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Things have been good.

My lips got a lot better immediately after stopping treatment. My lips aren't quite back to normal yet but I apply lip balm about 3 times a day as opposed to 2 or 3 times an hour while on accutane.

My feet sometimes make clicking noises and one foot gets stiff if I run on it, but it's not at all painful. The foot stiffness is slowly fading, I feel it will return to normal over the coming months as long as I don't put too much strain on it like by excessive running.

So the negative side effects have almost gone, but they are taking a while to disappear completely.

The condition of my skin is great! I feel I have a normal level of oiliness in my skin. I have had a few "imperfections" but they are so minor they are laughable. I haven't had a real zit or pimple since I can't even remember. I feel a lot more confident now.

For me the I have found accutane very useful, it was really hard work to deal with the side effects, but the happiness I am now enjoying, being acne free, is close to priceless.



I have decided to stop taking accutane.

I have moved country. I stopped taking the drug a week ago. I feel pretty confident with everything, my lips are slowly returning to normal, one foot feels funny to run on, but joint stiffness is slowly fading.

I will update more later.


Day 160, accutane

No dramas over the last 10 days.

No acne.

I went for a run the other day. It went well, although my left foot felt a little strange after the first kilometer or so. I ran about 5 kilometers and felt pretty good, I've been keeping active over the last 3 months, but due to the stiffness in my feet I haven't been exercising as I otherwise would (this is my biggest complaint with accutane).

Since the run about 5 or 6 days ago my feet have been a lot stiffer. They aren't as bad as a few months ago but I would predict that they will remain this stiff for the last two months of my treatment. I intend to join a gym and start swimming within the month, so I will begin to get back in shape soon, and hopefully as soon as my feet feel better I'll be able to hit the ground running, so to speak.

So, it's more clock watching than hard work for me over the next two months.


Day 150, accutane

One hundred and fifty bitches!

All is good, no acne what-so-ever since last post. Skin on my nose is good too. I have a good strong tan as well due to other medication, other than dry lips I have no bad side effects.

My feet feel good, I notice stiffness every once in a while but it goes within 30secs of walking. I have decided to start running again soon if I think it feels safe.

I went to a water park the other day. Due to past acne on my back and chest I haven't done anything like that since I was 14. I was amazed how many young guys have body acne. I notice a lot of people these days with skin a lot worse than mine. I find myself wondering how these people feel about their appearance. The guys body acne at the pool blew my mind, I was never comfortable to expose my acne in public like that.

It's funny how people feel about their appearance, and how it effects them. My inability to overcome the psychological effects of my acne during my teens, and the greater part of my 20's, has cost me immensely. There are so many opportunities, so many things I wanted, things I wanted to do, that I walked away from primarily because of acne. It is all compounded by the fact that it has happened through such a vital time in my life when opportunities and experiences are so important, they serve to teach and lead to more opportunities, now my development as a person is some-what stunted in growth. I have read of how acne can make you "stronger on the inside", but for me it was such a negative experience.

I read in these forums of how some people believe accutane to be too risky, but I guess that's relative to how mentally destructive acne is for the particular individual. I notice in this forum people being very passionate against accutane due to being ill effected by accutane and sharing this opinion, and then people who defend accutane with equally strong vigor. Maybe it comes down to how passionately one hates acne. To people who don't like accutane, acne may just not be as hard to deal with. Personally when I hear people bad mouth accutane it does feel like they are down-playing the evils of acne and effectively siding with my number one enemy. There is no "too risky" when it comes to fighting acne for me (I'm exaggerating for effect).

Once again I wrote a whole bunch, I often mean to just write a little every 10 days as a personal journal to chart progress.... and I just go on and on.

Overall, writing down my thoughts on acne and progress on acne medication has been very helpful. This journal serves as a tool to address and help work through the negative thoughts and emotions that are so much a part of my acne condition.


Day 140, Roaccutane

God damn, 10 more days already. I swear time goes so fast these days.

My feet aren't as sore these days, almost back to normal, but I haven't been doing any running, just to be safe. I seem tired a lot, but I don't know if it's the meds, or my current life style.

The large lump on my neck is pretty much gone, still a very small hard whitish lump, you wouldn't see if unless you knew it was there.

