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Entry 1, day 2

Good morning children!

I'm new here, although I have been stalking various accutane-related blogs, articles and stories for quite some time now. Throughout highschool, I was the girl everyone loved to hate because I had perfect skin... no, really- it was perfect! Once I graduated and hit my late adolescence (19) and early 20's, I would have intermittent breakouts of severe cystic acne (face and body) followed by a year or so of relatively clear skin, but it never got back to 'perfect.'

When I was 19, my dermatologist immediately said, "Accutane." No antibiotics, no topicals, nothing- I wish I had listened to her then. I had no clue how bad my skin could (and would) get... I was so wrapped up in how the news painted Accutane as "the acne medication that made people kill themselves," that I was completely averse to even considering it.

Over the last 7 years, though, I've wished many times that I had a rewind button I could use to go back to that day in her office, fling my paper gown off and say, "yes! YES! Give it to me, I'm begging you!" (the accutane, that is :) heh heh)

Over the years, every time the cystic acne would come back it would be worse and more widespread than before. By the time I hit 26, I didn't recognize myself. So muchso, that I started not even acting like myself... I would walk with my head down, I wouldn't look people in the eye, I wouldn't make jokes and socialize or meet new people like I used to... and then I realized that my acne was chaging who I was. It's not just about the vanity- I wasn't comfortable in my own skin- literally and figuratively.

To make matters worse, one of my girlfriends who hadn't seen me in about a year asked me if I had been in a car wreck. That completely crushed me- and the worst part was, that when she saw me, my skin was looking better than it had in months! Literally a week later, a girl I work with asked me if I had ringworm on my face. (wtf!) I mean, I knew my skin was horrible, but I was trying my best to cover it up and treat it- Yaz BC, Doxycycline, Solodyn (at 2x the dose for my weight, even!), Differin, Clindamycin, Retin-A, Mupirocin- you name it, I was on it. But none of it worked, and eventually it just started getting worse. I felt like a monster, with a very sore face.

By the 8th month of antibiotics and topicals, even my derm told me that even light therapy wouldn't help (ouch!), and it was time to break out the big guns. Nope, not mine (this time, heh) so don't worry kids! The big guns in this case were whatever variant of Isotretinoin my insurance would pay for. :redface:

So here I am. And there you are, reading my blog. (which I do appreciate, as I very much love a captive audience)

I'm a 26-year-old female, approximately 105 lbs (closer to 100, I think?), 5'1" and started 40mgs of Accutane (Claravis) yesterday (9 Oct).

I don't know how soon most other people experience side effects or differences in their skin, so I hope I'm not imagining things or experiencing a placebo effect; but within an hour of taking my first pill yesterday, my skin on my face and arms started to tingle and got a bit itchy, even.

Within about 5 hours, the huge cyst/abscess/questionable lesion on my forehead started to peel... but not like it normally does- when it peels, it's always wet, infected looking skin underneath (gross, I know), but yesterday when it peeled, the skin was dry and normal-looking underneath, and a lot of whiteheads and those sorts of things came out of it. Oh gross, but... Oh hell yes!

My forehead-orafice has been residing with me since late January of this year and has been a source of strife and the reason behind much 'creative cosmetic concealment' technique developments since then... imagine how exciting it was for me to finally see some progress, after almost a year of failure with everything else that was 'supposed' to work.

Wait, you guys don't have to imagine- you already understand... we're all in in the same boat! So grab a paddle, kids... it looks like we're in this together. I'm sure sometimes there with be rough waters, and other times we'll feel like we're up shit's creek... but I think if we stick to it (and together), that in the end we're gonna have some smooth sailing. :D

Welll, this concludes my lengthy introduction. Leave a comment, introduce yourself, and let's get this show on the road!


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