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I switched my derm about 4 times so far and now I realized that i have done the right thing, pls do the same avoid taking accutane and just go to another derm. I had bad acne for years now and I was always ashamed of going out and enjoying life, I know how frustrating it can get so just give this a try. I am currently clear of any bumps and i only have a few scars that i need to get rid off.

currently im on

Clindamicyn 4% (make sure its 4%) day and night

benzoyl 5% only at night and depenidg on how tolerant you are as you go

Please ask your derm for these!! I hope they work for you too


are you sure you have tried everything that there is out there before getting into accutane? I don't think so!!!... Has anyone heard about these products?


check other products other than accutane but of course be always carefull on what you put on your face

something that hasn't worked for someone might work for you, there are many different cases and skin types that each of them have the right cure , ever heard of facial soap with gold inside...do some research on your own get to know whats out there




my old dermatologist probably sucked really bad, i just changed my derm and within a week i already see good results, PLS DON'T TRY ACCUTANE UNLESS YOU HAVE TRIED ALL OTHER POSSIBLE OPTIONS, change your derm get a second opinion see what happens, you have nothing to lose maybe just the acne that's been torturing us for so long


avocado cream

ok, i ve been searching for this product for ages, can someone tell me where i can find a facial moisterizer that has avocado in it, a friend of mine had a cream like that and she looked great-plus she was in modeling but i kinda lost track of her and i cannot find where she got a cream like that. does anyone knows?pls let me know....by the way acne is still the same it just keeps comming back all the time


can someone help?

is there by any chance a product that contains both BP AND SA? the combination of both works as a miracle for me and i just wanted to shre this info with everyone in here if your skin gets irritated use less amount and try getting a really good moisterizer


miracle combination?

hello evrybody,

I have been trying a variety of drugs for my acne so far and as I was using BP I kinda started using a skin toner that contained salicic acid, to my amazament my acne is almost gone does anyone know where can i find one product combining both ingridients at once?


scars all over

Can someone please tell me ways of removing acne scars? my acne is almost gone but i actually have so many red spots on my face and a lot of scars....is there any sort of product or way to get rid of them, please let me know

thanks everybody


I just wanted to say to all the people out there to rethink before taking accutane, I know acne can be really harsh in social life but please are people fully aware of the side effects?? And i don't mean just the dry skin but what about birth defects? If a drug like that case cause so many abnormalities how can we just go on and use it? Please try evrything else first before accutane, here is a link with more details about it......



I trying to regularly exercise and sweat as much as a can daily cause i think that my skin began getting better since i started exercising. My skin looks healthier even though i still have breakouts and i hope to get clear....if you have any other ideas on how to get clear skin pls let me......



I need help

Seriously i think i need help, everytime my face begins to clear up there it comes again, it's like there is no ending to this suffering i've been trying Bp and it works well for me, but the face will not clear up like never there are days when i think like wow im almost there a few more days and I 'll have clear skin but then it happens again. Can anyone pls tell me a way on how to keep a clear skin????pls somebody im really upset about this and i always get comments from people like i should go see a derm..........Like i haven't done that already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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