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I cant believe i am back here writing on acne.org again. I thought after my 6 months on accutane and clear skin for more then a year I would finally be done with this. but no, my skin is awful..and im back to being miserable about it. After my time on accutane my skin was great...and then of course for some reason that summer (about 5 months later) i broke out alittle on my cheeks so i decided to go on birth control to regulate my hormones which in turn regulated my acne and was grreat! I had no acne for awhile and i loved it. i thought finally! i am 20 years old and im done with acne. so i stupidly stopped taking birth control ... 4 months later BAM! im broken out on my cheeks and for some reason on my back ALL OVER which has never happend even while on accutane. one month later my skin got so bad all over my back and face i decide to go back on birth control and my face is an even bigger MESS! i mean an absolute mess! as if i where on my first month of accutane mess! it hurts so badly to wash my face (i am using a plain soap now;cerave face wash, instead of those harsh facewashes so as not to irrate my skin more, and i put atralin on at night and aczone in the morning) I am two weeks in now on my birth control again and i am PRAYING that it works again and takes it away. Has this happend to anyone before? will it go away again or is it hopeless and ill have to go on accutane again? i dont even have the time to go on accutane becuase im in college far from home so I dont have the time to go to get my blood taken every month and visit my derm while on that dreadful drug. plus i think accutane messed up my stomach becuase since ive been off it, any time i dont eat a meal at night i get awful acidic stomach aches that last the rest of the night. its not a fun feeling and I really do think accutane is to blame. But has anyone out there had this happen to them? will it get better!? im so sad that ive been going through this for so many years and it hasnt let up or left me alone. why does acne keep finding my face!!


alright its been almost a year off accutane! the drug did work wonders. i havent had actual acne in awhile (that last post was me PMSing and it was just not a good face time). i do get regular pimples still unfortunatly but not at all as bad as it was pre-accutane. they are easy to cover up and my cheeks are shiny and clear. and my face hardly gets oily its amazing! my hair though is back to its normal self- oily after 2 days, whereas on accutane i could go for at least 5 days without washing it (i never actually did but if i wanted to i could!). so all of you out there who are holding back form going on the drug, or are on the drug now and are having major doubts- HOLD TIGHT! the best is yet to come. i cant say its perfect, cuz i have yet to expereince a whole month of not one pimple ( i cant wait for that time to come) but i am very happy with the clearer skin i have now. :shhh:


its been almost more then 6 months off accutane- and my face again is loaded with pimples (ok not loaded but yucky on one cheek and all around the chin and eyebrows). what is up with this!! i was on accutane for a good 6 months which is abnormal and im already breaking out again! yes i was clear for awhile- but no my face wasnt shiny and perfect cuz i was left with red marks all over my cheeks as a result of the clearing up- so now those red marks have turned into full fledged pimples once again! why is this happening to me!!!!


for all you out there struggling with acne: there is a solution!!


my face is clearer then it has been in almost 6 years! its incredible. i have so much self confidence, i dont wear makeup except to play up my eyes every now and then, i wake up and smile at my face every morning, and i get excited during every face wash i do to feel how soft my sskin is. all the back aches, doctor visits, blood tests, dry lips, rashes, and everything that goes along with the drug was all worthit becuase it worked! it really worked! if you are like me and have just bad pimples that are stubborn and always come back and make u feel so self concious and gross, talk to your doctor about accutane. i promise its all worthit!

check out the beginning of my blog! youl see how upset i used to be! and now...well im

SO FRIGGIN HAPPY :turtle::silenced:

comment if you are like me and went through everything i went through to feel this good. or if you have any questions :cool:



im done! i did a whole extra month of accutane to total up to doing 6 months. and i am done! going to get my last blood test now. (i finished about 2 weeks ago tho). my face is so clear! i never thought i would be able to be this happy with my face! i still have red spotting from the scars but they are slowly fading. its amazing! i love looking at myself in the mirror now and thinking, wow , you look great. weaking up and not having to worry about makeup is such a pleasure! and then when i do put on makeup its just to play up my eyes and it looks awesome! its not to hide from my face anymore. now i wear headbands and my hair back and everything to flaunt my face! i keep getting complements on how great it looks! im on such a high! anyone and everyone who is suffering with acne...there is a hope! i had the worst of the worst when it comes to acne. if you read the beginning of my blogs youl see...it was everywhere and big and pussy and just plain awful. but now im so happy and so clear and smooth. its such a wonderful feeling and i hope for all of you to one day have this as well!

hopefully i will never have to post again except to update on how clear my face still is..


