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Day 5

Day 5

MY SKIN LOOKS TERRIBLE. I know that things are supposed to get worse before they get better, but its very depressing looking in the mirror (especially without makeup). I really pray that this works for me.



day 3

Day 3

So........................the peeling has already started to happen. All my red marks look AWFUL....and I have gotten a few new little ones....meaning like 10. I also picked! Gosh......I make a vow right now that I wont pick for one week, and we will see how my skin looks after that. I'm messing around with what I want to use in the morning with my routine. I started with Paula's choice 2% liquid (which i dont really like the consistency), and today I used a 8% glycolic acid lotion. If anyone has advice, I would love to hear it.

Anyone have any suggestions about the red marks???

I will keep everyone updated!!!!



So last night was night two of using retin-a .025.

Heres my condition: I have micro pimples all over my face...and a few inflamed pimples (but mostly the small pimples). I have tried antibiotics, proactiv, patricia wexler, over the counter benzyl peroxide, glycolic acid, tea trea oil...etc. I really want to get rid of this acne!

I started out 4 weeks ago using Green Cream level 6, but that was not strong enough for my skin...so i went to the doctor and she prescribed this. Im really having high hopes about this product, i think it will work with my skin type. Has anyone had success with retin-a? I will try to get some pictures of my acne on here as well to keep a true log!

I started breaking out after 2 weeks on green cream, and it has yet to subside. Im wondering if i will have another IB now that I moved up to a prescription level, of if it will just start to help.

Please o please let this work!

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