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Day 29 on 40mg/day

Day 29

I had my one month derm appointment yesterday. I asked if my dose could be upped to 60mg/day but my derm wanted me to stay on the 40mg for now. She thought it would be best for me seeing as my skin is improving with little to no side effects.

The day prior to my appointment I grew a huge cyst on my chin. My derm offered to inject it with cortisone so I said OK. I've never had a cortisone injection so I didn't know what to expect. Today the cyst is completely flat, however still red. I now understand why some people seem obsessed with the cortisone injections, they really work fast. Other than my now deflated cyst I have no actives. My nose still has blackheads and at times my pores appear really large but I'm hoping in the next month this will get better.

Other than dry lips and dry skin patches on my face at times, I am having no other side effects.

Thanks for reading. Will update again soon.


Day 24 on 40mg/day

So the spots on my chin and jaw-line that exploded recently are nearly gone now. They are leaving behind some red spots. There are still some new spots coming up on my chin that are under the skin, but they don't hurt. The thick skin that was on my nose has now come off and taken a lot of the blackheads with it :P, this makes me very happy.

The oil production on my face and scalp is down to almost none :P . I can go up to 2 days without washing my hair if I want to. Before I needed to wash my hair what seemed like every 12 hours.

As for side effects my lips get dryer as the day goes on but I keep aquaphor close to hand. I have had no other headaches since first starting. My scalp is only mildly itchy and flakey. Other than my nose and the healing cyst/pimple spots my face is not that dry without lotion.

Thanks for reading.

Here's to getting clearer skin in the new year for everyone.


Day 21 on 40mg/day

So my skin has exploded. My jaw line and chin have about 15 large spots that hurt like a hell. Some of the spots are healing faster than others but overall my face looks like shit. My nose still has a lot of blackheads and layers of skin building on it. I've tried scrubbing but it only pills of skin and make my face raw, then the skin grows back thicker.

The red, swollen, lumpy areas are all gone now. I now have several areas of eczema on my arms. My hands look like shit from having to wash them every 5 seconds at work.

Other than my face and hands looking like shit I feel really good. I'm hoping this is the IB and my skin will really start clearing up.

I go to the derm next week and I think I am going to ask for my dose to be upped to 60mg/day in divided doses.

Until next time. Thanks for reading.


Day 16 on 40mg/day

Hi everyone,

The red, swollen, lumpy areas are much better. Face still itches pretty badly along with my scalp. Over the past couple of days I have gotten 8 new pimples, none of the cystic type. The cyst that's on my chin is still there but getting smaller.

Yesterday I decided to scrub my face in the shower with a washcloth and mild soap, bad idea. When I got out of the shower and looked in the mirror I was afraid my face was going to start bleeding. My forehead, nose, and cheeks were so raw looking. My face burned like a B!%#@. Needless to say I will NOT be doing that again for a while, or ever.

Over all my side effects are not too bad. My lips aren't that dry, my scalp is still dry and itchy, my face is only dry around my nose. I have noticed a big decrease in oil production :P .

That's all for now. Thanks for reading.


Hello again,

I have not written in a couple of days so here is a summary of what's been going on.......

Day 7 11/20/08 - The dryness cleared away but now I have the red, swollen, lumpy appearance to my fore head, between my eyes, on my eyelids and my cheekbones. These areas itch really badly, it almost looks like hive from an allergic reaction. I don't think it is though but I will keep and eye on it. During the night the 3 bullies on my jaw line decided to retreat and left behind only red marks :P . I did however have a spot on my cheek come up that was the left-overs of a cyst that I have about 2 months ago. It have to a head and was washed away during my shower that morning. The big bully on my chin is still there under the surface, hurting like a b!$%@. Had a really bad headache :P that night at work. I was really busy and I wasn't able to drink enough water. I had 3 bone marrow transplant patients, 2 of them getting blood and platelets, and 1 getting chemotherapy, that all makes for a very busy night. The headache slowly got better through the night after taking Advil and drinking a lot of water.