17th week!... :-(

wow. it has been a LONG time since ive posted. many people say that they forget to post when they arnt thinking about their acne cuz its getting better.. i wouldnt really say thats my case. im just really really busy. so i finally found a few minutes to spare to write some updats from the past couple of weeks. so going into my fourth month i was told and therefore thought"hey this is the month of accutane when everyone really clears up." well i was told wrong. my fourht month was just like my third, and second (not first thank g-d). i broke out regularly and didnt see any major improvements at all. it wasnt normal that almost in the middle of my fourth month i was still experienceing regular breakouts- so i asked my doctor to up me to 90 mg a day. he did right away... and then my body started breaking out all over in itchy rashes. so now.. toward the end of my fourth month, i stopped with the 90 mg cuz it really was making my body skin look awful and didnt really seem to do that much to my face, and i am going into my fifth month. which is absolutly absurd because-- my face still has plenty of pimples! wat the hell?! why?! why am i stil breaking out daily when im in my fifth month of accutane?! thats NOT normal. 4 months ago i was so exicted to by now have such a beautiful face with clear skin and great confidence that comes along with it.. but i still dont have any of that! i still get those looks from people when i talk up close to them i can see thier eyes looking over my pimpled face. and from little kids when they say " you got stuff on ur face". ughhh. its driving me crazy

im praying that by my next post. i will be happy and excited to announce that my face is CLEAR.

till then.. im still waiting...


pop pop pop

i cant take these stupid puss filled pimples all over my cheeks. as disgusting and gross as it is, i cant help but pop them when i see them. its so bad becuase on accutane it makes my skin even more sensative so when i pop them they hurt and become so red and gross. its so bad! i have to stop! starting.... NOW! :rolleyes:

This blows

o i forgot to mention! i love not having to wash my hair all the time! i can wash it and blow dry it and iron it strait and it will look great for 3-4 days. but by the 3rd day im grossed out even if it doesnt look gross so i end up washing it. but i really could go for at least a week without washing it! its great!


week 9

ok.. thats weird. everything i wuldve written in this blog is the exact same thing as the last. its pathedic. im already going into my 3rd month and my cheeks are still oozing w/ puss filled pimples. what the F*@*#. its pissing me off that ive been on this stupid drug for almost 2 and 1/2 months and my cheeks are still nasty looking. UGH. wat a dissapointment.

and i cant get out of the habit of just popping and picking them cuz they bother me so much!!

how do i stop!?


week 7

so i havnt posted in awhlie. not much has changed once again. my chin is pretty clear along with my forhead now. but otherwise the cheeks are still awful and gross looking. i hate it. BOO

still experiencing same side effects.



ugh! i cant take these stupid spots! my skin is a little flatter and not as pimply... but the spots are just as bad as when i started! there everywer! like little red dots u draw on a picture of a smiley face. :P i hate it so much. i finally grew to accepting my face without makeup.. and today i went to shcool without it- but i noticed everyone i spoke to was just looking at my face and how red and blotchy it was. its so gross. but then again i hate makeup cuz i feel like its just so obvious. why do i have such bad acne still after almost 6 weeks already on accutane! they said it shud take like 6-8 weeks for it to really clear up... its 6 weeks and it did not clear up that much at all. i tried telling myself it did- but i new i was only lieing... it really isnt that much better! i wanted to post some videos on my friend's facebooks- but u can see every frikin mark on my face! its so pathedic!

ive tried staying positive but im getting so sick of it! i want to walk around knowing i look great and feeling amazing. and i really dont and im so pissed off already. why the hell do i have to keep on struggling with these stupid puss-filled pimples that emerege into my skin every f'n day?! i am in a very bad mood right now.

very bad mood.


2nd month

Friday was my 2nd dermatologist appointment. i had my 3rd blood test on tuesday... they keep getting easier. so my doctor upped me from 60 mg. a day to 80 mg. a day. pretty exciting. its wierd that already its been a whole month. can wait to say that for 4 months.

my left cheeks has cleared up alot. not as bumpy. my right cheek tho is still very pokkatdotted. but not as bumpy. my forhead remains clear execpt for 2 yucky ones that popped in the shower. tommorow is my birthday! nothing can beat a birthday glow. im very excited for that. so so far everything is gowing well :P) staying positive!

still experiancing same side effects as last post.


getting frustrated

so its the end of my first month. i really dont see much of an improvement at all in my cheeks. there still all pokadotted and pimply. the pimples arnt as risen but they are all stil ther with new ones coming in every day. and now i have black heads all over my nose which i never had before. its so frustrating still waking up every day and seeing new pimples all over my cheeks that hurt and and all gross. but i did improve alittle in the fact that tuesday of tihs week was the first day of my entire highschool life that i just went to school without cover up- i just woke up with a boost of confidence and wanted to just do it. so i did. the enitre day i felt very self conscious but i still did it and was very proud of myself. hopefuly by the end of this month ill be seeing much better results. but its one month down and im still keeping positive.