The other lump at the back of my neck really annoys me these days so I put a small plaster over it every morning. Probably this makes my neck look even stranger and people always question it. My long time suffering with acne has made me a little crazy and I find the plaster less embarrassing than a large exposed zit.

I have come to accept that the lump on my neck is permanent, I have to wait till I finish accutane to have it cut out. So I'll be using sticking plasters on my neck for about 4 more months.

Other than that my skin is great. I haven't had any pimples in weeks if not months except for the one freakish thing on my neck a few weeks ago. My nose is making steady progress and now looks pretty good most of the time.

I pealed a lot of dry skin off my nose yesterday, it felt strange the day before that. After I pealed off the skin my nose pores looked nice and clean, my nose was a little red for an hour or so but it was good. I hadn't had any dry or flaky skin since I started accutane, the medication seemed to make me oilier than usual at first, then went to a normal range of oiliness. Before accutane I would squeeze at my nose a lot and even though my skin was oily I would also get peeling skin from over washing and picking at it. It looked like shit.

It was nice to get a reminder of the past like that to let me know how much progress I have made on this medication. I felt going in to this accutane course there was a lot of "can't do this, can't do that", but overall it's made my skin really low maintenance and given me so much more freedom.


Day 130, Roaccutane

That went fast. I don't visit this site as often now, makes the 10 daily post seem closer together.

So ... things are all about the same.

Although, a few days ago I started developing a large lump on the side of my neck. It's acne of some type, it's not "normal" acne for me. Looks and feels more like an insect stung me. It hurt like hell for two days, it's much better today but it'll probably take at least a week, maybe two, to get back to normal. Freaky.

My feet are still stiff. I thought they were getting better, but they are pretty much the same, but it's mainly when I get up in the morning, or get my ass off the couch. This annoys me because I can't run or exercise like I would like to, but I don't feel medically at risk or like accutane is trying to kill me.

No other noticeable bad side effects other than dry lips, lip balm sorts them right out, they don't bleed or anything, just look chapped.


Day 120, Roaccutane

So I went to see my dermatologist for the 3rd time a few days ago.

I need to take one more blood test in one month. I have only had 3 blood tests, this will bring the total to 4 blood tests, the derm said unless there is a problem with this blood test I don't need to have any more.

The dermatologist said I didn't have to see him again unless I wanted to. I told him I have a strange cyst on my hair line at the back of my head that won't go away. He said he can cut it out, but after I finish taking accutane in 4 months. He said to stay on tane for another 4 months and it should cure my acne forever ..... stop now, and it may return a little.

Skin wise I haven't had any acne for a while now, and my skin seems to have a normal level of oil. The progress has been steady, my derm showed me the photo he took 3 months ago, and that was amazing to see the progress, I had no "acne" but my skin was comparatively oily and far less healthy looking.

I had a friend from my home town come visit last week, I hadn't seem him for about a year. He didn't say anything about my skin, but I could tell from his behavior he was amazed by the overall improvement in my appearance, sure helped my self esteem. We both come from a much cooler climate so now for the first time a have a tan which also helps. My friend is a good looking guy, he's always had perfect skin that's been a healthy olive color even though he has blond hair and blue eyes, it was funny to hear him be self conscious when he compared my more muscular arms to his own and pointing out his "farmers tan".


Day 110, Roaccutane

Time for my 10 daily update.

Since last post my lips have healed. The splits in both corners of my mouth stayed split for about a month, it sucked. Big sandwiches, smiling, lemon juice .... you can imagine, it sucked hard. All of a sudden, overnight, they healed.

I got sick of the mild blackheads on my nose and used a pore cleansing strip, like a sticking plaster thing. Over the next few days the pores on my nose seemed worse, oily, like the skin was over compensating for the assault. But now, one week on, my nose is looking good. 3 or 4 days ago it went through that strange process of small white granule things coming from my nose pores and I could just scratch them off with my finger nail. But anyway, people on accutane will know what I mean, but my nose looks really good now, so.....

It is super humid where I live so it's hard to tell if my skin is dry, it seems perfectly normal, but it's hard to tell with the sweat. This is my first summer in such a humid place, I used to live in a much colder drier climate, but my skin was always much worse when it was humid, so I conclude the medication it working well. I don't use moisturizer, as a gauge for how dry it isn't.

