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It's kinda like day 3, but anyway.

I guess I should probably start by explaining a little bit about my self. Spots are in my genes, nothing cystic or anything like that. Clogged pores and a few pimples, plus a mild bacne at its worst.

So basically, as i've got a summer holiday of 14 weeks, I thought, shove off acne, i'm not having you anymore. To be honest, before, I only really cared if I had a massive spot and would then proceed to squeeze and would just leave it. I used to spend 20 minutes in the bathroom squeezing everything out every night. Call it obsessive but in a way it was enjoyable, and I thought, beneficial.

But now, i've realised there couldn't be anything worse.

So I made a pact to myself to sort out my spots over the Summer.

Here goes my plan:

To completely stop picking unless in extreme emergencies.

To use a decent cleaning regimen

To have a good diet with lots of exercise

With my overall aim to having 90%-99% clear skin by the time I start a college, a fresh start, literally and physically.

So far, i've got rid of that 20 minutes a night thing, haven't done it for a few weeks, since I started GCSE's actually.

My cleaning regimen,

thus consists of:

On an average day:

Morning: Clearasil soap wash, then a Clearasil deep soaking thing which you leave on your skin and then apply rescue cream to the red areas/where a cut/scab is.

I do nothing on my back in the morning, which is probably a bad idea so I will have to start.

Then in the evening, I have a bath everynight, in which I don't use normal soap bars at all, all i'm doing is on alternate days, applying a tea tree face mask on my afflicted areas, then take it off, get in the bath, wash with clearasil stuff as usual, then I use a neutrogena blackhead remover.

For my bacne, I just use the clearsil stuff and neutrogena blackhead remover.

If theres a particularly red or cut area, I apply salt to it. However, I no longer get any big spots on my back and the red areas have gone significantly down.

I think the main cause of my bacne was my constanty picking at it in bed before I went to sleep, I've completely stopped this.

Anyway, when I get out of the bath, an hour later I apply the deep cleaning cleanser, then another hour later I apply rescue cream to any red areas. Perhaps salt if it's particularly bad.

I'm also occasionally using an oatmeal face pack and am about to start trying an egg white one as i've heard thats its very good, i'll do this a couple of times a week, I guess that's a good amount.

I'm also going to phone up a beautician tomorrow when I get back from London to book a facial.

In relation to other things, my hair is almost annoyingly clean, even if I don't wash it for a couple of days it still shines almost perfectly. I don't smoke, have stopped drinking and don't do drugs. I even use clean towels for every bath I have.

In relation to diet,

I'm having my 5 a day, I'm having 8-9 glasses of water a day. I have an omega fish oil supplement once per day and am trying to get hold of some applecidervinegar.

I wake up, have an oatmeal breakfast, with apply juice and an orange. The rest of the day goes similarly healthy to that.

I rarely eat sweets anyway, and haven't for a week, I never eat junk food and haven't eaten chocolate for a week, which hasn't been so pleasant as i love the stuff. I also don't eat crisps.

I guess that's about it, one thing I've really found thats helping me out is being happy! I'm normally a happy person anyway, very socially active etc(which is the main reason I want rid of this fricken' skin now)

Seriously, being happy really does seem to clear my skin up, or maybe I'm just looking at it differently in the mirror? Either way, i'm happy with that.

What I found helped was playing guitar, I'm aware thats not really an option or interest for anyone, but a hobby really seems to help.

lots of love


and no, I never wear hats.

I forgot about exercise, well basically I play a lot of tennis anyway, go skiing every year if not more and am a keen cycler when I have a bike(which atm I don't).

But anyway, I thought, as tennis doesn't really count as its more leisure I thought starting an exercise regimen would be a good idea.

It's basically, do sit ups and press ups everyday and go for a jog twice a week for about 2 miles in ten minutes until my fitness improves. I'm already quite well developed physically so i'm hoping this should all pay off well, in terms of body and skin.

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