cause you to itch!

Whether you buy mine or not, read the labels. Learn what ingredients clog pores and what ones don't. Even if someone says an oil is organic and it won't clog pores, do you really want to take the chance? Oil is oil. Oil is sticky, nomatter what type of oil it is!


Makeup and bacteria

Another tip:

wash brushes and sponges very regularly.....if you are using a compact with a sponge (which I dont recomment), clean it very very regularly. Actually, you should not even use a sponge. It breeds bacteria. It's really gross, actually. You should use a loose powder mineral makeup with a brush, and clean the brush weekly.

check out my website: www.chrsitopherdrummond.com

and http://christopherdrummondbeauty.blogspot.com/


wondering if your makeup is good for your acne prone skin? ask me!


As a makeup artist, and former sufferer of acne, I can tell you first hand, I used to cover up my pimples all the time. The problem is, I used products that were contiminated with bacteria, filled with oils, or filled with ingredients that made acne worse.

Always always always go to a brand that claims to be non-comedogenic. If it doesn't say it on the bottle, DON'T BUY IT!!!!!! Period. If it doesn't say it, it will cause acne. That's how I look at it.

A lot of women use MAC studio fix to cover acne. STOP! This stuff is horrible for acne. Do not use it. I love MAC as a makeup artist, but their products are not non-comedogenic. This means it will make you break out.

Check out more do's and don'ts at my other blog: http://christopherdrummondbeauty.blogspot.com/

Also check out my organic and vegan makeup. It will not clog pores....I promise.



Makeup-what to aviod

Hey there!!! I am a licensed esthetician, skincare specialist, and professional makeup artist. I used to suffer from acne for years when I was modeling. When I became a makeup artist, and later an esthetician, I learned the important role that makeup plays in acne.

Check out my second blog: http://christopherdrummondbeauty.blogspot.com/

this is a blog that I just started concerning a) bad ingredients for the skin b) natural/organic/vegan products to use and c) do's and don'ts of acne ingredients. I am big on ingredients, and I can tell you what works and what doesn't as far as cosmetic ingredients.

I really like Dan's products and philosophy. I think this is a great site!!!

But, if you have questions about makeup, ingredients, etc. feel free to check out my other blog, or email me here. I'll be posting different topics here and on the other blog. I love makeup, but I hate acne!!!! If you are like me, tune in!!!

Also, I have a line of organi/vegan cosmetics that are all non-comedogenic, while at the same time, they are all natural. A perfect compliment to Dan's skincare regimin.

www.christopherdrummond.com is the link to my makeup. Please feel free to contact me there also if you want to purchase my products.

I look forward to helping you all stay acne free!!!!

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