So my lips are much better and my nose is good (inside and out) but my feet are super stiff. I am happy with the results of the medication, at the present time the only major sacrifice I'm having to make is not being able to run like I used to.


Day 100, Roaccutane

Since last post my skin has been really good. My skin has been the best it has ever been since I was 12 or 13.

My nose which is the last bit of skin on my body that isn't perfectly acne free is almost there. Every 10 days when I post a new entry here it is slightly better than the last time, to look at my nose it looks good and normal, it's only after 2 or 3 days of late nights, too many beers, and not showering does it look kinda crap, but that's what one would expect of "normal" good skin, so it's all good really.

My body is perfectly acne free and the other drug I take "melanotan 2" has given me (in my opinion) perfect skin. The color and texture is so good, I walk around with no shirt when it is hot, and this is something I could not have imagined possible as little as 3 months ago, truly a medical miracle.

Bad sides, my lips in the corners of the mouth, where the top and bottom lips meet, they are cracked and won't heal, one cracked 20 days or more ago, and the other side followed about 10 days ago and they show no signs of healing.

So all in all I'm super happy with the results so far.


Day 90, Roaccutane

Yeah, once again, the progress is slow and steady. From what I can guess my skin is ever so slightly better than 10 days ago.

I haven't had any pimples, except for maybe 3, in the past 20 days. They were so small i scratched them off , the marks they left was gone by the next day, crazy small. My nose, the thing that annoys me the most is much better than when I started. When I see my nose in an "honest "mirror during the day it looks completely normal. At night when I get up close to the mirror under super bright lighting I can still find slight flaws and clogged blackhead pores because I am a crazy person.

My body, chest, back, upper arms is completely free of any type of acne or blackheads. My body acne, apart from my nose, was the thing that really fucked up my self esteem. I felt is was really weird, and I couldn't bare to let anybody see it, so I always wore clothing that hid it. I couldn't go swimming or wear a singlet if it was hot, or even walk around the house with no shirt after a shower. Now I can go swimming, wear whatever I want not having to hide anything, it really is so liberating, I can't begin to explain how great that is.

As for my other drug venture ..... melanotan 2 is pretty good, I went fishing last week and spent a lot of time in the sun, I got a little burnt one day due to some unpredictable circumstances, but it cleared up by the next day, and my forehead (the part that was burnt) was just tanned. So it's working out well. I am not sensitive to the sun like I used to be, which gives me a lot more freedom to do as I please during the sunnier days. Only problem is when i scar the scar goes a browner color ,like is is full of pigment, like a freckle color, so my lips, if they get chapped and split when I pick at them, the crack then turns to a brown line which doesn't look good, i have 3 brown lines on my lower lip.


Day 80, Roaccutane

It's been one of the roughest weeks for side effects.

The crack in the corner of my mouth is taking a long time to heal. It's getting better, but it's painfully slow. I got an infected finger about two weeks ago. Ussually an injury like that would be improving within 3 days and completly fixed in about a week, but it is really annoying waiting for it to heal.

I have also started to get odd pains in my feet and the rest of my body feels still if I rest for a while, then it takes 5 or 10mins to loosen up again, it's a little concerning so I have cut back any exercise this week. I had been doing a fair bit of exercise in preparation for limited activity due to accutane making joints stiff so ...... it's all just annoying with wounds not healing and not being able to do stuff I ussually could , but all in all, I would have been prepared to go to even greater lengths to rid my skin of acne ... so it's a fair trade.


Day 70, Roaccutane

If my math is right, I've finished 10 weeks.

Same old, same old, my skin is really good right now. I had a really large cyst on my back, I thought it was an insect bite at first, I got bitten in about 10 different places, but turns out one bite was really a huge zit. I also have a smaller cyst on my bottom lip near the corner of my mouth, it

is almost gone now after 3 days. That single zit is by a crack my lips, right in the corner, the combination of the crack and zit is a little uncomfortable, but it's not hugely noticeable to look at, so I guess that's good.

Other than a single crack in the corner of my lip, my lips are fine, I apply lip balm regularly and have no other trouble with them.

So all my blackheads have cleared, apart from a few on my nose, but it is steadily getting clearer. Where I live is tropical humid so I also have had no problems with my skin getting too dry. Usually when the weather is humid my skin is worse, I think the combination of the accutane and the humid weather is a perfect combination.

