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Ok so I think the IB has begun...I have alot of new things coming up. None fo them have white heads which is good cause it keeps me from popping them. Right now my face looks like a mess and I'm still peeling all over then place...ugh.

Side effects: Dry eyes like crazy but I got some drops and they help but I feel like I have to use them all the time. Lips: They are not really dry, they have changed but I dont know what to call it... they are alittle plumper and more red... to tell you the truth I kinda like them. Although I constantly have aquaphor with me, but I was addicted to that before I started sotret.

I'm going home this weekend so I plan on sitting around with no makeup on with hopes that my face will clear up.


Day 12/13 I think...

My face is falling off... Ok not literally but sometimes i think it might. Here is a weird little bit of advise... instead of using my fingers to get off the dead skin on my face (ok i know gross) i use twisers. It's alot easier to get all that skin off.

Side effects: The one that is killing me right now is the dry eyes. I think it is even effecting my vision... i usually only waer my glasses while reading but I'm haveing to wear them all the time now... SUCK


The title of this says it all. I'm so excited today casue when i got out of the shower this morning i looked at my face and was so pleased i just put mascara and moisturizer on!!!!! OMG i have not done that is such a long time. By no means is my skin perfect but right now i really only have a few red spots from previous breakouts. What a good day!!!! I hate wearing make-up.

IB.... i know it's are coming but i just wish it would stay away.


day 8!!!!!

Everything on my face is drying up quite nicely nothing too bad to speak of yet. I know the day is coming... I'm also not really haveing any side effects anymore!!!! Although today was beautiful so i sat outside for a bit to study and I got real red, which never happens I usually tan... suck.

Question: Can you dye your hair while on accutane? If anyone knows let me know, its about time to get some highlights.


day 6 and all is good!

This is not too bad...my face is drying out like crazy. Lotion in the morning and at night and some throughout the day. I can deal with that as long as nothing new comes up on my face... we will see...

On another note... this whole not drinking thing really sucks. I went out with some friends last night and sitting there while everone else is enjoying a drink or two... not fun. Oh well soon enough.

Onward I go!


So day 4 and I'm actualy lookings pretty good... not too dry yet. To tell you the truth I'm really looking forward to my hair being not so oily. I have read on other people's blogs that they could go days without washing their hair... can't wait for that day. Nothing new has come up on the face but I feel like it's the calm before the storm, I know it's coming.

Side effects: Today my lower back was hurting but I dont know if it's the sotret or the fact that I sat in class for 5 hours...ugh.

the end of the road is so far away...


Day 3 is it working?

Ok so I don't know how fast this is going to work with me, but I'm thinking it might be fast since I'm on such a high dose. I have no new cysts but the ones I did have before starting are still there and not going away... bah.

Side effects: headaches like crazy and I'm so tired, which is not good since I'm in nursing school and have to study. I woke up this morning and around my nose was dry but nothing a little lotion can't fix. OMG but the iching has got to stop... if you have ever had poison ivy then you know what kind of iching I'm talking about. Has this happened to anyone else? Dry eyes, not bad enough for drops though.

I'm really nervous about the getting worse before it gets better... ugh I do not want it to get worse. On to day 4!!!!!


Day 2.5

Ok so I'm on day 2 and a half because I got the med in the afternoon. I'm a 22 year old college student totally frustrated with this face of mine. The doc put me on 40mg two times a day. I have been going to the dermo for a few years now and I feel like I have tried everything, I'm really hopeful with accutane.

So far I haven't seen any results and I didn't really expect to. As far as side effects go my eyes have been way dry and I have had headaches off and on. From what I understand drinking water would fix that, although I'm not a water drinker...humm that could be a challenge.

Well stayed tuned for more great stories of my sotret adventure.

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