** still same dry lips symtoms. not as much itchy scalp. very thirsty. really dry hands and skin. my face is starting to look much dryer and doesnt get as oily like it used to at the end of the day. thats always a good thing.

until next week!

still excited for the day i wake up and see a crystal clear face! :P


3 weeks and 4 days

ok total exaggeration on the 2 week mark. ya my face did get wayy better but i mean not glowing./ still many marks and pimples all over my cheeks- but forhead sitll perfectly clear for some reason. its perfect. my nose has been getting so many black heads its starting to get gross. i have my derm apptmnt on friday so that should be funn! my chin isnt that bad. its cleared up since last week. and around my mouth too has cleared up alot. i noticed that i get big pimples in certain places and they leave quicker- but here are still ones that pop up after them. soon hopefully that will stop. starting my 2nd month next week.

ill update then

** still experiancing the dry lips, dry scalp not as much thanks to head and shoulders shampoo and conditioner, hands starting to get really chaped but with the help of lots of lotion and vasaline (yes thats how badly chapped they are becoming) they are staring to look better. starting to experiance alittle of the muscle pain- in bed at night my back feels like its being pulled. it hurts but if i lay down correctly then its not that bad. again alraedy thru one tube of vasaline (in one month) this should be funn.

==people starting to comment on how plump my lips look cuz i always have them glossy with the vasaline and they dont look chapped. its kinda funny


2 weeks are up!

i cant believe its only been two weeks-- my face is almost glowing! my forhead is compltly clear except for one huge pimple that sprout up a few days ago (unfortuantly becuase it was hurting so badly after my shower i gave into my temptation and popped it and made it even worse...but it went away) so now its just a small red spot on my CLEARR forhead. and my chin is pretty good. just 2 spots in the middle. i have 2 yuckhy ones above my lips but noone can really see them. and my cheeks--- omg have they cleared! my left one was soo disgusting when istarted out. more then it had ever been before. now the marks are flattened and dissapearing by the day. and its only been 2 weeks!! my right cheek is basically clear with the help of makeup.i have so much more confidence already! i cant wait for these next few weeks to go! im so happy its insane! ya i stil have pimples but there nothing compared to what i had to deal with previously

still experiancing normal side affects of the medicine..dry lips (really starting to get annoying- again- ive never worn so much vasaline in my entire life!) no acheing joints or anything tho. so otherwise its just dry lips and hands. but thats it! so far amazing! hope i can say this about every week.

until next time... Still waiting on the morning i wake up and look in the mirror and smile so wide becuase I WILL (g-d willing) HAVE NO PIMPLES


one week down

well its been a week now on accutane. Starting off with 60 mg a day. im experiancing some of the normal side effects- dry lips CRAZY BREAKOUTS. and when i say crazy i mean worse then ive ever seen it. i mean ive been getting pimples on parts of my cheeks that have always been clear. and there nasty ones to. not ones that u can just cover up and let be. but like puss filled big ones all cluttered together on the sides of my chin, cheeks-- o boy is my right cheek broken out its so gross. my forhead isnt that bad at all tho.. just a few pimples toward my eyebrows but other than that its pretty clear. but today i noticed my left cheek really went down alot. like the puffyness of the pimples became a little flatter. but every morning when i put on my amazing miracle bare essentials makeup, while stoking my cheeks i see my poors under the makeup- THEYR HUGE!! almost bigger than ever! thats probobly why there so clogged there like big holes in my face that shouldnt be that big! i want them to shrink and be unnoticable and be clean and smooth.

g-d i cant wait for that day. well its only week one so i know things will start to really change soon. but i have never applied more vasaline in my life. its like every second im putting more on my lips. i carry around a tube of some sort of vasaline in every bag and every pocket. its good tho cuz my lips dont look chaped..i just can feel it alot from under the vasaline. if i didnt wear it i know they would crack the minute i smile. after i eat and there isnt anymore on my lips it hurts to laugh becuase they get so stiff and dry. but i know that thats a side effect which means the stuff is kicking into my body. i still have a nasty bruise on my arm from the blood test. its kinda funny how badly the nurse took out the needle that it bruised so bad.. but its ok cuz i dont mind- its pretty cool.