I have new information to add. I find a lot of these blogs and posts are very similar, but I have some relatively unique information that is skin related, so I'll share it now.

I don't fell comfortable recommending this to other people, but I have been experimenting with melanotan 2 for 2 weeks now. I inject 0.5mgs into myself once a day and my skin has gone a healthy "tanned" color. I live in a really sunny place, I wear sunscreen always, I am pale and burn easily without accutane. I was concerned with accutane making my skin even more sun sensitive I would be burned too badly, so I thought I'd try melanotan to boost my pigment production.

So far, so good, but I still think it's a risky decision.


Day 60, Roaccutane

Last ten days went by fast.

Not a lot of change in skin from last update.

Had two cyst like zits on my back and they seem to stay for ages, like 2 weeks, but only two, so I'm not that bothered by it.

My face doesn't have any pimples anymore, but my skin is still quite oily and clogged on my nose. My nose, it is improving slowly, it really isn't that bad, but there is room for improvement in my opinion.

I cut my lip on tin foil on chewing gum packaging during the week, my lips are otherwise easily managed by lip balm, but the cut seems to not want to heal very fast. The other side effect I have noticed is my nose gets blocked up with boogers that have a lot of blood in them, my nose doesn't bleed, but there is a lot of dry blood to pick out of there. The blood bogeys seemed to have lessened over the last few days.

So it's all pretty good, I look forward to the end of next month, as I had guessed after 3 months there would be a significant change in my skin.

Till next time.


Day 50, Roaccutane

Some progress to report.

My skin is only a little better than at 40 days, so progress, but not as dramatic as the first month, I'm very happy.

I found a smaller cyst zit on my back yesterday, usually they are larger, but thats the only active other than a really small pimple on my shoulder. I have been sweating like crazy due to the weather and exercise, so those two zits on my back could have been brought on by that.

My nose still has a lot of blackhead, blocked pore action going on, but it's not as bad as before accutane. I suspect I think my nose is worse than it really is due to all my other skin looking really good at the moment. My nose has always bothered me in the past, and seemed to be very stubborn, I'm not surprised it is taking longer to see the desired improvement, but at 50 days there is still plenty of time for it to come right, I'm optimistic.

Sided effects, only slightly dry lips, no worse than the first few weeks. I think because it is ultra humid in the extreme where I live that dryness as a side effect is reduced to almost nothing. The drug is almost too easy for me so far, my biggest concern is avoiding alcohol and other drugs while on accutane, because it feels like I'm not on accutane at all.

That is all for now.


Day 40, Roaccutane

I have really been enjoying taking 40mgs a day, I take 20mgs twice, last month I took 20mgs once a day. It feels like I'm moving really fast now, before it felt like I was moving slow through the medication. Overall I don't notice the side effects, my lips are dry, but I apply carmex lip balm regularly, my lips are still in great condition. I feel tired a lot, but I don't think it's all to do with the meds. My eyes feel tired, but I think that's because of the drying effect of accutane, it's a little confusing, I feel a little more tired and my eyes feel like they are physically telling me to rest .... but it's cool.

The condition of my skin is improving like crazy. I hoped I would see fast results, but it's almost too good to believe. I felt the first month of only 20mgs would make my treatment a long one. After 40 days my forehead is perfect, it was never very bad, but far from how clear it is now, no cloged pores or enlarged pores or spots of any kind, smooth like crazy. My body has cleared a lot too, no pimples... and the clogged blackhead pores that were once soo numerous are about 90% gone. I couldn't be happier with the progress so far. I have oily skin on my nose, and there are still clogged pores there, but it has shown signs of progress, I truly believe it won't be long before I see big result there too.

Anyway, that's all for now, good news so far.


Day 30, Roaccutane

I went and had a blood test a few days ago, and went to see the dermatologist this afternoon. He thought my skin was looking really good already and referred to it as "clear". I had a few pimples on my back, but he said they were sweat pimples, and I had been doing a lot of physical activity in the sun today, so makes sense. The first 3 weeks my skin seemed quite oily, but over the last week it's really been looking pretty good.

He upped my dose to 20mg twice a day, from 20mg once a day and said the side effects will become more pronounced. Till now I haven't noticed alot of side effects, my lips a little drier than usual, but nothing like a was bracing for, perhaps now on twice the dose and a month to work into my system ..... avoiding the sun is hard, I go through a lot of sunscreen.