Day 8 - 11 - Not much changes. the red, swollen areas are getting worse. They hurt and itch at the same time. My derm prescribed me and steroid cream to apply to the dry areas when I got the tane script. I have been applying the cream twice a day without any relief of the redness, swelling or itching. My skin is not peeling anymore and not too dry. I have noticed the oil production in my face and hair decreasing greatly. My scalp it really itchy and starting to flake a bit.

Today Day 12 - 11/25/08 - The red, swollen, lumpy area is spreading down my face to my cheeks, jaw, and chin, still itches. Large cyst on my chin is still there under the surface, starting to redden a little. One new small bump on my nose. Skin and hair is defiantly less oily. Scalp is dry, itchy, and a little flakey. Overall I can defiantly tell the medication is doing its thing. I had a hard time finding a face wash that I could use that wouldn't burn my face, even the "gentle" cleansers burned it. I am now using Bare Minerals "RareMinerals Cleanser", which doesn't burn my face at all.

Here's wishing for a clear Christmas.

Thanks for reading.


So I took my 6th pill this am and around lunch my face started burning and was really tight feeling. When I looked in the mirror I couldn't believe how red and dry my skin was. My nose, around my mouth and my chin are all peeling. My lips are a little dry but not any more than usual. The weather has gotten really cold here so I think that may be partly to blame for the dry skin and not just the accutane.

Last night my face decided to grow 4 big bullies for the playground. I don't like bullies. 3 are clustered together on my right jaw line and the other is on my chin (it hurts the worst). The cyst that came up the other day seems to be retreating really fast and is almost flat, still really red though.

No other news to report. Thanks for reading.


Day 4 on 40mg/day

Hello Everyone,

So I finally started accutane on Nov. 14th. Today I took my 4th pill with breakfast. No side effects noted, not even dry lips. The day I started my skin was actually clear of any actives, other than blackheads and spots healing. The week before, while I was on vacation, I had a bad breakout on my chin with 8 large cyst, my skin seems to heal pretty fast so all that's left is red marks. I now have one large cyst on my right jaw line and some very small spots on my chin and forehead.

I am trying to drink plenty of H2O while on accutane, however it is difficult to do while I'm working. I work as a night (7pm to 7am) Oncology (cancer) nurse and sometimes can go an entire shift without eating or drinking. It's the busy season for hospitals especially oncology units, do to most of our patients not having immune system from chemotherapy to fight infections.

I will write again when there is more news to report.

Here's wishing everyone good luck with their acne struggles.


Hello to all,

Does anyone on accutane have tattoos? I was just wondering if the accutane effects the look and feel of tattoos. I have 2 tattoos and will be starting accutane in 3 weeks.

Good luck to everyone out there in the acne world during their quest for clear skin.



Hello any and all,

I am new to blogging but over the last couple of weeks I've been reading many on this site. Let me first thank everyone for there blogs and the help they provide. I am a 27 year old oncology nurse in Atlanta, GA. I have moderate acne of all types and decided about a month ago that I wanted to go on accutane.

So I made the derm appointment, which by the way I hate going to doctors, and asked to be put on accutane. The derm took one look at my naked skin (no makeup) and said ok. She was nice but she was a typical doctor and was only with me for about 4 minutes to briefly tell me about the side effects.

So after the doctor left the "nurse" came in and had me give a urine sample for my pregnancy test. The "nurse" gave me the iPLEDGE program booklet and had me fill out all the paperwork so she could enter me it the computer system. The "nurse" also gave me a lab form to get my blood work and blood pregnancy test completed before my next appointment. My initial appointment and pregnancy test was on Sept. 22 and today I went for the lab work, but prior to the lab work I call the derms office to make sure I was following the iPledge programs directions on getting the pregnancy test. Needless to say the "nurse" did not return my call until this evening around 530pm, no big surprise there. In speaking with the "nurse" I found out that she had not entered me in the iPledge programs database. So now because the "nurse" didn't do her job I have to postpone starting accutane another 30 days. Let me just say I am PISSED OFF :) about having to wait another month.

I have battled with acne and very oily skin since I was 11 years old. I am ready to risk all the side effects and have a chance at clearer and less oily skin. I know a month is not that long but when it's delayed because someone didn't take 5 minutes to do her job it annoys the hell out of me.

Here's hoping everyone is having a better start to their treatment.

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