alright until next week!! im staying hopeful, putting a smile on my face and keeping positive telling myself when i look in the mirror that pretty soon it will all be over and ill have clear skin. thats the way to do it right!? RIGHT :)


day 2

ovcourse there is no results yet ive only taken 6 pills so far. but i cant wait to start seeing result. i told my friend that i had taken my first pill last night- her response. "wow ya i see a difference already." :D i laughed real hard at that one. what a good friend tho..always trying to keep positive. and thats what ive been doing! i know now with this stuff i am hopefull that there is an end to the madness. lets all hold hands and pray for the end to be near! :)

until next time...

still pimply


todays the day!

finally! after a whole month of registering and prescribing and WAITING!! (g-d this stupid iPLEDGE tihng is rediculas. the whole singining and the survey and the peeing in a cup and blood tests-- im not pregnant i swear! just give me the frikin pills aready!) i finally have my medication and am going to take my first 40 mg tonight at dinner. which is basically NOW! im so excited to wake up in a few months, look into the mirror and say "wow, i look and feel really good," and just go to school without any makeup and wearing a nice outfit that says "i feel good."

But heres the tough situation, im ok with handeling dry lips, eyes hands, soar backs, acheing joint ect. but what i DO NOT i repeat DO NOT want to go through is a face more broken out then it already is just to get to the good part. i have school every day for the next few months with no break except for thanksgiving. its already hard enough to have to wake up a 1/2 earlier just so i have time to put on coverup and makeup my eyes so they stand out and my face doesnt, but to try and cover flakes and more puss filled pimples just makes the whole damn thing more obvious and irritated and is not what i am ready to put up with right now. espeically with SAT's around the corner and a work overload (i am juggling a dual curriculam being that i go to a private school) and it just is so much to handle. but i no i can do it. ill strive to get through these next 4 weeks with my head held highh telling myself that in just a few months i will feel and look better then ever.

i hope.

i will right??


stupid Ipledge

well..im stlil waiting for my month to end until i can finally get my prescription for accutane. but i went out last night with my friends for the first time in awihle. went to the city and met blaike lively and penn badgley---for those of you who dont watch gossip girl- thyr probobly the hottest couple in holywood right now. so i took a picture with them ovcourse. i was realy upset cuz ovcourse my face was pretty red and bumpy- but u cant tell if u dnt zoom in which im sure noone is on my face. lol. but ovcourse those tihngs are a bother. but i had a great time-- problem is...everytime pictures are taken i just hide becuase i hate when my acne shows up in them. i love my smile and my eyes and everything but just my cheeks and forhead ruin the wohle picture. so i dnt really have alot of pictures from many nights out with my friends all becuase of that-- but thtas just my insecurity that i know will be gone hopeuflly soon. i really am so exicted to get this accutane started! it such a boost of self confidence when you can feel your face all smooth and clear. even on an ugly day id still feel pretty knowing that a small pimple wont bother me and would mean nhotihng cuz ive been through a hell of alot worse. i love watching girls inthe bathroom complaining about a zit. i just laugh and walk out.


what its like

you know when a your standing with a group of kids and you can clearly see they are all staring at you...but not just you- your face. filled with acne. and theyr all wondering why there are red ugly spots all over your face.

thats the worst feeling in the world. but wats even worse--when the kid says sometihng about it. like "oh why do u have red spots all over your face?" or "u have pimples" or a baby pointing and saying "Boo BOo" and everyone looks.

just hits the spot doesnt it?



so i just found out that i have to wait a month now before acutally starting the accutane becuase they have to register the whole IM NOT PREGNANT factor into the system. which SUCKS and im very upset and just want to get these next 6 months over with already. now im using mono doxycycln again for the remainder of the month until i can start accutane. wow...acne is such a hastle u know?


Enough is Enough

hi. i just joined now so i can write bout everything becuase im sure you all know its not much fun to talk about with friends. ive been suffering from acne since the 7th grade when i started getting small pimples on my chin. now many years later i am still suffering...but to the extent were its making me misrable and i am unable to go out with my friends because i am too embarresd. ive been on every medication there could possibly be- the less drastic ones such as proactive and clean and clear, then to the mild ones like benzaclyn and retin-a. then differin, tazorac, fenacia. you name it- ive tried it. nothing seemed to work and my acne is now worse then ever.

i am now starting accutane which apparently is the best it gets. i am taking daily photos of my face so as to see the improvements.

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