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so lately i've been trying a new regimen! my previous treatments have failed completely. i've tried.

apple cider vinegar

baking soda

apricot scrub

sulfur wash

bp wash and cream

salasylic acid wash

nothing worked. i gave up hope and decided to accept a life of bacne.

sooooo :) finally i found a solution!

i've been washing my back with a regular dove bar of soap using with a loofa (a plastic scrubber type thing you put your body wash on). after i get out of the shower i use the stridex maximum strength pads on the chest/back/and shoulders. after it dries it should feel pretty tight. so after that i apply amlactin(a lotion that helps hydrate as well as exfoliate, mostly used for those bumps on the arms) to help keep my skin exfoliated so the dead skin cells don't clog my pores.

i do this nightly and i rarely get back acne any more :D and i needed to clear it up quickly especially with me being a dancer and having to show my back in costumes :'(

so i hoped i helped! and i strongly recommend this to anyone with bacne :redface: good luck!

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