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Day 17

Since last night Rodney has popped.....(which is weird cos never have any of my cysts developed a head....but I cant grumble) and is clearing slightly.

My face is a bit of a mess...and dry, and my lips are really sore. But it'll all be worth it in the end....wont it?


Day 14....

It's been almost a week gone since the last post and my face is a mess.

My lips are as dry as Hell, my face is dry as Hell, and I have the most hideous spots on my chin...

All in all, not a good day...It's gotten to the point where I dont want anyone looking at my face...

I hope it gets better!



Day 8 - Happy Go Lucky

I'm happy today. :) It's only been 8 days, and I completely dont expect to see results until the end of the cycle, but i'm happy all the same.

My spots on my chin are worse today, and Rodney seems to be getting bigger. But the positives are that they will get worse before better, so I can put up with it!

My joints were alright last night, I'm starting to think that maybe it was due to too much excercise which would make it worse. Plus i've not had to take any paracetamol for my sore head today.

My lips are starting to get dry, it's a weird kind of dry, it's like they are tight and they kind have become....thicker (if you understand me) but i'm applying my Lip Treatment religiously.

My face is slightly dry but only over the breakout area on my chin, but i've moisturised this morning and will at night and that's taking care of that just now.

The only weird and annoying thing is my scalp beggining to get dry and itch, and i feel i'm irritated more. But i'm looking forward having a few days off washing hair.

Bring it on! :D


Here I am again, for another moan! :angel: I hope that Roaccutane will work because i'm feeling very sorry for myself! :redface:

First things first I decided to name the new cyst Rodney. I have no idea why, just Rodders seemed like a nice name to me! :) So Rodders it is.

So it begins:

Side Effect Numero Uno: Rodders has joined the chinny chin chin party :evil: and is being a pain in the arse...correction - a pain in the chin at the moment, sore just isnt the word. Thanks Rodders!

Ontop of that though....

Side Effect Numero Dos: My joints are completely aching. 2 nights ago I just put the aching joints down to the fact that I was tired and thought that my cold was on it's last legs but my cold has completely gone and last night my elbow and knee joints were (and still are) agony. I was finding it so hard to sleep because I couldnt get confortable either... :D

Which doesnt help.....

Side Effect Numero Tres: I'm ABSOLUTELY Knackered!

Which doesnt help....

Side Effect Numero Quatro: My head has constantly been sore for the last 3 days now.

You get the jist! :redface: But ontop of that My eyes are really really dry, and my scalp is getting itchy and dry. My face is slightly dry but nothing that a bit of Dermalogica cant fix. I'm noticing that my lips are beggining to dry too, but i'm trying to control that with some Dermalogica Climate control lip Treatment. So fingers crossed.


Day 6 and my skin has gone to hell.... :D as mentioned in my previous entry my "Small" cyst which was developing on my face has now taken over my chin (which is agony) and joined Steve and Nigel's party :redface: on my chin along with a few other party members. Joy of Joys!

So now there is one big problem, this mite has no name, he's definately a male (or a very big butch female which puts a spanner in the works...) and I thought of a few:





Send your answers on a stamped addressed postcard! (Or leave me a comment with any suggestions)

OK so it seems the side effects are starting already:

I'm having headaches and I am TOTALLY knackered (really struggling to get out of bed), I have a little dry skin by my nose, I want to eat everything in sight :redface::angel: and my eyes are quite dry and it's only day 6....what fun to look forward too! I also dont know wether this is relevant but my scalp is becoming quite itchy too. That's just today though!

I try to take a lighthearted approach to things, but who know's how I will feel in a few weeks. :)



Day 2 and I'm totally Knackered....Might have something to do with staying up most of the night to type my boyfriend's (king of everything last minute) CV for a job interview he has today. :redface:

I dont seem to be noticing the side effects, But then again, it's only been 2 days....I dont expect to see anything drastic so soon so.... :D

I still have a stinking cold though, sniffing and coughing everywhere and a sore head which is being calmed with a dose of Paracetamol. I have a small cyst coming up on my chin under the skin, so i'm trying not to touch it and hope that it goes away. My eyes are feeling slightly dry, but I suffer from dry eyes when i'm tired plus I wear contact lenses so that always contributes to dry eyes. I always carry drops with me anyways so i'm prepared for that.

I usually swear by and LOVE LOVE LOVE Dermalogica products, so i'm going to pop in to see my beautician at some point to dicuss what would be best for my skin whilst on Roaccutane. Does anyone else use Dermalogica products? And if so what moisturiser etc works best for you? :)


After reading all the "side effects" :angel: on the leaflet in the box, and reading them to my boyfriend (To tell him if I get violent :evil: or suicidal :redface: then he has to tell me to stop taking them! :evil: ) it took me ages to pluck up the courage to take them but I managed and 30mg's then went down the hatchet.

So obviously nothing yet.... :redface: I have a stinking cold, but that's down to denial of coming from a hot country to here and still wearing next to nothing....Whoops! :D Clever me! :)

Till next time.



So, Here I am. I have never left a blog before. i have always done something and wished I had kept a blog so that I could look back and smile over it (or not, depending on how well things go :redface: ) and so I thought now was the operative time to start a blog.

I have never had any problem with spots. As a teenager my skin was almost always clear (apart from one time at 14 where I got this one HUGE spot right in the middle of my nose, and I accumulated the name Rhino for a while - I look back and laugh now, but at the time it was pretty traumatic!).

At the age of 24 was where it all began. I suddenly got this huge hard Cyst on my chin under the skin, and it got bigger and bigger and harder and harder. There was nothing to do as I couldnt pop it, so it just sat there. It was about an 2cm in length and width and to me it was very noticable. Somedays it would be red and somedays not. Me and my boyfriend nicknamed him "Steve" the spot :D (He was that big he deserved a name as by this point he's been there for about a month and I always tend to look to laughter to cover how i'm feeling, so that seemed fitting). After Steve arrived on the scene there were a few Sue's and Shaun's and even Simons, they came and went, but nothing was shifting Steve. I went to and from the doctors and tried everything from Toothpaste to Anti-biotics. But Steve is a stubborn fella! :redface:

I saw Doctors, Dermatologists and even Plastic surgeons over the past 2 years. I have changed my diet and lost 4 stone in weight and I drink at least 2 litres of water a day in the hope that I would get rid of him. Even though Steve has gone down a little, I still feel he is there, It seems to be loose skin where he was. But since having Steve, he seems to be having a party :angel: with all his little friends on my chin and brought along another cyst of similar size called Nigel (dont ask why Nigel, it just made me laugh)...I know i've been paranoid for a while now and have developed a habbit of touching my chin (Who with acne doesnt?). but to no avail, Steve and his new best mate Nigel are still hanging around with their little tag alongs!

I can get by with make-up to an extent, but sometimes this makes it worse, and going on holiday in Spain last month helped my skin, but coming back to gorgeous Scottish weather has just gone back to the norm. By all means I know my acne is no where near as bad as some people have to suffer, however I'm finding it hard after going from having no problems to having spots all the time.

So now the Dermatologist has prescribed me 30mg Roaccutane which I am to start today. After trying all the Acne pills and cremes there are this is the last resort for me. I'm a little scared (Ok terrified!) because it's going to get worse before it gets better and of all the other side effects (dry skin, lips etc). Then back in 4 weeks to up the dose.

Wish me luck! :)

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