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Ok, so lately my skin has been breaking out like crazy. :) I recently (a week ago) stopped using Duac and I guess my skin has been breaking out in cysts and bumps. So I decided since I have semi-senesitive skin, I would quit all chemicals and harsh cleansers. Just 4 days ago I started using Cetaphil and putting it on after as a moisturizer as well. Its too soon to tell any difference but I really hope it does.

Right side: A ton of cysts and clogged pores.

Left side: 2 cysts so far and even more clogged pores

Nose: Many tiny clogged pores

Forhead: NOt alot but some clogged pores.

Wish me Luck! Im hoping in 3 weeks I will have a big improvment in my skin. :D

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