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Hello everyone, I am VERY happy to say that I've finally found something that works for my EXTREMELY oily and mildy broke out skin on my face.

It's called Finacea, and it's typically designed for those with rosecea( I dont even HAVE rosecea.), but the active ingredient in it, azelaic acid, and it works AMAZING for my acne. Especially difficult "comodones" that hide under the skin an just make your skin appear/feel bumpy...

So, for those with EXTREMELY OILY skin. It will help dry up AMAZING amounts of your oil and make your skin more SOFT and manageable. Something FINALLY prevents my foundations and powders from sliding off of my face :) (of course that was due to the oil).

If you have DRY skin, I would advise using a reliable lotion after using Finacea, because again, IT WILL DRY YOU OUT. I have TERRIBLY SLICK OILY SKIN, and if it made me red and dry, trust me you will be burnt hamburger meat, lol.

As far as SEVERE acne cases, Im not sure if this is a strong enough medication for you. It wouldn't hurt to try of course, who knows, right?

I believe it was made for (other then rosecea), mild to moderate acne cases.

Take my word for it when I say this WORKS friends.

Talk to your derm, and feel free to reply to me :angel:

I'm so happy with my face now! :D


My derm recently prescribed me Clindamycin, and I heard it will make your face oily.... Im VERY VERY hesitant to using it....I dont want to ruin my nice balanced skin.

Anyone with OILY SKIN ever use Clind.? Let me know, thanks :redface:



I cry for help...

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Hello, My name's Alexis, and I'm 19 years old. I have been suffering with acne since I was 15 and it's made my social life TERRIBLE.

Before acne, I was comfortable with who I was and I had no real trouble with meeting new people, OR low self esteem for that matter.

Now that I have acne and scars all over my face... I struggle with terribly low self esteem and I'm mortified at the thought of meeting new people...Oh, and on top of all of the acne I also forgot to mention that I have extremely oily/shiny skin...My face reminds me of a sponge drench in veggie oil....which of course of the oil/shine makes my pores HUGE.

I'm very scared to get too close to my own fiancé because of this and that's bad... I just don't feel beautiful anymore and it hurts so so much...

My self esteem is so bad, that find myself avoiding florescent lighting because I know it tends to make the skin look even worse than what it already is. When I grocery shop with my Fiancé, I find myself AVOIDING any eye contact with him at all costs because I'm SO ashamed of my face.

I know that he loves me no matter how my face looks, and for that I'm grateful, but I-myself...just feel so horrendous.

I recently went to my Derm. and he prescribed Differin...and some Benzoyl Peroxide wash.

Well the wash failed me...which doesn't surprise me at all, that seems to be the story of my life...

As far as the Differin goes, which I have been using for 3 and a half weeks, it has cleared up some of my acne, but it has made my oily nasty shiny skin... even MORE oily and nasty....I hate it so much....

When I heard that Differin supposedly "dried you out" I became so excited to begin using it, thinking that maybe if my skin dried out, that would in turn dry out the sebum glands and I wold have less oil secretion....

Well, like I already mentioned...Differin has actually made it more oily......

I've recently replaced the Benzoyl wash, with a home remedy that I heard could work for my skin.... Baking soda and warm water... I guess if you make it into a paste and apply it to your face it can help acne AND oily skin.

I've only tried it once, and it stung pretty badly, but I've heard that means it's working...I can only hope, right?

My self esteem is plummeting quickly and I don't know what to do.

I'm getting married next year, and my dream is to have a BEAUTIFUL complexion for it....the way things are going it doesn't look like anything is going to help me...

Does anyone know of any remedies or even medications that actually work for oily skin? I would appreciate it so much I really would.

Anyone reply. I'm willing to talk.

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