But anyway, all is good, progressing well, and the dermatologist said my course will only be 7 months not 9 because my progress over the first month has been so good.

Best of luck to others out there, and I hope you can pull some useful info out of my blog.


Day 20, Roaccutane

Same old same old,

Dosage 20mgs a day.

Condition of skin? About the same as normal. My skin seems a little more oily on my face, but nothing out of the ordinary. My body was really good until yesterday, I had a few really bit cystic zits like 5 or 6 over the 18 day period, and a couple of days where I had like 10 really small whiteheads between my pecs, then yesterday I took my shirt and the same thing was happening, looked like I had measles or something. I'm pleased for it to be getting worse, as then I'll know the drugs are starting to work. Get the party started.

Side effects. None that I can notice other than dry lips, but I use lip balm about 10 times and they actually feel better than ever, I usually don't look after my lips well, if at all. I also wash and use moisturizer and sunscreen, so no troubles there either.


Day 10, Roaccutane

Hi, day 10 already. The first few days seemed like forever, but now things are flying along.

Dose : 20mg once a day with food

Side effects : Over the last two days my lips have begun to dry, a sign things are working.

Skin Condition : Not a lot of change, luckily my skin was bad a week before I started taking accutane and now I'm going through what would normally be a clear skin phase, but the drug isn't giving me a break out as of yet, but it is early days. I think the low dose makes it super easy to handle.

To conclude, all is well.


Day 1 , Roaccutane


I discovered this web site about a month ago. I found it really informative and motivating. I appreciated all the information I found posted by other people and thought I would post too in hope it would be useful to some one else. Some one similar, similar age, gender, etc.

I am 28ish, Male, and have acne, and have since I was 14. Half my life.

My acne is not nearly as bad as most the photos I have found on this web site, But it bothers me. Part of my way of coping with my acne is ignoring it. I occasionally look for information on the internet and decide not to see a doctor. Combining factors have slowed any progress of asking for help. Acne is a taboo subject, especially for men.

My parents didn't want me to take medication as a teenager for my acne. My younger brother had very bad acne as a teen, he took accutane and every other drug, but all the "warnings" they provide with the drugs scared my parents, therefore, it was never an option for me.

My face acne has varied over the 14 years, worst at 14, slightly improving every year till about 23 where it seemed to plateau. I also developed chest and back acne at 15 which I found the most traumatic. I thought my acne would only be a teenage thing and gone by 21 at the latest. I finally seeked advice from my doctor at 24, he prescribed an oral antibiotic which slightly helped my body acne over 5 months, then no further improvement. I felt slightly better for it, but not cured, and still very self conscious about my body acne.

Over the years my acne has held me back from doing many things, and made me very unhappy at times. It has impaired my ability to form relationships with women, and stopped me doing a lot of other social things I would have done otherwise. The depth of the psychological pain can not be expressed in words, it is all day, every day. My acne is a genuine problem.

At 14 I had about 10 - 40 pimples on my face at a time

15 about 5- 20 at a time

16 same

17 same

18 5 to 10 at a time sometimes more

19 5 to 10 at a time sometimes more

20 same again

21 same again

22 5 to just a few, but I would have major break outs every couple of months.

As you can see the years just seemed to keep on going, but the number represent "large" pimples, I would also have smaller pimples as well which in comparison didn't bother me. My skin is also constantly bad, and always oily with many clogged pores. I have uneven red skin on my face too.

I have body acne as well, always 20 - 40 large red pimples and blackheads too. When i was on antibiotics at 24, the body acne lessened but still oily blackheads all over and 3 - 20 pimples at a time.

I finally made an appiontment with a dermatologist recently, I didn't go "through" a doctor, I found a number in a phonebook, and just called.

I hoped he would prescribe roaccutane, from what i read it seemed to be the most powerful acne drug available. I was prepared for him to say NO, as in past experiences I found doctors didn't want to use anything, unless they had to. I think it helped I had used antibiotics and every other over the counter acne treatment. He had no problem with me using the drug, and was really understanding with how much my acne bothered me.

I am starting the drug today and will post progress over the next few months.

I hope the drug works for me and any information I can pass on will be of help to others.

If you have a concern, no matter how minor, see a skin specialist, don't wait another day.

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